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  1. jerome James will be the best center in the NBA next year,its his contract year
  2. for the bobcats Sam Vincent,not sam Phillips Alt logo is wrong Court is wrong Matt Devilin (raptors) and Adrian branch (ESPN) are no longer with the team as broadcaster your radio guys are now on TV,with Stephanie Ready also on the team Mugsy Bouges is on the radio,don't know who the play-by-play guy is tho,look on wikipedia its there games are on Fox Sports CArolina,not Fox Sports South
  3. hope it falls through and they move to NC
  4. yoo

    CFL 2009 Changes

    i'm guessing the "C" line in Calgary will have the grey cup logo on it all year BC always pulls out an alt would love to see some field art in BC and Hamilton,i hate blank fields, at least Montreal has an excuse (McGill)
  5. anyone know of any,logo,Jerseys,Field Art,Throwbacks,and Anniversary Jerseys (2 teams only),patches?
  6. with the bobcats ditching the orange for the most part,Charlotte will be black and Electric/faded blue but the Flames,Stamps,and Roughnecks all wear black and red Montreal has red white and blue,the Al's also have silver,and the Impact have no red though San Diego is a Blue/gold city in pro sports
  7. made me wanna puke,why does ESPN bash steroid users,the put coke headed Lil Wayne and Jamal Anderson on their network?
  8. didn't see this in the thread,so here it is The Chargers announced yesterday that they will wear a commemorative patch during the 2009 season marking the 50th anniversary of the AFL. The Chargers, one of eight original AFL teams, also will wear a uniform modeled after their 1963 uniform for two games. The Chargers won the AFL championship in '63, the franchise's only title. The uniforms will be worn in games (one home, one away) against Denver, Kansas City, Oakland or Tennessee (formerly the Houston Oilers). Those are the only four original AFL teams on the Chargers' schedule in 2009. Both teams will wear uniforms from their AFL days. -- San Diego Union-Tribune
  9. as a UNC fan,i look more toward how many recruits came from North Carolina,don't know why i do,but i do but as a post before said,National signing day is huge in the south (the basketball one is bigger to many in NC),of the 119 FBS schools 52 (and Counting) are in the south,or at least what i consider the south.so clearly its not as big in some areas as others with that being said,i'd rather watch the NFL draft anyway
  10. another year and no Charlotte Bobcats anywhere in the show still gonna take the 8th seed in the East tho
  11. Is this correct? sorry,should have went into more detail,i wanted you to combine the sigs you made me,minus the ram,and them put in the order above btw great sig you have there
  12. could i get mine edited? panthers,cats,state,canes,nc logo please and thanks
  13. the wake forest primary is in need of a major update
  14. How is this? beautiful