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  1. No, obviously we don't, so please do tell how you know Wince Carter.
  2. Podsednik wore one today against the Indians. it went all the way up the head, too. I just don't have pics.
  3. The NBA could make this an event day, like Hardwood Classics, or Valentines Day and Saint Patricks day. Pretty Good Marketing scheme.
  4. Only thing I can say is that Parker's skin is too dark, his skin is somewhere close to Bargnani's skin, but maybe a bit more yellowish. Other than that, it's very well drawn, with a very nice template.
  5. Absolutely amazing. Hilarious logo and great design on the jersey.
  6. Simple, effective. I was thinking blue stripe at the end of the sleeves, though.
  7. I dunno, but when I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame it didn't seem much taller then 2 feet, maybe 3.
  8. One thing about the Seattle logo is bothering me... I personally think that the bats should be outlined like the outside, because to someone who didn't understand the concept, It may just look like a captain's wheel. Everything else is quite classy.
  9. To be honest.... on all of your Heat jerseys, the letters look a bit squished. I'm liking everything else, except the yellow Heat alt which reminds me of the Atlanta alt. Interdivision! Big no-no.
  10. Just feel proud to know that people who know what there talking about prefered your entry. Just try again, some other time
  11. Better, but as said before, you need a better font. Something like the Chargers...
  12. I think you should ditch the lightning bolts, find a good font, make it italics, and use a lightning bolt as an underline.
  13. it's nice, but do you really want a yawning lion as your logo
  14. doing a bit of bumping, but good luck to all, i suck at drawing