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  1. I don't think they need to change the helmet but that's a clever concept.
  2. We now have -- I-S P-R-I-M-A-R-Y Definitely seems like there's more coming. Now we wait.
  3. Some teams shouldn't have black alternates. Iowa State is probably one of them due to their color scheme and rival's colors. Wearing black with red/yellow would make them look like Iowa from a distance, especially with the way yellow is more visible against black than red.
  4. Uniform reveals have gotten so stale over the years, so it was nice to actually feel some excitement about one again. Only wish they would've saved the look for a night game. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from them!
  5. I've loved their uniforms but they officially jumped the shark for me in 2015. In the past, mixing and matching with so many of their looks tied the colors and finishes all together. With the black jersey for example -- the black, silver, and yellow allowed you to wear a black helmet, yellow helmet, gray helmet, chrome helmet, or even the carbon helmet with that jersey. You could also wear black pants, yellow pants, or gray pants with that jersey. It gave them legitimate options for mixing and matching without looking like they are slapping random pieces together (M&MFM&MS ) or needing to go straight monochrome every week. Each combination looked intentional and I think that separated them from most the pretenders who have tried to emulate them since. Their look now is good in its own way, as it was probably time to tone down how busy their previous sets were. While I think Oregon should still be mixing and matching, I don't think all of the new combinations work being mixed and matched all that much due to the simplicity of colors used. Here, the green is the only color on the jersey, but is not visible anywhere else. Yellow is prominent on the helmet and pants, but not on the jersey. Silver is featured on the helmet but is not used elsewhere on any of their uniforms. Why even have a helmet with silver wings in this set when silver/gray is no longer used on their jerseys or pants? The wings on the yellow lid should be nightmare green and only worn with the nightmare green, yellow, and those alternate white jerseys. Nightmare green wings (and maybe a matching facemask) would've looked so much better here. I know chrome has been overplayed but I miss the flash of chrome from Oregon. But even when they wear chrome lids now, it doesn't really match any of the combinations due to the lack of gray/silver on all of the uniforms. The helmet worn against Washington is probably my favorite helmet of theirs currently but they don't really have a set to properly wear with it. Wearing it with either white set is their best bet. The Rose Bowl lid almost works with the nightmare green wings but it still looks a bit out of place to me against the dull shade of green. (Nothing flashy about their nightmare green set.) When they piece the uniform together as intended below, it looks great for the most part. The extent of their mixing and matching should be to find their best kelly sets, their best nightmare sets, their best yellow sets, etc. and roll with it.
  6. This would've seemingly been a good time to drop the notches from their numbers, but I guess that's kind of their thing with it having found it's way into their branding. The way the TA and TE connect on their wordmark make the S look incredibly lonely. Overall, it's a nice look. The Titans should take notes, as I would've liked to have seen them use the Greek Key in some capacity when they rebranded. I think it works here considering how simple the rest of the uniforms and color palette are. (Obviously the Greek Key on the Titans current set would make them even more visibly jarring, so it was probably a good thing they restrained on that for now.)
  7. I guess underwater reveals are a thing now. Are the Gators next?
  8. I agree -- wish they'd go with a black mask and stripe for the black alternates. This was an old mock-up of mine. Overall, these alternates are pretty nice. I'm liking the block font. The dog collar gets lost under the helmet and isn't all that noticeable to me. I like the idea of red pants for the away set but why does Georgia always find a way to make a stripe so damn thick?
  9. Black over teal should be the primary set. It gives us both what the owner wants (black jerseys) and what the fans want (more teal). Not to mention it's our best look. The teal pants bring out the teal accents in the jersey.
  10. Have the Browns ever looked better than they do tonight? Asking for a friend.
  11. I noted ESPN was using an alternate version of the Jayhawk for their box score yesterday. I like it and the simplified color palette, as I've never been a fan of all 3 primary colors together. That said, it looks unfinished and gets a bit lost when its over a white background. This is from their branding page.
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