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  1. Eesh. Enough of the dumb nickname jerseys - I hope more teams start opting out of the City program, quickly.
  2. The worst part was the Pistons marketing team seemed really proud of this one. Pushed it ridiculously hard and had it worn on court almost 30 times.
  3. I've said this as well, although it seems I'm one of the few who didn't have a problem with wishbone collars.
  4. If that’s the case, I wish more teams would opt out. I think the whole City/Pride program is a stupid gimmick and very few teams do anything worthwhile with it.
  5. I figured that was too good to be an actual Pistons alternate design..
  6. Respectable. I just wish they’d bring the mid 2000s red alt back as the statement, although this (if true) is a pretty close approximation. Logoman on the front causes some doubt on the authenticity, though.
  7. Packers going all white on Monday Night. Not clear if Lions are going all blue (I hope not.)
  8. It’s fine as an appropriately used alternate but Nike/the NBA/whoever decides the jersey schedules pushes the City stuff way too hard and it causes fatigue, at least for me. There’s no compelling reason City jerseys should be used 20+ times in an 82 game season.
  9. I feel like a majority of teams are already there..
  10. Lions looking good in throwbacks today. Usually they only wear those on Thanksgiving, not sure of the rationale for using them today but not complaining.
  11. Pistons would like a word..
  12. Common sense says a bright orange jersey would be garish, but someone those worked.
  13. Of course, I say this and now they’re being used today at Philly. Absolutely, it would be a much better look with silver socks. I’d also be interested to see how the blue pants looked with the color rush top.
  14. Yeah, unfortunately it seems like the Lions have abandoned the blue pants again. I don’t recall them having been used since early last season.
  15. Eagles at Falcons on Sunday night is a matchup that’s just screaming Reebok circa 2005 to me.
  16. Pistons design/marketing staff is generally clueless (not meaning to sound harsh). Why they continue to trot out dreadful Chrome and Motor City jerseys year after year is beyond me. I can’t imagine they have any polling/analytics that say those are what the fans want. Every reaction I’ve seen wants either the reds (my preference) or teal era ones back.
  17. Am I missing something? Aren’t those just the statement jerseys from last year?
  18. Not a fan of many of the “City” or “Pride” jerseys dating back to the Adidas era, but I think the Buzz City ones are by far the most egregious offender.
  19. I think he’s referring to the Nike alts. None of those teams have bad traditional home and road jerseys.
  20. White numbers/lettering on red look great, IMO - especially with a blue outline. I was a fan of that in the Pistons red alt that will hopefully come back someday.
  21. We should probably give up on those ever coming back; it’s been over 10 years.
  22. PLEASE bring back some kind of individuality to warm-ups. Celtics name on back and short sleeves, Pistons first name on chest, etc.
  23. At the very least, “City” jerseys shouldn’t be used so often. The Pistons used their dreadful Oakland Raiders homage set 30 times last season!
  24. My biggest grief with them is how they have the thick blue shoulder piping. It doesn’t match the regular white and blue - drives my OCD crazy and just doesn’t look right. Fill in the inner piping with gray and change the thin outer piping to blue and I think it would look a lot better.