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  1. Could it be as simple as the Centennial O on a different jersey?
  2. I always assumed we were looking at a hurricane from above it, like on a weather map.
  3. Did some scrounging on line (obviously not my logos). This could be a workable Hurricanes alt logo I'm in the "I don't think the current logo is bad or needs to be changed" camp too. But if they were to change the main logo would side view work, something along the lines of these... (obviously without the extra crap, just using these as examples of sideview storms). Or should the Hurricanes remain semi-unique and use the topview?
  4. I hate that... we know its registered lol
  5. The added black border looks good on the ice
  6. Does this have potential with black pants?
  7. Never thought the Hurricanes and Wings looked any more similiar than Wings/Devils or Devils/Hurricanes, etc...
  8. Starting this year the Hockey Hall of Fame is giving inductees a choice of three designs to choose from. Here is Guy Carbonneau making his pick!
  9. Love the Hurricanes, I'd put a red outline on the name & numbers of the home black jersey.
  10. The yolk was fine, just remove the front numbers. That was the 1st Edge jersey I got... Christmas '07 from my parents.
  11. Can’t wait for Central Michigan!