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  1. Also reminds me of my triple green and cream concept after the new logo came out.
  2. I'd posted the text below in the locked NFL megathread regarding Oakley's COVID-19 visors for the NFL. Now it looks like we are getting the first glimpse of what some of these solutions might actually look like. Schutt has released this. While their solution is cheap, it also looks cheap. But I get it -- it's tough to mass produce something like this on short notice, (especially in our current reality), with the multitude of helmet and facemask options that these need to be able to connect to. I just hope Oakley's will be one continuous piece -- preferably without the velcro straps. 3
  3. I'm happy to see the old set gone, as anything with piping is long overdue to be dumped. I'd say the overall simplicity of Atlanta's new set is pretty nice, but I think going with a simple look naturally makes any flaws stand out a bit more. Nitpicking a bit here: I'm okay with the oversized helmet logo but the facemask needs to be black. As is, the logo is competing for attention against the metallic facemask, which makes the helmet feel like there is too much going on. The current mask would look much better if they were to add gray/silver pants to go with it (more on that below). It's only made worse by the fact that they essentially "borrowed" the look of their new masks from their division rival's old set. Therefore, it doesn't feel fresh -- at all. Did TB just ship their old facemasks to Atlanta? You've already got the oversized logo on the helmet, so give me an abstract wing design on the sleeves instead of a smaller, redundant version of the logo on the sleeves. A secondary logo would otherwise be ideal here, but I suppose they don't really have one. I can look past the oversized ATL. 'Atlanta' would look better, but it is what it is. While the gradient set is not ideal either, I am trying to withhold judgement on that until I see it on the field. It looks something like a 'Hotlanta' city edition NBA jersey, so I kind of get what they were going for. The trendy stuff tends to get stale and dated rather quickly, so you can see why the NBA/Nike will cycle through those loud alternates after only a year or two. While I don't think it really has a place in the NFL, I think it'll be interesting to see jersey sales on those as it might indicate how many other teams might consider adopting more wild alternates. The side panels/stripes on the jerseys make this set feel dated already. The red pants can't properly be worn with any of the jerseys due to the mismatched stripes. So what is the point of the red pants? They really missed an opportunity here to add a gray/silver or even metallic gold as a tertiary trim color on these uniforms. Gray/silver pants would have been wonderful. Since the red pants don't really work, they should've used gray pants with red stripes instead. All that leading up to my main problem, which is with the numbers. Oversized numbers are fine but the added size only exacerbates any flaws, so you better nail the font if you are going big. Square, angular numbers make sense to pair with their logo, so why subtly round the edges? The drop shadows are not needed and look out of place. I see the drop shadows as just another element that will quickly date these uniforms. The only numbers that look right to me are the 7 and perhaps the 0. All of the others need refinement for my taste. The 1 has ridiculous serifs, so Julio's jersey almost reads like 77. The 2 might be the worst offender, as the little "beak" coming off the 2 and the skinny crossbars look ridiculous. I could go on, but those stand out to me as crap due to the star power of the players (and therefore fans) wearing those numbers.
  4. These screenshots make me think the two alternates coming in 2021 and 2022 will be gold and... BLACK?
  5. Oh hell yeah. I'm hootin' and hollerin' already. I think the Bengals have the potential to have the best uniforms in the league if they do it right. I'd love to see it. Speaking of being too literal -- as a Bengals fan and a professional designer -- has it ever bothered you that the stripes are running different directions on the helmet and the jersey? I've always wondered if the jersey stripes should be running along the shoulders, rather than across the shoulders. In theory, it makes sense to me, but maybe in practice it doesn't. Curious as to what a pro and fan might think. From this angle, it's almost like the helmet stripes are at 90 degrees, the shoulders are at 0, and the pants are at 45. While it is not the worst thing about the uniforms, I've always found it to be odd that there is no consistency with how they were applied. I get that in general, a helmet stripe, a shoulder stripe, and a pant stripe will naturally run different directions, but there's something to be said about this being actual tiger stripes that I feel should be more consistent. Tiger stripes only run one direction. Again, maybe I'm being too literal here. I intend to experiment with this (and Tiger Gray!) whenever I get to the Bengals in my concept series.
  6. Interesting. If you zoom on this, you can actually see the orange overspray in the nooks and crannies of the Speedflex.
  7. Seeing Morten Andersen in this uniform was kind of funny. Speaks to both the longevity of his career, and the longevity of these uniforms.
  8. Oh boy. Alright, I'll take the L on this one.
  9. Oh I'd hope so, but maybe that's why they are in the XFL. Kidding. I've seen Philip Rivers screaming at his receivers enough to know it still happens. Maybe the vets wouldn't need it, but rookies could step in more quickly and contribute. Or it could simply be used as a training device in those practices to sharpen their routes for gamedays. It could also open up the potential for more complex route trees in general. Aside from that, they could also run an instant no-huddle offense. Just line up and immediately run the next play. I don't know, probably all dumb. But I just find it interesting to think of the possibilities. Augmented reality visors could be awesome.
