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  1. Addidas NHL jersey collars... especially for lace up jerseys.
  2. I gotta get one of those Raiders jerseys to turn into a Modano jersey!
  3. Looks like Auston Matthews re-signed with Toronto... 5 yrs. 11.5ish million
  4. I originally thought that about the Canucks too as a kid in the late ‘80s
  5. Except the Capitals actually won!
  6. Better than what we got.
  7. My local Marshall’s (Metro-Detroit) has Capitals Stanley Cup hats for $3.99
  8. Not sure if this counts, but I have the lace up Leafs Adidas jersey, I much more prefer the Reebok version.
  9. Any chance of a Naval tie in? While this is just a generic template, i'd love to see this color combo
  10. Would the Blackhawks do it for Chelios and Seabrook? The Maple Leafs have double retired 1, 4, 7, 9, 10 & 27