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  1. Whoever thought this was a good idea, needs to be taken out back and shot. Seriously who thinks these are a good idea? I hope they don't do camo uni's for football w/ a camo football helmet.
  2. Since the bowl season started last month, I've been thinking about a playoff format that may work. 1. You have to re-align some conferences. Pac-13 (Because of the amount of West Coast D-1 schools,and location) California Region USC UCLA Stanford California San. Diego State Fresno State San Jose State Northwest Region Oregon Oregon State Washington Washington State Idaho Boise State Hawaii Mountain West Conference (12 teams) South Arizona Arizona State Nevada UNLV New Mexico New Mexico State North BYU Utah Air Force Wyoming Colorado State Utah State Sun- Belt Troy Florida Atlantic Louisiana- Monroe Middle- Tennessee Arkansas State Louisiana- Lafayette North Texas Florida International Louisiana Tech TCU Western Kentucky Atlantic Coast Boston College traded back to the Big East for South Florida Big East South Florida traded to ACC for Boston College Army included Big Ten Notre Dame for Big Ten Conf.USA Marshall traded to Big East for Louisville Mid. American Navy included Rest of the coferences are left alone. 1. No more than 2 teams per conference can get into a playoff 2. Four regions (West, East, South, Central) 3. No polls, no BCS. 4. Standings for the regions. 8 teams per region get in. 5. Rest of .500 teams they don't make playoffs can play in the bowl games that are available 6. National Championship rotates Thats the idea I came up with.
  3. Does anyone have pictures of the future Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum?
  4. I found this logo on the Fiesta Bowl website, I think it looks pretty sweetMy Webpage
  5. I live in oregon and those uniforms look so ugly behind ugly for that matter. If they held a pagant for college uniforms i would get rid of the ducks quickly. What is up with this 4 to 5 uniforms for a season?They need to stop seriously whats next??They haven't won a national championship so they shouldn't have the right to create millions of uniforms that look ugly.
  6. I have played Ncaa Football 06 for awhile i have all the bowl games and the other stuff. When collecting mascots i have like 38 but there are 80 mascots. What are the other Mascots in the game. Please list them all thanks
  7. I have liked that logo they use when they go to the rose bowl game its a pretty sweet shoulder patch they use. Well i think it is
  8. I was wondering if anyone had the logo of their Rose Bowl Patch,not a picture on the uniform,just the logo in general with nothing else attached to it. thanks
  9. I like your idea of Oregon New Football jerseys they should honestly use. I have lived in Oregon my whole life and seeing the Ducks have like 10 uniforms for a season more then any other team in the nation. I would rather see them wear these uniforms then the ones they have now. Their like girls they need 10 different uniforms to fit their games.
  10. does anyone have a bigger and clear vision of the 06 rose bowl logo thanks
  11. HI, one of my friends wanted me to ask you if you could do him a favor,its not me he wanted to know if you could do a new logo for his high school.He will give you full credit for what you did and everything well here it is its called Everygreen High School masot:plainsmen thanks for your time
  12. When i heard the NBA might choose a non-nba city for the all star game i thought it was pretty sweet. The ideas i had for the 07 vegas logo and court desgin was Colors: *red,gold,and black Logo: * You have a mountain in the background with dice rolling with the name Los Vegas 2007. Court Design: *You have the logo in the middle * You have a basketball with with 07 in it or rolling dice with 07 across it if anybody wants to create it i like to see what my ideas look like.i'll give create thanks
  13. could you make the logo by itself???