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  1. He’s had sport clips for a race or two. Mostly at darlingron. But I think that’s it.
  2. That’s not a bad list but I don’t see a 2nd Chicago team. Add Salt Lake City and that’s a pretty good list maybe even Mexico City? The NFL has been trying that market for 20-30 years it seems.
  3. Well I’ll put it this way to make is really easy to see why nbc did this: USA is in 90million households NBCSN is in 81 million FS1 is in about 83 million CBSSN is in 68 million ESPN is in (only? I figured more) 86 million so there getting more eyeballs to watch by default.
  4. Or UNLV or maybe of Air Force? Both hit markets tv wise.
  5. Well it’s also that time again, tv rights are back up for renewal and we all know when this happens is it’s become a big moving around of the conferences. Now I’ve always felt the end game is 16 teams in a conference. Now maybe the pac12 only adds 2 for now and if so maybe Boise is trying to angle for one of the slots. Idk where it lands tv viewer wise but I’m sure it’s not a “big” market but maybe growing. As for the other school if they do in fact expand to 14 schools I’d say BYU, but again with the Sunday’s thing that’s prob a mega dealbreaker. That to me leaves 2 options: SD St or UNLV. They check all the boxes I’d say correct? That’s not a bad add for the pac 12 in all sports right?
  6. So looks like the equipment guy at Coastal Carolina did not get the memo, ya know about the new conference logo. Ouch, looks outta place now after seeing a few other SBC games today.
  7. CUSA is Gonig 8 conference games and allowed its members to schedule up to 4 non conference games. https://fbschedules.com/c-usa-to-play-eight-conference-up-to-four-non-conference-games-in-2020/
  8. This. A billion times over. When I think of celtics I think of gold not black as a secondary color.
  9. This. i used to work in a sports apparel store, and I’ve now purchased Nike NBA, NFL & MLB. They’re all great quality for a “replica”. Compared to Adidas, Majestic & Reebok its not even close. I’ve not seen a Fanatics branded in person but from what is said on here I’m not missing much. Glad my first hockey jersey was a eBay KOHO sundin!
  10. So me and my best friend had had this debate: we all know most D1 FBS conferences will go to 16 teams. So I make the “out there” idea of the SEC adding UNC(not that far out there) &.....Cincinnati. I make the point it’s a new state and Ohio is a hotbed for recruits. He says “it’s not southern enough” and they should add UCF, Houston or Memphis. Your thoughts?
  11. Nope the eyes and the ears make it waaay not close. Even the jawline. It’s not close at all.
  12. If the pats don’t add a red alt to this set then it’s pointless. It be a great faux back from the red jerseys they wore pre 93.
  13. Well add the PAC 12 to the conference only bandwagon. 2 down 3 more power 5 to go.
  14. And with North Carolina A&T going to the big south, where does that put SC St? Might as well dissolve the MEAC, or merge with the WAC lol
  15. If it’s like this for all teams and such that they cover, I’m gonna like it. Love that each team has there own font.
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