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  1. Pretty much, but would be used to decorate things, like you would with stickers.
  2. I saw your BC concept and was wondering where you got their numbers from. Is it a font, or did you create them on your own?

    Could you point me in the right direction?


  3. Don't group them. Use the pathfinder tool and combine them. This will create one, whole shape with only one outline. Here's a link that does a better job describing it than me. (Step1) http://www.bittbox.com/illustrator/pathfinder-explained
  4. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=68226&view=findpost&p=1197846
  5. send me a PM and i'll send you one if you need it.
  6. PM me, I have one straight off of Laxworld. I have it in vector and raster, just let me know what you need.
  7. Chazberg, do you have a copy of the template you just created? i'd love to use it.
  8. yeah, i also am working on a lacrosse one too...i just finished 1/3 of it, and now i'm trying to find a good, high quality picture of a goalie, because i dont want to use a picture of myself, since i'm sure there a better ones out there...but now i'm working on a picture of a guy shooting the ball. so, if anyone finds a good picture of a lacrosse goalie, please email me: jra004@gmail.com
  9. i'm actually working on that basketball idea...i dont recall who did the football ones at the moment, but he's "inspired" me to do one for basketball with a player shooting and dribbling
  10. as a lacrosse player for 9 years...i have to say...you are the coolest person ever for doing this for us lax-ers.
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