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  1. Well, Evander Kane’s wife alleges that he is betting on his own games.
  2. The Kings playoff drought is 15 years. I crapped on the Maloofs a lot, of course, but I realized the new ownership has missed more years then them(8 vs 7). No end in sight. I miss 20 years ago, when Oakland Arena became Sacramento West for Kings/Warrior games. The list of Kings misses is just depressing. I think they also could’ve had Leonard instead of Jimmer as well. They did hit on Isaiah Thomas(NBA’s Mr. Irrelevant in 2011), though they gave him away essentially for free and panned out elsewhere.
  3. It appears Seth Jones to Chicago and 9.5 million a year.
  4. Hooliganism breaking out in San Diego
  5. Mahomes' doppelganger on Wales just got tossed for going studs up on an Italian.
  6. What a day for Wisconsin, first Germany, now Bucks win today.
  7. Yeah no non delay of game penalties in Vegas in the last 8 periods vs Colorado.
  8. That's great he is doing better. Happened in NHL before(Jiri Fischer and Rich Peverly). Finland scores the upset for their first ever win in a tournament. Looks like Belgium is off to a solid start as well.
  9. Go Habs Go! Hopefully they can do it. I remember I didn’t think the Senators had a prayer against the Pens in 2017, but somehow were a goal away from moving on. Anybody but Vegas please.
  10. Avalanche lacked killer instinct and blew the game. Can they get steal a game on the Strip?
  11. This sucks https://twitter.com/SFGiants/status/1401947666003619840/photo/1
  12. First time since 2006, no LeBron, Curry, or Kobe(RIP) in the finals
  13. Rantanen with the snipe, and the Avs survive. Definitely a much better game by Vegas. First time they are ever down 2-0.
  14. Davis: Out for game 4 with a groin pull. Don’t screw this up Suns!
  15. Hopefully another 3-1 collapse happens for Vegas this year!
  16. Was reminded of that 3-0 meltdown against the Ducks now 4 years ago.
  17. Winnipeg has scored 3 quick goals to tie it. Man this crowd would be very loud at the moment.
  18. Turned on the game, and the Lightning are giving the Cats a bath. Bob gets yanked less then halfway into the game.
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