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  1. You're right, thanks. I initially thought so, but I think the shadows were throwing me off. It looks like you can see his hair behind one of the clips, so it looked like it wasn't really clipped to the helmet. It just made me second guess myself.
  2. The teaser seems to confirm the helmet is green. Either that, or that jet fighter / primer gray color. The helmet looks too dark to be white, and too light to be black. Also, any idea on what is going on here? At first, I assumed they were facemask clips, but I'm not sure they are the right size or shape. It almost makes it seem like the facemask could be metallic or chrome.
  3. Well these are much more bold than I was anticipating. If they had dialed this back and refined it a bit, they would have had something very nice. I think the shoulder pattern only really works if it is sublimated, which is why it looks best on the purple jersey. I like TCU with a touch of silver, but would like to see it only used as a tertiary or trim color. The facemask might actually be my least favorite part, as it doesn't really add anything but clutter. I'd get rid of the tapered helmet stripe too. With a shoulder design as loud as this, it's best to clean up and simplify everything else. There is just too much going on for me. That said, I think they'll look better on TV when I'm not up close and staring at the details. I wish they'd go with a simple uniform and then let the helmet be the focal point. Then they can dress up or dress down, depending on which helmet they wear.
  4. I tried to pull what I could from their teaser photo but there's really not much to glean from it. You can see they went over it with brushes to mask details on the helmet, jersey, and pants, and left some sort of message on the arms for us to find -- "Nice try you (???)" In the image, you can see purple tops and black pants. It almost looks like there may be some black on the shoulder area, with the obvious thin white element to the cuffs. From what I can tell, the helmet looks to be purple with a black facemask, with the arched TCU wordmark on the sides. I wouldn't be surprised to see some flashy elements, but it almost feels like this could be a return to a more traditional look for TCU. I'm sure we'll have mixing and matching for uniform combinations, but I could see this being some kind of blend between the Tomlinson era and the Boykin era.
  5. You're right, recolors are definitely frowned upon in the concept forum. Posting stuff like this there would also bury those looking for genuine feedback to improve their skills. I don't think that's necessarily the right place for this kind of thing either. I must say I'm guilty. I've been posting content like @LEWJ has shared in these discussion threads for years. I enjoy putting together mock-ups to uniform rumors and ideas that surface in these threads. I've shared many different uniform tweaks, logo tweaks, and even trophy tweaks. I'm not a professional designer and have no interest in promoting myself, as I prefer to remain anonymous. This is all just a fun hobby for me -- it sharpens my skills, it is a creative outlet, and it can be shared for other like-minded people here to enjoy. I understand not everyone will like my work, but it has never even dawned on me that some may not want to see those kinds of mock-ups around here. I've never had anyone tell me as much and I guess I've missed when this has been brought up in the past. I do feel that part of what makes this a unique community are the ideas being shared amongst people with the ability to illustrate those ideas. I embrace the creativity and feel it only adds to the discussion, especially when there is nothing else to discuss. Without this kind of content, we are just like any other message board waiting around for a team to make a uniform and/or logo change. Like you said, I don't really see how this is any different than someone typing out what changes they would like to see.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one -- I was also having a hard time trying to understand what was going on above the soccer ball. At first glance, I saw something like pennant banners or lights you'd see at ACL. I think my brain was trying to have everything fit together as if there was only one piece to it. Adding a third color might help distinguish the armadillo and soccer ball a bit more. I live in Austin and certainly do like the idea of the armadillo, but it's been years since I've actually seen one. For what it's worth, we have a thing for bats, which seems to be our odd creature of choice.
  7. What about something like this? \ I used the teal-flake Jaguars helmet to mock this up. It would add the splash of royal when it is directly in the LA sun, and would be more navy in the shadows.
  8. This is great news. I still can't believe they went from this -- to this -- That's got to be one of the biggest downgrades in recent memory. I even liked those clever red accents -- Any chance we see a little red?
  9. Another Purple Rain reference on the shoulder.
  10. Possibly Minnesota's 'City' edition -- Wasn't sure if it was real, but if you look closely, you can see Minnesota's 'City' set appears to be dark purple on that chart.
  11. This season alone, OKC will be making use of navy, blue, orange, yellow, and now this turquoise color. If you want to count last year, we can include the dark and light gray gradient from the City set as well. We've also now seen 4 variations of 'OKC' across the chest over the past 2 or 3 years -- wordmark OKC (last year's City), straight OKC (sunset orange set), sliced OKC (Statement), and the native OKC (this year's City). It'd be 5 if you count them putting the actual OKC logo across the chest with the sleeved home set from a couple years ago. The City and Statement sets being so much different than their original look really make it seem like they could be testing the waters for a potential rebranding. Either that, or they have a serious identity crisis. Maybe both? If/when the rebranding happens, I would love to see them clean up their color palette and stick with 2 damn colors.
  12. The look on his face says it all.