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  1. Here's a concept I came up with that modernizes the old 80's logo. Unis to come later. C&C if you like:
  2. It's like when Issac Newton almost went blind staring at the sun...Too beautiful to look away.
  3. Hey man thanks for the great advice

  4. hey, i got the mask designed already, by lich0037. check it out in the concepts thread (page 2 already..damn). as for the FF league, a little early, but sure i'm in!

  5. word those are cool. are you printing these? and did you need a panda logo? Yo, btw, im tryin to launch a 8-10 team fantasy fb league in the next month or two.

  6. hey, shouldve been a little more clear about my design ideas. I'd love to have the panda, but i cant really pull it off artistically myself. so maybe you'd be able to make up something nice?

    anyways, here's some of the other mask ideas i've been working with.

  7. yeah man shoot me some ideas

  8. hey...are you still doing design work? i'm working on a goalie mask..and i could really use some help with giving the airbrusher a good design to make the creation come to life.