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  1. No, obviously we don't, so please do tell how you know Wince Carter.
  2. Podsednik wore one today against the Indians. it went all the way up the head, too. I just don't have pics.
  3. The NBA could make this an event day, like Hardwood Classics, or Valentines Day and Saint Patricks day. Pretty Good Marketing scheme.
  4. Only thing I can say is that Parker's skin is too dark, his skin is somewhere close to Bargnani's skin, but maybe a bit more yellowish. Other than that, it's very well drawn, with a very nice template.
  5. Absolutely amazing. Hilarious logo and great design on the jersey.
  6. Simple, effective. I was thinking blue stripe at the end of the sleeves, though.
  7. I dunno, but when I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame it didn't seem much taller then 2 feet, maybe 3.
  8. One thing about the Seattle logo is bothering me... I personally think that the bats should be outlined like the outside, because to someone who didn't understand the concept, It may just look like a captain's wheel. Everything else is quite classy.
  9. To be honest.... on all of your Heat jerseys, the letters look a bit squished. I'm liking everything else, except the yellow Heat alt which reminds me of the Atlanta alt. Interdivision! Big no-no.
  10. Just feel proud to know that people who know what there talking about prefered your entry. Just try again, some other time
  11. Better, but as said before, you need a better font. Something like the Chargers...
  12. I think you should ditch the lightning bolts, find a good font, make it italics, and use a lightning bolt as an underline.
  13. it's nice, but do you really want a yawning lion as your logo
  14. doing a bit of bumping, but good luck to all, i suck at drawing
  15. A lottery thing from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and possibly Newfoundland. Looks like a logo a butter company would use.
  16. i see the idea, but the logo needs to be cleaned up a bit, especially the font. you clear it up and its a good logo., maybe add some outlines in black?
  17. Your duck is female. I don't know if you know that, but I thought I would inform you. Very good concept though.
  18. I know its hard but u need to work on some pupils. Its hard to make him look fierce without them.
  19. Well, I have pleanty of photos of Blue Jays, I just don't have ones that help with this view of the bird. ive seen blue jays up close to be honest that under the wing is just grey and black
  20. im not a fan of the white white combonation other than that well done!
  21. its good that that everything is excuted very professinial so good job
  22. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Cyanocitta_cristata2.jpg There you go. http://www.fcps.edu/StratfordLandingES/Eco...Jay/Ccrist1.jpg thers an inflight http://members.aol.com/mjbrown/IMAGES/jay.jpg another theres my cheap paint tail fix
  23. That's kinda funny because I'm on a baseball team called the Boutlier's Point Bullets in a region known as the South Shore.