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  1. This could change so don't quote me 10,000%- but the think the Giants will wear their gray pants for this game, even though at home they usually pair their blue jerseys with white pants, when they play IN dallas they usually wear gray pants. I know it doesn't make a ton of sense, but I believe that will be the case again this year. Only 85% sure on this though.
  2. I'm looking right at it.
  3. They didn't make a brand new end zone just for the preseason
  4. JETS end zone update. They removed the red AFC logo. The end zone is painted the new green, with JETS on the left 66% and the logo to the right of that.
  5. need to pair that uniform with a white cap/blue NY so its a total photo negative of the classics
  6. https://twitter.com/albertbreer/status/1148052428018917376?s=21 first official use.?
  7. This is a terrible design. It looks like the design for an unauthorized, unofficial Rockets t-shirt. Like they can slap any NBA logo on that gray ball and put it on a white towel and sell it at walmart or a flea market. Aside from being generic AF... from a design standpoint its terrible.. the angle on the hoop/ring/whatever that is is down on the R but up on the planet. You don't know which way you are looking. Then you have the drop shadows on the R itself going a third direction. You have 4 different shades of gray/charcoal in that ball/planet thing. And to drill even deeper, the position of the R itself obscures the seems on the ball in a way where it looks like the don't line up accurately. The stroke on the ring doesn't overlap on the front so there's so sense that it is coming across the front instead of ending on the sides. I can go on and on. Just terrible from start to finish.
  8. I really don’t give a :censored:... but when did he say that? I know I said that because I knew. I remember him saying a lot of standard BS. He didn’t know :censored:.
  9. For example, the jets facility has all glass walls for their conference rooms but I’ve heard during uniform meetings they’ve hung curtains covering the glass, so even other jets employees wouldn’t be able to see what’s happening. Also, their logo and uniform are redacted from the draft and nfl 100 style guide. So where’s you would see for example all the Packers Eagles etc draft elements logos and caps , the jets is blank. So anything distributed around the league has Jets stuff blank. This is not common. For example, when the uniform schedule comes out it goes to everyone, which is why I’m always surprised im the only one on these boards that has it because it goes to a lot of people associated with the league. But in this case anything that would normally go to everyone and has all teams stuff in it (even new stuff) the jets have blanked out. In summery, jets are trusting no one.
  10. No, the jets are being beyond secretive. To the point of paranoia. Can’t say it isn’t working for them because there have obv been no real leaks, but let’s say I doubt anyone who “claims” to have seen them because soooooo few people have even had a glimpse and that includes people inside the org. And that goes quadruple for someone like Teal who claimed to see them months ago before any teases to very select few began.
  11. So you want the Texans to wear oilers logos and uniforms but not get a penny from any jersey sales. Tell me why in a million trillion years the Texans would do that? At the end of the day the Texans don’t want fans wearing oilers jerseys they want them wearing Texans jerseys. If there was a serious demand (idk if there is or isn’t) and they eventually relented and wanted to do throwback game you can be sure and :censored: they want the $ from it.
  12. You guys keep talking about NYC flag but here’s the point, they took the NYC flag and adapted it to a cap... first changed the colors to Giants colors. So right off the bat you lose any recognition of the famous orange and blue flag. Then, the only element from the flag that I can tell is the laurels around the seal. It goes around the base of the cap. I don’t care HOW familiar you are with the NYC flag.. if you see red white and blue cap with a ring of laurels there is no way you would associate that with “ohhh I get it they took inspiration from the NYC flag”. There is no defining element to make that connection. ESPECIALLY if you don’t see all the other Teams and caps in the series. That’s what happened to me and I guarantee you would all feel the same way.
  13. Yeah you're right the few caps I saw were based on their indv flags and I didn't get the reference until seeing all of them.