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  1. I love the idea of a sand colored jersey, but I think the front of the Jersey needs re-organization. Maybe taking out the number on the front of the jersey.
  2. Love it. I don't like the fact that Team Canada has black in their colour scheme as their is clearly no black on the flag, their all-black jerseys is just a shame to watch, I blame the jerseys for the reason why they tied that game. Great job on the concept again!
  3. Personally, I love them, great job!
  4. Mike2025

    LA Galaxy

    AWESOME JOB! Wow! Those look amazing! I'm not a fan of the light blue outline on just the 'LA' on the team script, the words Los Angeles are right above it so there's not really a need for it there, it would be better if the whole word 'Galaxy' was outlined in that light blue. The Third jerseys I think would be better if the yellow were switched to light blue and the red stripes to white. But those are just little things, overall it's fantastic! Great job!
  5. That looks alot better, fantastic job!
  6. Looks kind of plain, but definitly an improvement of what they have now. Good job!
  7. I love the Home jerseys, but on the Road jerseys the shoulder color shouldn't be red. Maybe blue with a red trim. It still looks very nice but it doesn't feel right for some reason. Very well done though! Great Job!
  8. I made this in my graphics class this year, I tried my best to make it seem like the current Blue Jay logo's head was facing forward, while staying with the current color scheme. Much like the Montreal Alouettes alternate logo. I also added the CN Tower in the middle of the head to obviously represent Toronto and so the logo could also be used as a primary logo. Then I added it on to the uniform cap to see how it would look, and added blue to the uniform while I was at it: Please post Comments, Complaints or Suggestions. Do not be afraid to critisize, it will improve my work in the future and your suggestions will be used to fix the concept I posted here.
  9. Mike2025

    Florida Marlins

    Love the all-teal hat and all-teal jersey! They should have the all-teal jersey for an alternate, not the black ones they have. I would drop the pinstripes on the home jersey.
  10. That's really good for your first try. Excellent job!
  11. http://www.sportslogos.net/Site/team.php?t=1118 There ya go.
  12. You've never heard of the 1947 Toronto Huskies?
  13. I'm really happy with how it turned out, however, I know most people will think the primary logo is a combination of the old Timberwolves logo and the Mavs logo, but that's not what I intended it to be. While making it, I had no thought of making it a combination of the two, it just turned out that way. I also added the eyes and teeth from the Raptor logo to the husky so Toronto fans don't forget about the Raps if a change like this occured. Comments, complaints or suggestions greatly appreciated, I want to know how I could improve my work.
  14. I've never really liked the Jays new uniforms ever since the day they were released. I like them, I have the Alternate and the Home jersey, but I don't like how they don't have alot of blue. The shade of blue they use is too nice to not be shown, plus we are the 'Blue Jays' whether or not we are shying away from the Blue whats a Blue Jay without Blue? So that was my goal for this concept, bring back the blue in Blue Jays.
  15. Very nice! Gives it a classic look. Not a fan of the logo on the shots though.
  16. Not to mention the Mavericks. There are alot of double blue teams in the NBA, but we deserve double-blue more then any other team, the Jazz uniforms sucks anyway. Plus there is more Red teams in the NBA then double-blue. Hawks, Bulls, Cavs, Pistons (with the new alternates), Rockets, Clippers, Heat, and Blazers.
  17. Someone on hear suggested someone make a Raptor concept with Toronto's sports colors of double-blue. The Raptors are the only Toronto team without blue, so I made this concept: Thoughts? Suggestions? Complaints?
  18. I've never been a fan of the Clippers logo, I like their away jerseys, but it doesn't match their current logo. So I made a logo that should match their home and away and match their court cause I hate their court, they have good colors, but it's a terrible court design so here: Current: Concept: Concept (Version 2):
  19. I made it to get set colors for the team, make them all match, and yet so we're still unique from other Red teams like the Bulls, and Trail Blazers. Also the Primary logo that I customized below could be the logo in the centre of our court.
  20. Mike2025

    D-Rays Concept

    I'm not a big fan of the new D-Rays logo, I liked the first one they had, and the jerseys. They were unique.
  21. I didn't modify much, I just took suggestions, and just changed the orange to light blue on the original logo.
  22. With the NHL having a new logo, and a new era type approach, I'm guessing there going to have a new Stanley Cup Playoff logo, here's my idea of it: Thoughts?
  23. I recently watched episodes 4 and 5 of Star Wars, haven't watched 6 yet. But anyway, I made this wallpaper, combining Star Wars and Vince Carter together, this is what I got, tell me what you guys think. http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/456/vincecarter5jc.jpg
  24. Wow, I've been to the ACC so many times, and I never really looked at the banners carefully. Next time I go, I'm gonna look carefully. Nice post, I learnt from it and I understand the Leafs and hockey more.
  25. The updated version looks very nice! Great job! Looks amazing!