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  1. NFL: Browns MLB: Reds NHL: Blue Jackets NBA: Warriors NCAA: Ohio State
  2. I actually don't mind the Ohio State ones, especially Oden has been getting mugged and his jersey held on all season with hardly anything ever called, it's ridiculous. Hopefully the tightness will eliminate some of that, or at least make it more obvious to the officials.
  3. I LOVE college basketball floors. I've kicked around the idea of doing a Helmet Project type database, with either photography or vector images using the basketball floor template, but it's way too daunting a task for just me to do. Anyway, can anyone tell me if any other schools other than Indiana and UNC have a state outline at half court? I love the state outlines, there's something very nostalgic about them to me- I miss Ohio State having the outline on theirs.
  4. Everyone is arguing over how whether or not it's fair to Michigan, but what about Ohio State? How is it fair that Michigan would only have to beat tOSU once, but tOSU would have to beat Michigan twice to win the National Championship? And I can't believe the idiots in the media like Woody Paige and Dennis Dodd who are ripping on Tressel for not voting. All they're really mad about is that it gives them less material to write about. He was damned if he did, damned if he didn't. If he voted for Florida the media would ream him saying he feared a rematch, if he voted Michigan he gets reamed for homering the Big 10 and contradicting himself earlier when he said the non-conference Champion shouldn't play for the National Title.
  5. The Reds wear Red again. Finally, no more black (except that supid bill, but you can't win em all)! If these stay in style 15-20 years down the road I could see them becoming classics.
  6. Love the inclusion of Brownie elf on the Browns' 3rd jersey (though I don't particularly care for the coloring of the 3rd).
  7. Thank goodness. Can't stand the black. Miss the pinstripes of the mid-90s.
  8. The Zips have quite a fanbase in Maine apparently.
  9. Names I wish got more love: Barons Bantams Continentals Colonials Paladins Musketeers Norsemen Privateers Shoremen Vanguard Warhawks Yeomen I like names that have a millitary/colonial feel to them.
  10. R.I.P. Northwestern can't catch a break...the craziest part is that Northwestern opens at Miami this year in football. He was always a class act.
  11. Anyone else think Crouch's goal should've been called back? He cleary had both hands on the back of Sancho's shoulders to elevate himself, Sancho couldn't even jump. I hate Crouch, he plays lousy all game and has to cheat to score. Also, Zlatan looks to be done for the tournament after being injured (groin) in warm ups vs Paraguay.
  12. Great! Thanks, I was looking for all the kits in just one place, you made my search much easier.
  13. GROUP A Germany v Costa Rica: GERMANY (17') Poland v Ecuador: DRAW Germany v Poland: GERMANY Ecuador v Costa Rica: DRAW Ecuador v Germany: DRAW Costa Rica v Poland: POLAND Qualifying teams: GERMANY, POLAND GROUP B England v Paraguay: ENGLAND Trinidad and Tobago v Sweden: SWEDEN England v Trinidad and Tobago: ENGLAND Sweden v Paraguay: SWEDEN Sweden v England: SWEDEN Paraguay v Trinidad and Tobago: PARAGUAY Qualifying teams: SWEDEN, ENGLAND GROUP C Argentina v Côte d'Ivoire: ARGENTINA Serbia and Montenegro v Netherlands: NETHERLANDS Argentina v Serbia and Montenegro: DRAW Netherlands v Côte d'Ivoire: DRAW Netherlands v Argentina: NETHERLANDS Côte d'Ivoire v Serbia and Montenegro: IVORY COAST Qualifying teams: NERTHERLANDS, ARGENTINA GROUP D Mexico v Iran: MEXICO Angola v Portugal: PORTUGAL Mexico v Angola: MEXICO Portugal v Iran: PORTUGAL Portugal v Mexico: DRAW Iran v Angola: DRAW Qualifying teams: MEXICO, PORTUGAL GROUP E Italy v Ghana: ITALY United States v Czech Republic: UNITED STATES Italy v United States: ITALY Czech Republic v Ghana: DRAW Czech Republic v Italy: CZECH REPUBLIC Ghana v United States: UNITED STATES Qualifying teams: ITALY, UNITED STATES GROUP F Brazil v Croatia: BRAZIL Australia v Japan: DRAW Brazil v Australia: BRAZIL Japan v Croatia: JAPAN Japan v Brazil: BRAZIL Australia v Croatia: CROATIA Qualifying teams: BRAZIL, JAPAN GROUP G France v Switzerland: FRANCE Korea v Togo: KOREA France v Korea: FRANCE Togo v Switzerland: SWITZERLAND Togo v France: DRAW Switzerland v Korea: KOREA Qualifying teams: FRANCE, KOREA GROUP H Spain v Ukraine: DRAW Tunisia v Saudi Arabia: TUNISIA Spain v Tunisia: SPAIN Saudi Arabia v Ukraine: UKRAINE Saudi Arabia v Spain: SPAIN Ukraine v Tunisia: UKRAINE Qualifying teams: SPAIN, UKRAINE