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  1. Project Shadow is beautiful! I would love the template when you get a chance! Excellent work as always.
  2. ha, i would, but im an absolute rip-off when it comes to freelance charges. Well you should be, your work was really quite impressive. If I could have something that was about 10% as cool as that represent me, I would be happy!
  3. I want a video like that too! You should charge and make video spots for people's portfolios!
  4. How did you do that and how long did that take? That is AMAZING!
  5. Yes, yes, yes, and um yes! You had me at Logo! Actually I saw your name and clicked to open the thread because I knew it would be good. Count me in.
  6. Good point on the concrete....I now desaturated it. I also liked your suggestion of the blue outline around the white name to help it stand out more too. I think I am at a point where I am completely happy with it, so I am going to turn it in and see what comes from it as I could sit here for days tweaking it more. I feel that I achieved everything that was asked for this project, so time to move onto another assignment. Thanks all.
  7. All your suggestions sounded nice, so here is all of them to look at. Thoughts? Image Removed
  8. Updated this with some player shadows, and a flipped Tony. I tweaked one side of the logo to be over the top of the trophy, and added a bit of texture to the gray area of the design too. Does this look improved, or worse? Anything else I should consider? Thanks. Image Removed
  9. So I am currently in a Photoshop class, and I had to design a wallpaper for the Colts. The assignment had us HAVE to use Tony Dungy (yes I know he is not the coach) and 5 other players (yes I know Harrison doesn't play), the Lombardi Trophy, and the Colts Logo, and the players names. The basics behind the project was to make sure we could mask the players to look good, and arrange it all. I wanted to see what people thought of this and if there were any suggestions to improve it before I turned it in. I am sure this is far from the best stuff seen here on this site, but for the project I think its successful with everything we had to include. Thanks. Image Removed
  10. Are these various facemask options going to be released like the other versions? LOVE THEM!!
  11. So I know that this thread is dead now as the one who started doesn't seem to be doing these anymore. I recently found a place that is making something like these wallpapers for anyone who is interested. I don't want to litter this forum with links to other sites so if anyone here wanted this wallpaper to be made for them just PM me and I will give you the link to the place I found.
  12. drmusicboy

    Waving Flag

    This is seriously great! Excellent work here!
  13. drmusicboy

    Waving Flag

    This is a fantastic look... how did you do the effect on the flag?
  14. Ok I will bite, I wouldn't mind playing around with it and the different facemasks. nfflcomish@hotmail.com