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  1. This series is fantastic! Your NFC East picture is a picture of a fish, however. Don't know why, but I'd love to see that division!
  2. Saw this on twitter today. Don't know how reputable the source is though
  3. Blue and Orange with gator skin? Please tell me this was from when they tried to court Billy Donovan...
  4. User Actions Follow Dirk NowitzkiVerified account‏@swish41 Call me old school but these jerseys with sleeves are awful.....
  5. Yeah but they've put the logo on reveals for All-Star jersey Games in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me if they kept it on this one, too.
  6. But if a team wears only one jersey in over 80% of the games played during their season, especially for several years, then of course people are going to know exactly who they are. That's called brand consistency. A shocking concept in today's college football. Something Oregon, Maryland, and Virginia Tech never thought of.Also, I think it would be sweet if Auburn added an orange alt, exact same design except with orange, I think It'd look real nice. I think you could actually argue Maryland and Oregon DO have brand consistency, even with all their combos. Maybe it's not home/away consistent, but the brand is. Speaking of which, UA teasing a lot of grey for the MD unis, but the alumni emails said to wear red this weekend. Possible hint?
  7. DP, but heres a link to JMU's horrible new court's progress:
  8. I like the shorts. Do not like the blue on the shoulders. Based on how Adidas operates, should we expect to see all the Adidas-outfitted schools in this same basic uniform this year? Yes, and I can tell you now when you see Baylor, Cincinnati, Kansas (hopefully not UCLA and Indiana, probably won't) it will get extremely old.Dont forget michiganOr Louisivlle, Notre Dame
  9. Under Armour teased today that Maryland's getting new duds for WVU. I'm assuming West Virginia would also be wearing something new? You guys know anything?
  10. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. As an alum of their art program, I am so sad.
  11. I've got mine up and running. Keeping things simple this year.
  12. No he isn't. He's even in the introduction presser photos holding up his #2 jersey.