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  1. Speaking of the Blackhawks... any idea of what Jonathan Toews medical issue is?
  2. Agreed. I remember predicting the demise of the Wings. I thought it would have happened sooner, it wouldn't have been as bad and they would have pulled out of it by now. Doing whatever it took to keep that playoff streak going seemed to hurt them. Also in a salary cap world they can't buy their way out of problems. I'm glad they suck, but it's not as enjoyable that late '90s early 2000s me thought it would be. I'm still happy that they traded a 1st rounder to Tampa for Kyle Quincy and that pick became Andrei Vasilevskiy.
  3. Hell they could have flip flopped red and white on either of these: Not sure why the images aren't posting, sorry. Hell, I kept the same jersey, scrapped the silver, used an old logo and early 80s number font. Took me more time to upload to photobucket than to design it.
  4. I'd also like it with the current logo in the middle.
  5. I've used a blow dryer and a pair of tweesers and it comes of pretty easy.
  6. The blue pants look terrible with the road jerseys. I'm guessing that they may changed the sleeves on the road jerseys to blue to match?
  7. Ron Hextall named GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins Brian Burked name President of Hockey Operations
  8. Was thinking the same thing, too lazy to post it. I've thought that since I was a kid.
  9. Minnesota wore RR vs Colorado's normal jersey. Penguins went RR vs Ranger's normal.
  10. This would be perfection for the Wild moving forward: