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  1. oh sorry man thanks for the redirect
  2. hi guys im new and really dont have the software of ability of most of you and im amazed at what some of you can do, you all have real talent. i was hoping someone might want a little challenge... madden 06 is coming up and like some others on these boards i have a custom franchise with my own teams and uniforms,..but after seeing your guy's i was blown away and would really like it if any of you could take a stab at doing "re-workings" of a few of my favorite fotoball uniforms so i can make them in the game. anyway if anyone is intersted you can post them here and id appreciate it, for that purpose and just to see what you guys come up with.. here are the teams oregon st oregon (old style, joey herrington years) ucla hawaii notre dame a new design using the carolina panthers colors and seattle mariners colors would be cool i prefer the new modern look (ala miami hurricanes) i noticed most folks dont but i think they look sleek and differnt. anyway thanks in advance keep up the good work guys