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  1. Anybody watching Ohio vs Pitt? Some of the Ohio players have such faded pants they look olive not green, bizarre.
  2. So is it wrong that I want to start up a kickstarter/go fund me for Andrew Luck now he’s retired to go buy some weed??
  3. Well the first few games looks like this: Week 1: vs Georgia tech Week 2: vs Texas A&M Week 3: @ Syracuse not till week 4 vs Charlotte do they play a cupcake, so even they won’t have time to tune tings up.
  4. So there getting football? Cause LIU post did correct?
  5. Man the Knicks can’t catch a break can they? Lol
  6. Ugh the black is so forced in there, and even worse they could of used yellow and be different, now they are just like the bulls & raptors.
  7. Another one?? If anything they can stake the claim to beer city, I live here in downtown and there is a brewing district and I kid you not there’s at least a dozen right in the area I can name off the top of my head. Legitimately prob the only thing Asheville is known for, beer!
  8. Correct. Prob playing at the Eastern Michigan University stadium.
  9. Yea I mean how is that a cougar?? I can’t see it, just a blob of drab colors to me.
  10. Also better not affect the Indy car race there, with out that Long Beach is not what it is.
  11. So forest green? Or Kelly? White and the baby or coral blue? Or they dropping blue all together? It be a shame if they did. the way the green and blue blend is fantastic.