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  1. The Reds wear matching white helmets for this one-off event but can’t even bother to match their normal road helmet with their road cap. Makes sense.
  2. Only 3 Nike teams in the Premier League. Is that an all time low?
  3. Has it been mentioned that the majority of the new Nike collars are basically the old wishbone Nike collars turned inside out?
  4. Cincinnati is in their red alternate on the road again. And at night this time too.
  5. It may be the Reds doing. Though I would suggest that the application of the Mothers & Fathers Day caps is not the same logo as their standard caps. Anyone have any insight on how much say each club has in the special event designs? And on the other point, has the mismatched wishbone C logos been addressed here before? I haven't had much luck finding anything.
  6. It really bothers me the way New Era handles the Reds's wishbone C. First, they use the wrong C. The primary logo and uniform C both are much more open than the C used on the cap. Second, they insist on forcing the drop shadow into all the specialty caps even when the cap is working with just two colors.
  7. The Reds are wearing their red alternate on the road today. I'm pretty sure this is a new occurance as that jersey has been reserved for home day games over the past ten years.
  8. What? Beyond the typeface, that is a completely different look.
  9. So just coincidence that both Nike and Adidas supply halftone hoops around the waistline (and socks) for a couple of England's biggest clubs?
  10. Thanks! I can see that now. And also a little disappointed we're not getting something different than the norm.
  11. I'm doing a poor job posing my question. I understand that the QuickLock panels are 4' x 7'. My question revolves around the boards within those panels. Examine the wood grain. On the early round floors, there are about 72 two inch wide boards from lane line to lane line. On the Final Four floor, there appears to be only 6 boards from lane line to lane line.
  12. Compare the Final 4 court to the Regional court posted above. I'm not speaking of the size of the physical panel that's laid down to construct the floor, but rather the boards within each panel. The Regional floor has the classic 2 inch wide boards. The boards on the Final 4 court appear to be about 2 feet wide.
  13. Have we seen a floor use big boards like that before?
  14. Yes! I was about the bring this up myself. So far I've counted Houston, Loyola, Wichita State, Creighton, UNCG, and Buffalo. Am I missing anyone? And Arizona's is similar with some extra embellishment and a slight change of stripe angle.
  15. That KU set is solid. I still miss the set from the Kirk Hinrich days.