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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm gonna clean up the jerseys and do a navy set here soon.
  2. Appreciate the wisdom. Yeah I rushed the helmet. I'm gonna go back when I put the whole uniform/artwork package together as one and fine tune everything. Do you think the gray shadowing is necessary?
  3. Here it is with the current colors:
  4. Here it is with some minor, but effective changes:
  5. Here's a concept I made upgrading the throwback Broncos logo. This is how I envision the franchise looking like by 2021. Very subtle and nothing drastic, with a return of the lighter shade of royal.
  6. Introducing the Carolina Reptiles: I've been super busy at work recently, so please be patient for this thread to reach its full potential. Thanks.
  7. Here are the new St. Louis Stallions. Colors are now copper, brown, and white. I think it turned out super dope:
  8. Please bear with me guys, I'm switching to a better template for all the teams. Here's an update to St. Louis as well with some improvement and a look at how every other team will be constructed. Hopefully I'll be able to drop the rest of the teams this week. I'm also going to add 2 more teams, so any name/ city suggestions would be great.
  9. Updated St. Louis slightly. Next on the docket are the Carolina Reptiles...
  10. Introducing the St. Louis Stallions. A look entrenched with traditional elements, while still maintaining a contemporary feel.