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  1. Yes please! This is so good. What was your thought process on the left-facing orientation? The Eagles and Bengals (secondary) are the only two I can think of with logos that face left. I like how match-ups would look with the ram ready to butt heads with any of these other logos.
  2. I think their helmet stripes are supposed to give that effect but your idea looks better.
  3. I prefer the gloss black to these. Maybe instead of teal flake, we could get some sublimated jaguar print? Or is it too 'Joe Exotic'? Going foing for this effect.
  4. It took me way longer than I care to admit to realize what you changed here.
  5. A gloss or metallic powder helmet might work, but matte powder looks awful.
  6. Oddly enough, my brother actually has this. I can ask him what color he sees when he sees their powder blue.
  7. We still want the pictures! Show us what you had.
  8. Wow! Beautiful work, as always. I think the strength/aggression of a ram is missing from what they came up with, and it works really well here. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. You can make out the top of a stylized A from the eye. Adding LA in the ram head would probably feel forced, but it would be interesting to have a secondary 'LA' logo using this styling to pair with the ram head.
  9. The backwards helmet decals were a nice touch.
  10. With the comment on simplifying and evolving, I don't expect to see them on there. Especially after removing navy from the palette. Powder or gold numbers on a white helmet at that scale would not be all that legible from a discernible distance.
  11. Man, Photobucket blurring this is such a tease. EDIT: I tried opening the image in a new tab and it cleared up for me -- didn't know you could do that. @Buc I rehosted it on Imgur in case it is showing up blurry for anyone else. Great work, by the way!
  12. The numbers are giving me metallic or even chrome vibes. Makes me wonder if there will be a unique finish on the helmets.