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  1. This looks so right and so wrong at the same time. But I like it.
  2. Great work @nate.sweitz ! That might be my favorite Bucs concept I've seen in a while. The previous set was one of my favorites in football. The metallic pewter pants paired perfectly with the helmet. I liked the subtle orange number outlines, and I felt it the orange was more complimentary when paired with the darker red. It wasn't really that noticeable and in a way, it gives the numbers a little dimension. Both home and away sets looked great and each had nice color balance. I even liked the black as an accent color and it can work well with their identity if you think of the Jolly Roger flags on pirate ships. And I still prefer the tattered old logos as it feels more on-brand. For the new set -- I'm against shoulder yokes, but that's more of a personal preference. The uniform looks so much cleaner without it. This color rush jersey works for me if you use a decent number font with it. With the loud helmet, a muted jersey would help to turn down the volume a bit, if you will. As you mentioned, I don't think the current color scheme is very flattering for their primary sets with everything going on. It is essentially a grayish brown, a bright red, light orange, white, and a touch of silver. With the brighter red, the creamsicle feels like it's shoehorned in there. It clashes in my mind. While the pants are now that flat pewter, the helmet still has this brilliant, shiny metallic thing going. The helmet looks good by itself, but does not feel cohesive with the rest of the uniform (even though they tried with those reflective numbers). Like you said, there's just way too much going on. Makes you wonder if they need to go away from metallic pewter completely, or at least be like the Cowboys and outsource the pants to someone who can actually make the metallic pewter pants. I think an alternative is to tone down the metallic pewter helmet a bit so it's not so damn shiny. I wonder if HGI could make an interesting, yet subtle, cannonball-type finish. Maybe a satin pewter version of something like this?
  3. Someone here had suggested royal/gold at home and then the blue/white look on the road. It's unorthodox and would involve swapping decals for home/away games. It's not practical, but they are currently doing that anyway. I think it could actually work and be a unique quirk for the team -- sort of like the Giants being more of a blue team at home, and a red team on the road. I think it's a clever idea. While their best look is by far the royal/gold home set, I'm personally not that excited about the potential royal/gold away set. It's better than what they currently have, but I think the fearsome foursome look is their best road look.
  4. It's amazing how much of a difference that makes. It reminds me of something you'd see in New Orleans.
  5. Posted this in the week-to-week thread but it feels more relevant here with the discussion and the comparison pic of last year's set above. At what point do you cut your losses and remove the TV numbers entirely?
  6. What is this? TV numbers for ants? The swoosh is bigger than Cam's 1.
  7. Adding to this thought, Kamara's visor is clear-ish but has a gold tint to it. It looks much better than the pinkish tinted visor would look for New Orleans. Can't find a picture from tonight's game yet. This is probably the same visor but it doesn't look as mirrored on TV.
  8. These look even worse on the field. There is a way to make double green work, but this is not it.
  9. Great point. They do look similar in my examples but I also don't think a 'trend-setting' school like Oregon should make their design decisions based on what a school like UNT is doing. Especially when that school is imitating Oregon. UNT looks its best in those clean, Mean Joe Green throwbacks.
  10. No doubt, I can't argue with that. It doesn't help that the Mean Green have copped Oregon's style a bit.
  11. I kind of wish that wasn't mandated either. I think it'd be fine as long as individual teams would all be all wearing the same color chinstrap. Funny how it seems most of my uniform preferences are based on nostalgia from my favorite team's glory years.
  12. They are polarizing by design, which leads to opposing opinions, and ultimately what they want -- discussion and attention. The fact that they've been pushing the envelope for 20 years has made them the poster child for CFB uniform design. It's hard not to discuss them here since that's what this thread is all about. I get your point, as these discussions can quickly become circular and repetitive when there isn't much else to talk about. But to be fair, if we weren't talking about Oregon, we'd be talking about the 182,739,839,293,838 uniform combinations worn by everyone else in CFB. Except none of them really grind our gears quite like Oregon.
  13. The Rose Bowl set is one of their better looks and could easily be built off of. That said, the kelly green pictured looks a bit washed out for whatever reason under the Rose Bowl lights -- maybe due to lighting, photography settings, etc. I prefer Oregon's primary look to be more of a forest green anyway. I like kelly as an alternate green for them, but when paired with bright yellow, there isn't enough contrast going on for me. I like their kelly as a stand-alone with their neutral palette -- white/silver/chrome/black/etc. For me, the best part of the Rose Bowl look is the sublimated wing pattern on the shoulders. I wish a simple version of that remained for the new set. (There is nothing worth noting on the new shoulders/sleeves -- at least give us TV numbers?) The contrasting-colored wings can be a bit over the top, but I think the subtlety worked well to allow them to dress up or down depending on the helmet they use. They can look more traditional as pictured in the Rose Bowl by wearing school colors and a simple O helmet, or they can be the flashy Oregon we are used to with a chrome winged helmet, for example. Also, I really liked the Mariota number font for the most part, with the main exception being Mariota's number. Not sure why Oregon can't seem to get an 8 looking right lately. The new 8 is somehow even worse. Thought it might look better being flipped the other way, but then quickly realized that would become a slashed 0. All that to say the Rose Bowl set was good, but maybe not quite ideal for me.