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  1. While I know it wasn't intentional I'd just like to say be careful because that SR could be interpreted as a swastika.
  2. I'm inspired right now to make football uniforms for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Syltherin. As for the concept: are pants optional? Just kidding. I think the transition from the front stripes to the wraparound on the back is a bit awkward.
  3. Sorry but it looks like you deleted the images on your photobucket.
  4. rentz

    My NFL Redesign

    I'm not feeling the addition of silver to the Texans, Colts or Titans. That being said I think it looks best on the Colts, but there are so many blue and silver teams already (Lions, Patriots, Cowboys, Panthers (you did eliminate silver for the Panthers though) and the Giants have gray pants) that Blue and White would be the most distinctive. I don't think the Jaguar head needs the teal outline on the helmet. Texans look great but I feel like the pants don't really match with the rest of the set. I also think that the Texans logo is one that for some reason looks best with a stripeless helmet. I like the design of the Titans but I think it would look a lot better without silver. I've been following this but haven't really commented so here are some quick thoughts about the previous teams: The NFC East looks fantastic. The Bills, Jets and Pats all look great. The Jets helmet bugs me because I feel like the oval outline is unnecessary, because the interior of the oval is also green. I would suggest either dropping the outline, inverting the colors of the logo (white oval green "JETS") or using a white helmet again. I'm not a big fan of the Dolphins' design because I don't think the stripes lend themselves to the tapered effect you used... I think it would look better without navy. The entire NFC South looks great, especially the Bucs and Panthers. This has been a terrific series.
  5. I like that you gave them a look that isn't identical to the Steelers but I think it's a bit too conservative. You have a single stripe on the helmets and pants and pretty much blank jerseys. I think it's a bit too generic. The updated logo looks pretty good. I think you should work on the shadows and vary the line weights so it looks more like a modern update. To see what I mean check out the old and updated Sebastian the Ibis: The new one keeps most of the traits that make the old logo recognizable but the way it's rendered is much more modern. It looks like the shading layer on the template isn't aligned with the jersey. Also this is just a suggestion but for the shadow on the black parts of the jersey I would make the jersey itself a very dark gray and the shadow black. The way you did it almost looks like a negative of a photo.
  6. I think the typeface would work if you changed the As to something a bit more conservative.
  7. I like it but the face looks a bit too geometric while the rest is all smooth curves. I also think the snout is too far up.
  8. It's strange, most of the comments I've read from Packers fans on other websites seem to be complaining about the refs not calling the tuck rule on the last play of the game. Is there any reason to think that the tuck rule would have changed it? The ball never touched the ground. Also, I'm curious what technically would have happened had the refs caught the facemask on Rodgers that last play. Would the TD have counted? Would the Cardinals have to start 15 yards back? Would the Packers retain possession? Really a poorly officiated game. Not in a biased way, as there were frustrating non-calls and questionable penalties for both sides, but just generally poor overall. And was it just me, or were the refs hatin' on Michael Adams or what? And then he strips the ball that ultimately lead to the winning touchdown. Great game. Bizarre, ridiculous, flagrant display of defensive ineptitude yes, but a great game nonetheless . Perhaps I'm not a good football fan but that was one of the few non-Dolphins games a watched the entirety of.
  9. The sublimated pattern looks good on the primary uniforms, but it's a bit too much on the navy. You should make it a bit darker.
  10. It seems strange to me that the blue square with the shield is touching the "playoffs" rectangle but the red square with the helmet is not.
  11. I'm a big Dodgers fan. I've never been to L.A, but it's a pretty chill place
  12. Old topic, but I think the concept is awesome. I don't get why people get so offended by concepts. It's not like Reebok watches this forum and there's any chance this will be what is adopted by the Browns. It's just a creative idea.
  13. rentz

    Blue-Jay Logo.

    The way you have the colors is not really representative of the plumage of a Blue Jay. Most of the face/neck is white or gray. You should expand the white area under the beak to most of the head except the crest and the back of the head. There should be more black, too, as a border to the white. The shape of the head is pretty accurate, however.
  14. rentz

    Kansas City Chiefs

    This seemed like a really good idea when I was picturing it in my head, but I've been unable to render it successfully so I'll try a different approach. I've actually changed my mind. Watching Full Color Football last night made me realize how nice the Chiefs logo is and how well it works on the helmet. So this new try is just a shot at modernizing it while retaining the same basic look.
  15. I'm glad they chose one of the best options from their current set. Of course, this means there will be pretty much no yellow aside from trim. I too would have preferred the throwbacks from a purely aesthetic standpoint but in the Rose Bowl, the pinnacle of your season's achievement, you should wear uniforms that represent your team, not teams from 15 years ago.
  16. Freddie Barnes probably won't make the first round next year because of the school he attends, but he can play. Some team's going to get lucky in the fourth round next year.
  17. The thing that has been bothering me with your recent updates is the point in the mane under the jaw which goes straight down. I think it interrupts the flow of the mane.
  18. rentz

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Here's another stab at it. I've decided to actually keep the black, because even though it goes against my entire sense of aestheticism, I think it looks the best with this logo. It also establishes some continuity between this and the previous. I included a version without the edges on the letters, because some of you weren't fans of the letters.
  19. rentz

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Upon review I think you're right. The logo doesn't immediately register as an arrowhead. I've put it inside a literal arrowhead, so hopefully that should help. I'm not sure what colors I should have it in so I've rendered it in a few for now, on both white and red backgrounds. I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you about the colors. I really like the red and yellow, and they are unique in the league. If you alter the colors too much you lose the uniqueness. Darken the red- Redskins. Make the yellow metallic- 49ers. Drop yellow- Cardinals. Silver would be unique too, however, so I'll see how it looks but I'll probably stick with red/yellow.
  20. In my opinion, the Chiefs have the third worst logo in the NFL, after the Titans and Jets. Everything about it is bland, and doesn't really say anything. It's an arrowhead with a KC monogram on it, a monogram obviously inspired by the 49ers' logo. And it has black in it which is absent everywhere else. It just is not an effective logo and not "classic" or "iconic" enough to justify its continued use. When sketching logos I found that the letter KC could be drawn so that it looks like an arrowhead. That is the direction I tried to go with here. The uniforms have not been revolutionized, just tweaked. The facemask is now yellow because I feel it ties it in with the rest of the set better. I made a new number font, which I'm not sure about but I think it is fairly understated. I moved the stripes from the cuffs to the sleeves. I changed the stripe so that when it is on a red background it always goes white-yellow-white, rather than white-red-yellow-red-white. C+C welcome.
  21. This is awesome. I think I like the other pose you did a little better but nonetheless excellent work.
  22. Yeah. It's a pretty nice template man. But you're acting like it should be this great privilege that we get to use your template, and then you disrespect a mod. Really? And learn to your/you're.
  23. Or the most dramatic week since last week...or the week before that when people were saying the exact same thing. Well yeah, obviously that was a hyperbole. But this was certainly an exciting week for football. Colts come back against Jags, Titans beat Fins in OT, Chargers beat Bengals with last second field goal, Raiders score last minute TD to upset Broncos, Josh Cribbs and Jerome Harrison beat the Chiefs, and Mike Wallace goes Santonio-Holmes-in-Super-Bowl-XLIII against the Packers to seal a one-point win with no time left. The vast majority of the games were fairly close, which is saying something for this year, where half of the games have been 41-13.
  24. Wow. This has been the most dramatic week of football ever.