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  1. NHL Jerseys: I've been collecting since 1991 and have over 200. When ever the Maple Leafs put out a new one I am sure to get it. Otherwise I want to make sure I have 1 per NHL team. I need to add Seattle when it comes out and some how I dont have Winnipeg yet. I have an old CCM Jets jersey and 3 different Atlanta Thrashers jerseys but I don't have a current Jets jersey. I collect old ones from when I was a kid or players with my last name, I view them as art also. I am in the processes of finishing our basement and I am getting a few of my favorites framed to be hung up. Also this nearly 30 year old addiction is hard to crack.
  2. I'd love to see him turn around and sell it to Tony Khan
  3. I have two but am not looking to move them, sorry. However, I see a ton of them on eBay. What size are you looking for?
  4. Any chance that by the time the Kraken play their first game it will be in a different jersey than what was unveiled? Not 100% different, just enough to set it apart from the China fakes that will flood the market over the next year and a half?
  5. I started searching on line and dear lord the fakes are already being produced.
  6. TLDR... Any word on when jerseys will be available for purchase?
  7. I'll take the Kraken name if it gets us those logos and jerseys!
  8. Why did I think they were announcing Randy Carlyle lol