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  1. Sorry but it's very doubtful that Florida State would use a logo designed by some 16 year old kid, even though I'd let them have it for free. They would probably go the Michigan State route and spend millions to have Nike do it. Here's an update. I'm pretty happy with it but I'll probably tweak it some more. I tried putting Florida State or FSU in the feather but couldn't get it to look right. I can probably come up with some uniforms but I think FSU's current uniforms are pretty close to perfect so I don't really have any ideas right now.
  2. Totally agree. I hate that Ford, GMC and Saturn and a few others that I'm forgetting keep the same color logo on all cars. If it's the same color it looks alright. But otherwise it just is annoying and doesn't make any sense, other than "keeping the brand consistent". Also, count me as one that thinks this logo would be a total upgrade. If they made the change I would imagine we would be talking about this as one of the Paul Rand classics.
  3. I like it. There wasn't anything wrong with the old one but I think the new one's an upgrade. I don't normally like the use of "X" in advertising, when it implies "XTREME" or whatever, but I think the way it's hidden in the d-pad.
  4. Thanks for the comments. To address some things-- the color issue basically arose because right before I saved and exported this, I decided to fiddle with the colors a bit. The computer I do my stuff on is inaccurate sometimes and I checked on another computer and it did end up a bit more pinkish than I wanted. The hair was bugging me because it is just a large mass of color. Of course that's how it is in the original and I tried to change it but I couldn't figure out how to highlight it. The hair itself is ambiguous so highlighting it involves quite a bit of guesswork. It's something I need to work on some more. Apparently, the man who modeled for the original logo was the Music Professor at FSU. He was not Native American. So it is understandable why this guy doesn't really look native american haha. But I see what you mean and I'm trying to tweak it so it looks a little better. I removed black because I don't really like black when it's used in FSU's identity. I get the significance to the Seminole Tribe but aesthetically I like Garnet and Gold without black. I understand your points though about the logo and how black makes it stronger overall. Here's the three directions I'm considering taking this in. Keep in mind this is still far from finished and I'm not happy with a lot of things, like the highlights and the facial abnormalities which will be fixed. I also might revisit the "FLORIDA STATE" feather which I tried but struggled with earlier. But I'd just like some feedback so I can figure out what would be the best option because I'm stuck. Number one is basically what I had, I flipped gold and garnet in the circle so that the face has the negative-space silhouette that andrew was talking about. The next two include black, one with an outline and one without.
  5. FSU's primary is painfully outdated, so this is my shot at bringing it into the 21st century. C+C welcome. Here is the current logo.
  6. NC State looks very nice, simple and classy. I think the argyle on UNC is a bit too much, try and make it a bit more subtle. I don't know how to explain it, but the basketball uniforms do it pretty well. Wake is pretty nice. I hate Times New Roman but I guess it works here. The wordmark should be the same color as the numbers, I think. I also think you you should make the pants stripe longer, it almost looks wimpy right now. That's just personal preference though. Duke looks great. I don't think the two tone is working right now. All you do is make the bottom half slightly darker. I think blue, black and white are distinct enough that you could make the numbers white/black on the home, blue/black on away and white/blue on the alt.
  7. The logo would be better if they simplified it a bit. The three shades of gold are unnecessary.
  8. Looking pretty good. Some comments: I can't really figure out where the light source on Hermes is. I also think his head is a bit elongated and horizontally stretched. But it is a great start, it looks kind of like an NBA logo from the nineties. Not that that's bad it just has that sort of style to it. Helmets are pretty cool, can't say I prefer that Bolt to the semicircle one they have now but it is interesting nonetheless. The uni designs are quite nice. I would be in favor of dropping powder blue. Navy and Yellow is unique in the NFL and I feel the powder blue doesn't really work with those colors. I would consider outlining the numbers.
  9. Your biggest problem is that you're using a logo that wasn't ever a raven. Try to either adjust the logo so it resembles a Raven more, or start over. I don't like the elimination of gold because it makes the purple and black kind of muddled.
  10. Minnesota Vikings Alternate Road Uniform: "i don't mind the purple pants with the white jersy, but i hate the purple pants and the purple jersey together. My opinion is the NFL is getting to be just as the thugs that end up in court or jail. I'm sorry to be cynical, but the NFL used to be classy until this whole one color uniform fad. I'm a Vkings fan, but i'm glad teams like the Raiders and even the hated Packers haven't gone to thid fad. It's very ugly and needs to go, and maybe the players will start to clean up their act as well."
  11. Yeah, keep working at it. A few lines will rarely resemble someone. Play around with the shapes and get a feel for where the shadows are and you'll eventually find shapes that resemble MJ. It's really trial and error, at least for me.
  12. Hopefully not. They have a great logo now.
  13. Update... still struggling to eliminate the resemblance to Abe.
  14. My first try. Not a very good one. I've been really trying to simplify it. I'm afraid I've turned Clint into Abe Lincoln.
  15. This is really great. Thank you. I'll definitely try this out. What do you use to hand draw your lines? Do you do it on paper and scan, or use a tablet?
  16. The new Bull looks pretty nice, but year I agree it looks crosseyed. I don't like the nosering either.
  17. rentz

