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  1. Here's a concept I came up with that modernizes the old 80's logo. Unis to come later. C&C if you like:
  2. It's like when Issac Newton almost went blind staring at the sun...Too beautiful to look away.
  3. I get it, this set was okay. I'm not referring to this one. They can still do a more improved logo based on the 70's version and utilize the 70's stripes and omit navy. I was never a fan of these. All signs point to them going in that direction eventually.
  4. Now the plan would be to modernize the throwback logo, change back to these colors, make the face mask aqua, and match the pant stripes with the helmet stripes. Do this and you are the best looking squad in all the land, Miami.
  5. Pitt looks absolutely horrendous, even the announcers are remarking how bad they look...
  6. Here are the uniforms and updated helmet/logos for the Seattle Orcas:
  7. Yeah I've noticed this since week 1. Silver definitely is a lot lighter. I like it.
  8. Since the Rockies are pretty determined to retain the look, I decided to do minor tweaking to keep the look consistent. I tweaked the snow, removed the arch and lettering, added a black outline to the mountain, and removed silver. Just purple (tweaked), black, and white...I cleaned up the "Colorado" jersey lettering and attempted the rest of the package:
  9. I'll do a red version with inverted "a" colored navy with white outlines.
  10. The magazine cover actually uses the embroidery that is on the actual home uniform, that's where it comes from. They've been using that as the magazine logo for 20 years or so, so it probably comes from the earlier incarnation of the home and/or BP jersey.
  11. The Rockies' road "R" has bugged me for a long time. As a Rox fan, if they fixed that and put "Rockies" on the alt purples, they'd look awesome. The cap has proven to stand the test of time and the stitching looks amazing. I'd love to see them ditch the purple bills too to have a 1 cap classic look. On a side note, the Marlins unis have grown on me 200% this season. Totally love 'em in every way.
  12. Here is the final version with the newly created jersey numbering and edits to the red alt: Since the "angels" lettering is drawn from scratch, I am now working on finishing the custom jersey numbering. I took a block numbering font, rounded the corners, and added the custom serifs. From there I can now create the 0-9 font.
  13. Thanks. It might be hard to see, but the numbers are rounded on the appropriate spots. I can definitely try the red jersey idea.
  14. Here's the complete package with all the pieces in place. I read your halo piping comment and loved it, so I went back and implemented it. The sleeve piping now matches the halos in each jersey's sleeve logo halo, as well as hat logo halo. Enjoy: