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  1. Thanks to Twitter the NHL’s 1st event under the new TV deal with ESPN has been spoiled. OITGDNHL.
  2. This is an amazing series, keep up the great work!
  3. I've also thought about this scenario... Tavares is still out in the Winnipeg series. Mark Scheifele take out Marner or Matthews instead with the Game 1 hit. Leafs are even more depleted and lose the series or they possibly face Vegas or Colorado down Tavares and Marner (or Matthews). The hockey gods and Dubas' poor cap management really screwed them this year.
  4. Also, if Colorado is going to be on a bigger national stage in the semi-finals and finals it might not be a smart move to confuse potential newer fans to the game with a different main logo for a potential championship team.
  5. Also if they go with Owen Power, he won't be a difference maker for a while, and I doubt that Eichel will be around when/if he becomes on. That team seems to be in a perpetual rebuild.
  6. 41 years old, Leafs fan since 1987. I am not done with them but this is THE loss for me. Just disgusted.
  7. Looking good on my laptop and iPhone. Still some mobile version ads but doesn't seem as bad to me as others are saying.
  8. I was thinking this (especially with the Bay area connection).
  9. I saw one of those on eBay years ago. I was literally searching for a picture to post here the other day. Thanks for finding a link.
  10. These are the only pics I have.
  11. Saw this on a Facebook group. Apparently, they were concepts for the Stars when they made the switch back to green.
  12. I actually liked the big collars that appeared on the Coyotes, Blues and Penguins jerseys of late 90s
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