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  1. I am fully obsessed with these logos and I am one of the few really liking the name. It’s about time the octopus got its due in sports branding. (Octopuses or Octopi wouldn’t really work.) I like the mystique behind the urban legend. The branding helps drive that home by not directly using a giant octopus as the logo. With the S, it looks like this creature is lurking in the depths — just out of sight, while giving you enough of a tease to know something big is down there. The space needle anchor logo is about as good as it gets for a secondary logo. Both are phenomenal. I feel like I live too far south to properly enjoy hockey. I’ve never had a favorite team. I might have to jump on this Kraken bandwagon.
  2. It’s like the generic football team you see in movies.
  3. I submitted an entry for the design contest, and after going back and forth on a few different names, I ultimately went with the Washington Wolves. It was a lot harder than I anticipated to choose a name (with no real consequence). Can't imagine having to pick a name with so much riding on the decision. Outside of a few that have been discussed at length, here were a few other names I considered using at one point or another -- Admirals - Reference to the leaders of the US Navy in the area. Joseph J. Clark was the first Native American Admiral in the US Navy, so perhaps there could be a respectful way to transition to the name with that connection. Milwaukee's Admirals have one of my favorite logos, and there could be some interesting branding possibilities. Argonauts - Toronto pretty much owns this name after nearly 150 years, but I liked the Greek mythology angle. The name could tie in both the Naval and Greek influences on the city. Astronauts - Reference to JFK's speech, "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." Mammoths - Reference to the Smithsonian's Wooly Mammoths. Maybe too similar to Giants. Sharks - I don't necessarily think of sharks when I think DC, but I'd read there are 8 species of sharks in Chesapeake Bay, with Bull Sharks swimming up the Potomac River.
  4. It's been a while since posting. The Washington design contest got me to pull out a new concept. Might jump back into this series a bit more as we get into what should be football season. This is what I submitted for the contest. After a lot of back and forth on names, I ultimately went with the Washington Wolves as the team name. Felt it was a way to show respect to the Native American community, as Wolves are revered in their culture, without needing to use any specific Native imagery. Other names I'd strongly considered -- Admirals, Sharks, Mammoths, Warriors, Dragons, Astronauts, and Warthogs. I wanted to keep their colors so that they don't feel completely like an expansion team. I also wanted the uniforms to maintain the overall aesthetic of their look in Washington with the combinations. I started with the DC flag design as the inspiration, and wanted to incorporate those double stripes on the helmet, shoulders, pants, and socks for continuity. Then the 3 stars from the flag are found on the sleeves to bring it all together. The W logo on the helmet represents both Washington and Wolves, with the same 3 stars on the top as another nod to DC. I experimented with a stacked WW logo for 'Washington Wolves,' but no matter what I did to it, all I could think of was 'Wonder Woman.' Primary Home Alternate Home Primary Away Alternate Away
  5. This looks great. The yellow helps differentiate them from the other red/black teams in the league. The drop shadow reminds me a bit of the old Heat uniforms that I always liked. I also like the lack of white when there is enough contrast between colors. White, even as a trim color, would drag this look down, IMO. While the style of the set looks a bit plain and traditional, the colors give it a modern twist. I'm interested in seeing the red and white versions of this look. For some reason, I don't think either will look as good. But I like the idea of this and then going with Dominique's uniform for the 4th option This may not work, but it would be kind of cool if they had a black, red, and yellow version of this with no white on any of them, and then the white 'Nique throwbacks in rotation for their white set. Damnit. Can't unsee. It might help if 'ATLANTA' had a curvy letter, but those will all be blocky as well.
  6. When you have such a unique (and beautiful) color scheme, less is more. Let the colors speak for themselves. Texas is a prime example of that. While the Titans had room for improvement, they absolutely went the wrong direction in their latest rebrand.
  7. I am working on a concept for the design contest and one thought I had was using a wooly mammoth in the same vein as Alabama uses the elephant. Of course with the wooly mammoth being a Smithsonian reference. Ultimately decided Mammoths wouldn't work with one of their rivals being the Giants.
  8. For some reason this reminded me of how creepy Skins sounds out of context. The Washington Skins new mascot: Obligatory
  9. I initially favored some of the generic ideas floating out there -- Generals, Presidents, etc. as a way of saluting the man DC is named after. On the surface, I think the idea of the founding fathers would be great in DC, as I appreciate our history and I love DC's monuments to some of these guys. However, when you dig a little deeper, I'm afraid it would add insult to injury to Natives to remove the racial slur, only to replace it with references to this guy: From this article -- https://michaelleroyoberg.com/current-events/im-so-bored-with-the-founding-fathers/ And for more on that -- http://michaelleroyoberg.com/native-americans/town-destroyer-in-paradise-how-george-washington-ended-up-just-outside-handsome-lakes-heaven/
  10. I like the idea of using DC. DC Dragons would raise some eyebrows as an odd choice but could offer some unique branding opportunities. Probably won't happen with the XFL's Seattle Dragons being a thing recently but I am kind of hoping for something completely out of left field like this. Give me a scaly Game of Thrones dragon breathing fire out of the tunnel.
  11. That's a good way to put it. I suppose it's more of a refinement than an actual change. I'd call it a slight upgrade for removing the chest stripes, but overall feels rather uninspired. Those sleeve stripes are boring and look like something ordered out of a catalogue. It's kind of funny how it is flipped but both sides are actually identical if you ripped the sleeves off and viewed them side by side. I don't know how that works, but maybe that's a way to cut production costs?
  12. I'm expecting these, without the faux mesh.
  13. As a fellow southerner, plural "y'all" around here would be -- "all of y'all" ...
  14. How about 55-year old Joe Thomas Sr. getting to play some college ball?
  15. Actually, no. I assumed they must be shoulder pads but now you have me thinking they are indeed manboobs.