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  1. The HBC wearing Palmetto Tree gear.
  2. No, it was Miller Light. At the very least, I see what you did there. Carolina has used similar designs for each landmark year. First Year 10th Year
  3. This site may be useful to you. I think it cost money to see the yearbooks full size but it might be worth it.
  4. I like to take trips to college libraries just to look through old yearbooks. I take pictures of old football helmet logos and try recreate them in AI. Most of the time it is no big deal. Most colleges keep a complete set of yearbooks in their main collection so I don't have to bother anyone or explain what I am doing. Once I took a day trip to visit Catawba college, and I soon found out they keep their yearbooks upstairs in a storage room and I have to ask for the years I am looking for. I have always been a little shy about telling folks about my nerdy little hobby, but I swallowed my pride and told the very nice librarian what I was doing and that I wanted to look at all of the yearbooks from about 1965 to about 2000. I will never forget the look on that lady's face. I felt horrible. I did not want to put anyone to work, and I would be perfectly fine with them saying no, but they obliged me, and they hauled a cart full of yearbooks to my table.
  5. Willcox High School should be receiving a special letter from the University of Wisconsin any minute now.
  6. The Chattanooga Mocs will be unveiling new unis and helmets today 2pm. Here is a preview of their tweaked train logo and new stylized "C."