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  1. With all the peaking interest in Washington's name change, I thought I'd toss my hat into the already mountain-like pile of hats...Here's a fun idea for the name I like best: Redwolves. At first I thought it was an odd choice, but it has grown on me, and I really feel like the NFL is starving for a canine-type identity. I decided to keep the brand consistent with the 'Skins in keeping the overall circle feel. It also has a very Native American imagery vibe with it as well. Here's where the logo is derived from:
  2. Thanks. I'm going to drop all the updated uniforms very soon, so this is about to get a lot better. I love the name Easy Riders. That might be a possibility...If I did, I'd probably merge both words for a more flowing Easyriders. Here's my take without going too deep: I don't necessarily view someone who sins as evil. More often than not it's someone trying to have fun whilst unintentionally being viewed as a sinner. I feel like Vegas is the perfect place to do this, hence the name. I do have to say I love the name you proposed. I will have to say that renaming them the Los Angeles Easy Riders might have to happen since the movie begins in LA and they don't actually travel to Vegas (I may have seen bits but can't recall seeing the entire movie even though I went to film school). I like the idea of incorporating biker-esque imagery into a football team too. Thanks.
  3. Really love this. I also made a concept for a team called the Atlanta Hammers a few years ago. I love the name.
  4. Happy 4th! I've finally found some time to finish this project! I've put together the logo sheets for all 12 teams, and am in the process of transferring the teams to a new uniform template. Here are the logos and helmets for all 12 teams in the PFGA: All uniforms and fields dropping next.
  5. As a Notre Dame fan, I can definitely get on board with these. Only change I'd make is on the green jersey make the numerals gold with white outline, to adhere to tradition.
  6. I've been saying this for a while now too. Couldn't agree more. It would be such a clean look and also very unique. I think logically that would be their next step.
  7. Really great start. I like the idea of Seattle being a Pittsburgh-esque city sharing colors. I think your 2nd logo with the full body is awesome, I just think it's a little too detailed, especially once placed on a sweater to be sewn on. I'd simplify the hockey sticks and remove the tiny tape lines. The outlines on the eyes and head lighting aren't very neccessary either. I love the needle incorporation as well. The alt primary S is the best S. Maybe replace the S on your metro-S with this one. It's a great design. Good start.
  8. Nice job. Love the color palette too.
  9. I went ahead and modified the script to more closely resemble the real thing. The jersey pic on the left is game worn from the museum and on the right is the 2011 Pirates v. Cards: Here is my update: I also recreated the Josh Gibson in The Show as close as I could for my DD squad: I'm going to continue to go down the Grays' timeline at one point, but am going to start doing a late 40's KC Monarchs next.
  10. I'm trying to put together a NLB uniform database based on images and videos. Here is the first team I attempted, the Homestead Grays, circa 1940ish. I'm hoping I can tackle a lot more teams soon.
  11. I went back to look at more snarling tiger faces and made some simple but vast improvements. I think it finally looks like something that could bite my hand off if I put it too close haha.
  12. A few edits later and here is the new version:
  13. Here's an update. Updated the shoulder striping on the backside, added TV numbers on the sleeves, and attempted an orange alt: