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  1. What? Beyond the typeface, that is a completely different look.
  2. So just coincidence that both Nike and Adidas supply halftone hoops around the waistline (and socks) for a couple of England's biggest clubs?
  3. Thanks! I can see that now. And also a little disappointed we're not getting something different than the norm.
  4. I'm doing a poor job posing my question. I understand that the QuickLock panels are 4' x 7'. My question revolves around the boards within those panels. Examine the wood grain. On the early round floors, there are about 72 two inch wide boards from lane line to lane line. On the Final Four floor, there appears to be only 6 boards from lane line to lane line.
  5. Compare the Final 4 court to the Regional court posted above. I'm not speaking of the size of the physical panel that's laid down to construct the floor, but rather the boards within each panel. The Regional floor has the classic 2 inch wide boards. The boards on the Final 4 court appear to be about 2 feet wide.
  6. Have we seen a floor use big boards like that before?
  7. Yes! I was about the bring this up myself. So far I've counted Houston, Loyola, Wichita State, Creighton, UNCG, and Buffalo. Am I missing anyone? And Arizona's is similar with some extra embellishment and a slight change of stripe angle.
  8. That KU set is solid. I still miss the set from the Kirk Hinrich days.
  9. Fauxback white: Standard white: Fauxback blue: Standard blue: PK80 blue: Black:
  10. 1) Use only a solid red cap. 2) Keep the current font but eliminate the black drop shadow. 3) Change the striping to a thinner version of the BRM era uniforms. The end.
  11. Can someone explain why Butler was never given Nike Elite status?
  12. The Timberwolves' uniforms would be so much better without the white arm trim.
  13. Am I wrong in thinking that all these new collars are very similar to Nike's old wishbone or Texas neck simply turned inside out?
  14. I can't figure out how Arkansas made sure they got so many little details right, like the Dymo name sticker, but then decided that a white hog on the helmet was a good idea.
  15. I wish the side panels on the Magic set were blue.