  10. I'm an Oklahoma State alum and thought I'd chime in. Forgive the lengthy post. Agree with you on the marshal badge. It is my all-time favorite logo of ours and hope it sticks long-term. Some of our fans don't care for it for whatever reason, and I'm afraid they might already be phasing it out as I believe it was removed from our latest style guide. For anyone who may not know, the badge is a nod to our mascot, Pistol Pete (Frank Eaton), who once served as a U.S. Marshal. Frank learned how to shoot at a young age and became the best marksman on the planet so he could hunt down and kill the men who killed his father. And he did. He killed them all, one by one. Crazy. I like our oSu logo as well. Many may not know this either, but the oSu logo Barry Sanders made famous is meant to be an actual brand, as in cattle brand. The newer oSu version is as well, but it is not as obvious. I'd say our uniforms can be reliant on wearing the proper combinations, and we look our best when we don't overthink it. Some of our sets are phenomenal. Others, I can see where you're coming from. The equipment managers are always trying to throw out "something new" all the time, so they are frequently making odd choices in regards to the overall combinations, and specifically the logos, stripes, shell color, and facemask being used on the helmets. The paisley branding is one thing in particular that we have overused. It is clever on the collar where a cowboy keeps his bandana. Having it on the helmet is overkill to me and it will quickly wear out its welcome. Especially paired with that lame barbed wire helmet stripe. Ok, "on to Cincinnati" (kind of). I wonder if Nike would try to add a neutral gray as they did with us. I know gray for gray sake is considered a faux pas around here, but I think adding it really worked wonders for our palette. I think it helped tone down the halloween vibes we would give off at times, and I like to think of it as a gunmetal gray to fit the Pistol Pete moniker. The orange looks more vibrant as well when it's not competing against white. Of course gray doesn't make much sense for them, hence GFGS, but I could see it used as an excuse for Nike to differentiate their color palette with Cleveland a bit more. Black/orange/gray makes a nice palette in my (biased) eyes.
  11. Some great nuggets here. "The only thing postponing skin-tight bodysuits is public acceptance." Vacuum-sealed uniforms? A heads-up-display for the plays on visors would be kind of cool. It could be a simple or complex as you want it to be. Step-by-step instructions for receivers running their routes for the play called. Telemetry to help ballcarriers take the best angles based on the defenders' positioning. QBs could have the play showing which receivers are breaking open. Defenders could have similar telemetry on board to level the playing field, with similar feedback for the angles they are taking, and alerts for things like the ball is in the air, sacks, fumbles, interceptions, etc. This technology wouldn't have a place in the NFL or CFB, but would be interesting for a league like the XFL to try someday as a way of differentiating themselves. "In 3 strides, make a hard left cut at a 60 degree angle..."
  12. Watching Tom Brady golf yesterday reminded me of how bad his logo is. My wife thought it was supposed to be 'T3L.' He should embrace the GOAT label people have given him and roll with a goat logo like @Conrad.
  13. You might lose some of the nostalgia behind this look with the modern cuts and fabrics of basketball uniforms, but I would be all for it.
  14. Curious as to how this might affect the aesthetic on Sundays -- NFL engineers and sports equipment company Oakley are testing prototypes of modified facemasks that may contain surgical or N95 material, the NFLPA's medical director said Monday. Mayer said he wasn't sure exactly how the modifications would look, but he acknowledged that it is realistic to think that the new designs could cover a player's entire facemask, and that the engineers were working on all such a design might entail. ""They've got some prototypes; they're doing really good work," he said. "Some of them, when you first look at them, you think, 'Gosh, no' -- 'cause you're not used to seeing it; you're just not used to seeing it. But they're looking at every issue you can imagine, including when it fogs up. What do we do with that? But these guys are used to dealing with this stuff." -- So it sounds like it would be wrapped around the entire facemask. Coming from Oakley, I'm thinking visors would be mandatory and this facemask-mask will be somehow attached to the visor. It had me wondering if they could they get away with wearing a version of these instead of something draped across the actual facemask. But if the material is anything like the N95 masks, I'd imagine that wouldn't make much sense for these guys. Oxygen is a little important to them being able to perform at this level. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Surely they will put something together that they can fully breathe out of. Maybe just extend the visor down?
  15. Great example. It's amazing what the blue accessories do for the look here.
  16. Well done! This would still have a modern feel while maintaining the overall aesthetic of their classic look.
  17. Jalen Ramsey gets another gradient. I guess this means he'll be in ATL within the next five years to wear the other one.
  18. I thought they are calling it 'Sol'? They've got me saying Bone but Sol hasn't really caught on. I honestly can't keep up with the gold/yellow debate very well, so maybe Sol is the way to go.
  19. Cooper's white/black cleats are clashing hard with these uniforms. The players almost need to wear royal or gold shoes for the look to work. Especially if they are wearing bone socks. Maybe Nike will get them some team-issued bone cleats?
  20. Right? I would've gotten picked on relentlessly if I showed up to high school wearing something like that. I probably still would.
  21. I was wondering if they used white accents to help show it's not just dirty white laundry or poor lighting? Seeing the white next to it helps make the 'bone' look intentional.
  22. I'd asked about this yesterday, and it appears the gradient is indeed gold to bone, rather than the rumored gold to white. It is a subtle difference, but I think it ultimately softens the effect.