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    Eagle Logo

    It's moving in the right direction. I would work on the eyes some more. The blank whiteness reminds me of batman.
  2. ...I really hate this shorts trend in the NFL. See: Gore, Frank.
  3. Sorry, I've been following but haven't commented. GT: Updated logo looks great! I like the jerseys but I'd lose the double-outline on the numbers. I don't really like the pants stripe as it doesn't match the jersey and I just don't like how it abruptly ends. I'd like to see gold pants. Clemson: Very nice, nothing to complain about. Oregon: I would change the numbers on the green and black jerseys to white or yellow. I would also add yellow piping to separate the shoulder color from the jersey, to unify the set with the socks/undershirt. The yellow-on-white jersey is a little hard to read. OSU: Love the jerseys, the pants are pretty crazy but I actually like them. Boise St: I'm not a big fan of the jerseys as they remind me of suspenders. I do like the pants stripe. TCU: Wow, this is awesome! I love the texture! I would add it to the helmet stripe. Also, I think the frog should always face forward on the shoulders. These are all very good and well thought out, and I'm looking forward to more!
  4. The Florida State Seminoles are probably the worst example of this trend.
  5. Just so you know... this is not the official updated spear, it's a mockup I made based on reference images. If you'd like to add it to the site that's fine, but just know it's not entirely accurate.
  6. The Seattle Seahawks. Outside of their 2003-07 glory days, they are 8-8 pretty much every year.
  7. Well, yeah, but what I meant is they avoided the excessive piping that plagued the Cardinals, Falcons, and Vikings designs. If you change the colors of their current set most would not perceive it as a modern uniform because the actual design is fairly minimalist.
  8. I just really feel for the kids on Cincinnati-- they just completed a 12-0 season, are playing the freakin' Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl, and are one second more of Colt McCoy absentmindedness from playing in the National Championship, and their coach completely bails on them. Now, if Kelly is as good of a coach as he seemed to be at Cincy, he should do fairly well with a much more talented team at Notre Dame. But I lost quite a bit of respect for him. Anyone know if he is coaching in the Sugar Bowl?
  9. Outside of the colors and use of monochrome, the uniforms are fairly conservative in terms of design. I can never decide whether I like the Hawks' uniforms. Sometimes I think they look great, sometimes I get really annoyed by the amount of sadness blue. I've decided it's the lighting--moreso than most other teams' unis, the Seahawks' colors are dependent on the sort of lighting at the stadium, and so their look seems more variable to me. Sometimes the slate blue works really well, but frequently they just look like a muddled gray mess.
  10. YIKES! Dude what's your problem? This isn't bad for a first try. It's certainly an interesting idea but seems to me something that would be on a fashion jersey more than a full-time jersey.
  11. You know, I had only watched the end of the Big 12 championship, but today I watched the highlights of the game... and man, Suh is an absolute monster. What makes it more impressive is that you know all week Texas has been preparing for him, and he was double teamed almost every play. He just took over that game. I love Gerhart but now I really want Suh to win the Heisman. As I said before if Ingram doesn't play, Alabama still wins big. If Suh doesn't play, Texas probably would've scored 30. But seeing how dominant Suh is makes me wonder if anyone would pick anybody ahead of him at #1. It's safe to say the Bucs would be a lock. The Rams and Browns may want to go quarterback, but I doubt Jake Locker or Jimmy Clausen would make as much of an impact as Suh.
  12. Wow, that's excellent man! I feel that on the full logo the wings look a little too flat as they don't have the dynamic shading the head has.
  13. The Dolphin's road to the playoffs is fairly clear I think: they play four teams who are all in the wildcard chase. If they win all of them, they should be fairly assured of a spot, correct? The only situation I can think of would be the Ravens also winning out which would leave both teams at 10-6 and I don't know how the tiebreaker would work out. Of course the Patriots could lose a couple more and we could end up division champions again. Who knows?
  14. I don't mean to hate on Mark Ingram, obviously he's a great player... but he's never struck me as Heisman worthy. He plays for one of the best teams in the country, behind one of the best offensive lines. Glen Coffee put up similar stats last year, and I doubt there would be a huge drop off in production if he was replaced by Trent Richardson or Roy Upchurch. Compare that with Gerhart, who was essentially the reason for Stanford's revival this season. I think it's safe to say that without Gerhart Stanford would be a much worse team. Alabama would probably still be SEC champions, if not undefeated, without Ingram. Once again, I think Ingram is an excellent player, but I feel that should he win he will be viewed as Jason White is within five years-- a great player on an elite team winning by default. He's just a sophomore and will probably have a better season next year anyway. I just feel that if the Heisman is to be given to the most outstanding player, it would be given to Gerhart or Suh.
  15. rentz

    UF, FSU, and The U

    Okay, that's fine. The only reason I asked was that I was worried you got it somewhere else on the internet from someone claiming it as their own. No worries though.
  16. rentz

    UF, FSU, and The U

    These are all very good. I love your UF and Miami designs. Florida State is a pretty good design. I would suggest a gold outline on the numbers on the away set. Also, where did you get the updated spear logo? I know RareDesigns made their official update but the little highlight on the ridge behind the arrowhead looks like my mock-up, as it is not present on the official logo.
  17. While the double outline numbers work on the blue jerseys, it doesn't on the whites so I wish they would go with just one outline.
  18. Boise-TCU would be a cool match up but is problematic in that regardless of who wins there will be people who do not feel the win is valid due to their inherent prejudices against mid-majors. One of them will win and complete an undefeated season but there will still be many who simply see it as one mid-major beating another. That was why Utah-Alabama was so great last year. They pretty much dominated a team that was ranked #1 in the country for a good portion of the year, in what was essentially a home game for Bama. Personally I still consider Utah to be last years national champions, because they were the only team that won every game they played. Isn't that what is supposed to determine a championship? This year we face a potential four teams finishing undefeated. And the fact that Boise State getting passed over by a three loss team is a real possibility is such a perfect example of how twisted college football has become-- men in suits using these athletes as their playthings, manipulating them to make the most money possible, without any concern for the integrity of the sport. I love college football, but it pains me so much that it is completely controlled by soulless bureaucrats.
  19. rentz

    Eagle Logo

    I think you ought to choose different colors, or change them slightly. Right now you've got a bright red or blue, and there's no clearly defined highlight/lowlight color. I think you should make the blue a bit darker, almost navy I think.
  20. I think that the shoulder stripes and piping are totally incongruous together, so I would go with one or the other. I'm also not a fan of the gray if it's just sparsely used. The wordmark seems a bit too large currently. Also, minor nitpick, but on the pro combat pants the stripes wrap around at the bottom of the pants.
  21. rentz

    Action Templates

    Sure, just PM me your email and preferred file type.