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  1. here's a cheerleader preview from the game:
  2. instead of writing the real f word and it comes out as "fluff", write it as F U C K just some good advice to capitalizing on these boards in your own way.
  3. man i love this idea, the timeline, workout regimine, players. teams. This could be something.
  4. this looks pretty great, a football game with made up teams, i wonder if you can create a team. But, the devils look exactly like hellboy from the movie the redhawks look like the atlanta hawks alternate logo and the denver grizzlies was a minor league hockey team about 10 years ago in denver.
  5. why can't they just stick with a red jersey like the wings, with a plain white mapleleaf on the front, and a flag patch on the shoulder. Instead of this.
  6. those look like , yuck! I'd wipe my ass with those.
  7. this is what my logo will be in the fant. bb league coming next year. CC is needed.
  8. how do you create unis on nba live 2005?
  9. I started the bucks concepts because i could not stand the barney entourage for another moment. I got in my car with michael j. fox, and we went back to the future. Got the green's back and trashed the purple nurples. C&C is apreciated:
  10. ugly! no offense, just constructive critisism
  11. daisydukes


    bump it on up