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  1. My family is straight out of Montreal and I have a super French-Canadien last name but I pronouce it the English way. However, even when I introduce myself to people they still say my name the French way, I'd say close to 95% of my students pronounce it the French way even when they ask how I pronounce it.
  2. Any potential release date news?
  3. Not sure if this was mentioned earlier and I am really hoping it is not true but I read earlier this morning that the Bryant family found out via TMZ.
  4. Are we going to have to add FKA like when WWE wrestlers superstars hit the indies?
  5. We are getting the team name this weekend, right? Are we getting any logos/uniforms?
  6. Agreed, but this was not a good look. 16 year old me had his mind blown when I saw the first Avalanche game.
  7. Football coaches are also more physically active during a game than many coaches in other sports. Many wrestling coaches "dress down too"
  8. These wern't terrible either.
  9. Awesome that you had such an awesome & successful business that you were able to retire from... 1990s teenage me would have wrecked it by getting high on my own supply
  10. I assume that the NHL would want Pittsburgh in the same division with Washington and Philadelphia, thats why I went with Carolina over them. Geographically, Pittsburgh makes more sense.
  11. Heck swap Tampa and Florida for Columbus and Carolina and call it a day.