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  1. I went back to look at more snarling tiger faces and made some simple but vast improvements. I think it finally looks like something that could bite my hand off if I put it too close haha.
  2. A few edits later and here is the new version:
  3. Here's an update. Updated the shoulder striping on the backside, added TV numbers on the sleeves, and attempted an orange alt:
  4. I like your idea, the script looks a lot like this one I did back in 2018: I think cursive can work really well for the Rox. I wish they would embrace that.
  5. I completely forgot My bad, I was about to put them on there. Will fix. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the input sleuthpanther. I will probably simplify the striping as well. Here is an update with the eye fixed, tongue fixed, and the overall shape of the head modified:
  7. With all this extra time at home right now, I've taken a crack at a Bengals rebrand. This is at the beginning stages so far but I'm liking the direction it's going. I tried it with a white outline while on a dark backing, but it looks a little better and more modern without it (a la Panthers, Jags). C&C is much appreciated, and uniforms to come soon.
  8. Just trying to be unique. But yeah, I have been torn about those two. I am considering Cheetahs and Volcanoes instead.
  9. Here's a preview of what's cooking for the Honolulu Erupters. CC appreciated:
  10. Introducing the Baton Rouge Burners. The identity is based around speed, a la the cheetah mark. Enjoy:
  11. It's been a while, but I'm gonna keep going. Introducing the Seattle Orcas: