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  1. The idea of what he's saying is exactly what I've been saying...drop the Native American references and keep the name Redskins. My alma mater, Central Michigan, did the same thing with the name Chippewas. I think though I'd go with the Vince Lombardi-esque yellow helmets with the R in a circle (drop the feathers).
  2. Darn, wish I'd known about the whole being counted seperately thing. I wrote in "Seattle Sounders Alliance". I also thought of "Seattle MLS Sounders", kinda like "Baltimore CFL Colts". Haha. David
  3. This is kinda OT to the post at hand, but someone mentioned how the nicknames of the teams were weird and the logos were whacked. But it's funny, I thought the Las Vegas Outlaws had some of the classiest uniforms of any team in any football league ever. Really was strange to see a team with such nice and classy looking uniforms in a league like the XFL, haha.
  4. That's a tough one. I believe the leagues have backup plans in case of such an occurance. But plans and reality are always different things. Honestly, if a whole team went down, I'd think they'd have to take a few weeks off (depending on the sport), and they'd probably hastily re-write the schedule, with all teams and networks involved, not including that team. Then they'd probably (somehow) play out the schedule. The next season the team would return as an "expansion" team.
  5. Oh yeah, another story was one day Bob Brenly had to get a pass and I was working the pass gate. He was EXTREMELY polite and didn't mind that I had to make a few calls and stuff. Even called me by name and said "Do your job, I don't mind." The people you meet at baseball stadiums, haha. David
  6. Never met a lot of athletes, but I've met a lot of announcers. I worked at a spring training stadium here and once in awhile got to be in the pressbox and work security. I met Dave Niehaus, Rick Rizzs, Dave Sims, Jerry Coleman, Matt Vasgersian. All were INCREDIBLY nice. But the nicest one ever had to be Jon Miller from ESPN and the Giants. The Giants were playing the Padres and he came to announce, by far the nicest guy I've probably ever met. He asked me where a concession stand was and if any served chinese. I said that one downstairs did and he asked "Can we bring you anything back?" and since I was a little bit thirsty, I said "I could use a Diet Pepsi if you don't mind." Sure enough, he came back with a bottle of it. I couldn't believe how nice of a guy he was, and we talked a little bit when he wasn't announcing. I also met a few former players that were scouts, like Randy Milligan, the former Oriole. He couldn't believe anyone remembered him as a player, haha. David
  7. While by no means is this considered outdoors, I've always thought that if the Red Wings were smart (as much as I hate them), they should have a game at Ford Field. They could draw 70,000 people to watch a game. David
  8. They're done. Time to burn all the Sonics stuff and buy some Suns stuff. David
  9. You sir are a god.....GREAT WORK! I live in Phoenix...maybe I should stop by those offices and see if they're still there, haha. David
  10. How about the Arizona Sting?
  11. One idea is maybe to have lists of announcers that were used on the networks, the teams radio stations, information on radio broadcasts, seating charts, that stuff.
  12. The Suns I believe have one too here in Arizona. David
  13. I'm an intern with the Coyotes. I find it humerous how every game, I see at least five people wearing Jets stuff. Usually I give them a thumbs up and tell them how much I liked the Jets, even before they were the Coyotes. I wonder if the Coyotes have the Avco Cup? Is it still up in Winnipeg?
  14. I think it's more like a club hockey team, or a D-III team.
  15. I still think they're gonna try and make Parcells (and the Cowboys) an offer. But as for available ones: Jim Mora. David