    The New York Jets

    Thanks for the comments. I know that the Jets will likely never use an airplane logo beyond one where the airplane is as abstract as a triangle. But as I said in the original post this is a concept. If the Jets were from just about any other city it wouldn't be a problem. I mean Hurricanes are very destructive to Miami on a regular basis and they still name the college team after them. But, if the Jets were to hypothetically adopt this identity, one of these is what I'd imagine the helmet would be.
  18. I'd just like to add that I really hope the Dolphins completely overhaul their look. Right now they just look bland. With the 49ers' change they are the only team that has block, drop shadow numbers right now which is just very nineties. Everything about them is pretty boring. The logo needs a change, too. It's really overdesigned.
  19. Honestly the white and orange stripes on the white pants and the black and white on the orange jersey don't make much sense. A bengal has orange and black stripes, so that should be consistent throughout.
  20. rentz

    The New York Jets

    Hey. With the Jets' utterly unexpected run to the AFC championship I was inspired to revisit an old concept of mine. Having watched the Jets a couple of times the last few weeks a few things have been bothering me about their look. The hunter green, while not a bad color, just doesn't look as good as kelly green. Kelly green is one of my favorite colors, and of the green teams in the NFL nobody uses it. Philly has midnight green which is unique but the Jets' green is very close to the Packers'. The sleeve stripes suffer from the Colts effect, and just look weird. I know a lot of people like it, but the Jets' logo just seems poorly designed to me, and it doesn't really represent Jets at all. So this is my attempt to fix their identity. I brought back the Jet logo I used last time... I know airplane imagery is a bit taboo, considering it's New York, but this is just a concept. The wordmark is an update of their 80s and 90s logo. I made an alternate logo that alludes to the current one they use but fits with the rest of the identity. You'll see that kelly green is the primary color, but I've kept hunter green because I think it looks good against the kelly and isn't as harsh as black. The helmet has the new logo, because I thought it looked the best from all the options. I tried to modernized the sleeve stripe/shoulder. That's kind of the Jets' thing, in terms of uniform design, so I wanted to keep it but I changed it so it would work better with modern jersey cuts. The number font is new, I wanted something sleeker to suggest Jets more than block. The helmet and pants stripe have a new stripe; I wanted it to be similar to the double stripe they have now. Basically the design is about evolution, while it's very modern it still retains most of the elements of the previous set so it's not a Falcons/Cardinals/Vikings overhaul. These are just the alternates with green pants. I don't like the mono green but the white with green pants looks pretty good. C+C welcome. dgnmrwrw, I borrowed your presentation (Revolution helmets with andrew harrington's template) because I thought it looked good in your thread, so I hope you don't mind.
  21. I think you should make the alternate for the Talons have silver pants... usually when uniforms have three different colors for helmet, jersey and pants it doesn't work.
  22. Wow man, you've shown such tremendous improvement even over the last couple of concepts! Excellent work.