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  1. Check out the detail here on the lower portion of the numbers. The gold lines extend beyond the gold of the gradient. It also appears to have a 'sunset orange'-ish line on the shoulder design. I thought it was interesting because those elements didn't seem to make it into the version we saw released today.
  2. In this case, time may have worked against them. They had time to overthink this.
  3. May be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer to only have the ram horns on the helmet. I think it makes the helmet more distinctive, and more (for lack of a better word) ram-like for the horns to only appear there.
  4. “Greige” is a generic term for a grayish beige. It’s a popular color for interior design right now as it pairs nicely with both warm and cool tones.
  5. Absolutely. I'm really just speaking to those descriptions and mock-ups of the supposed uniforms. The inconsistencies have me thinking at least some of the information being tossed around is inaccurate.
  6. Why would the gold numbers fade to white when there is no white found anywhere else on the uniforms? Even on what would supposedly be the white away set? That bit of white looks so out of place with those uniform mock-ups. Could the real version be fading from gold to 'bone' instead? It would seemingly be a softer, somewhat less noticeable gradient. And if the home set actually has a gradient and the away set doesn't, then what's the point of having one at all? If the home uniforms actually have a gradient, I'd guess the away set would have a royal/navy gradient as well.
  7. This gave me a thought. It would be nearly impossible to change the jerseys at this point in the game, but could they be making a tweak to the design of the helmet and/or even the pants? I was thinking if the helmet was the embodiment of the LA logo, maybe they would look to tone it down based on the negative feedback? Maybe swapping out gradient chrome ram horns for something more conservative? It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. I was most excited for the Chargers release due to their social media hype, but the way this has seemingly been mishandled has nearly piqued my interest to the same degree.
  8. It looks edited to me. There are a couple places where you can still see traces of the beveling, and they happen to be in corners where a soft, round Photoshop brush may not quite fully reach if someone were to quickly paint over the numbers. But as you suggest, I'd imagine it is indeed a sign of things to come.
  9. Nice! That makes sense. It probably helps that we have had a polarizing uniform history. I live over 1,000 miles from Jacksonville, without a hometown team. As a kid, I chose the fledgling Jags as my favorite team mainly because I was obsessed with the colors, uniforms, and logos. Maybe there are others out there outside of DUUUVAL like me who were more into the look. Leading up to the 2009 update, I posted the hideous thing under the spoiler tag below on a Jaguars message board as a fun concept idea. Someone had told me to head over here with it as there were actually people who might get a kick out of it. It was cool finding a community of people like this who enjoy discussing the intricacies of sports design since not many of my friends give a damn about any of it. I think I've come and gone a couple times since but have ultimately have stuck around for 11+ years now.
  10. Dude... I just realized who you are by poking around on the website. Not sure how I never put that together. Love your work! And those classes look awesome -- thanks for sharing.
  11. For real though, I've always found it a bit odd how many of us there are around here considering how small the fanbase is.
  12. @Buc Fred, right? (Insert "This is what peak performance looks like" meme.)
  13. Man... I didn't expect to pop in this thread today and feel so attacked. DUUUVAL.
  14. Agreed. ^^ These posts had me looking back at their uniform history. Maryland has had some decent looks over the years but I don't know if I could say they have ever really looked good. In fact, some of their sets were pretty terrible. (Spoiler tag so that this isn't a wall of photos.) These were about as close as they've gotten for me but I'm not feeling that number font. I'd like to see more of the Terrapin over the flag. I think they could do some cool stuff by sublimating the shell pattern in small doses. Something similar to what TCU had done very well at times. Maryland could absolutely pull off a refined, modern set, but for whatever reason, they like being a bit extra.
  15. It does look nice! And I agree, certainly a more fitting B10 look. But I will say Michigan looks so good that they can help make just about any uniform match-up palatable. Best uniforms in football.
  16. I'll be the contrarian and choose B. Black is a school color, so it doesn't feel BFBS to me. The over-designed aspects are muted and aren't too in-your-face like they are in A. The gold and red provide nice contrast against the black. Not a perfect uniform by any means, but I like the overall aesthetic. I'll take it as an alternate. While I also like a lot of throwbacks, and love helmet scripts, I didn't care much for the original design of D. Particularly the asymmetric coloring of the sleeve stripes, and the lack of gold on the helmet and pants. The striping patterns don't necessarily need to match, but the different elements do not feel cohesive. This might be my favorite Maryland look. They need to tone down the flag elements they use, but I still prefer Maryland in modern/edgy form. s
  17. Love the shirt and made this to see what it could look like.
  18. While the actual weight of the numbers seems fine, the added lines make the numbers look kind of fat, for lack of a better word. For example, I see the top of the 9 as a beer belly hanging out. Maybe inflated would be a better term.
  19. You wouldn't have to tell Jags fans that. We know Myles Jack wasn't down! His scoop and score would've put the Jags up 17 in the 4th. Tom is the GOAT and is never out of it, but that would've felt like a death blow. This is our Zapruder film. Could you imagine a team with those helmets winning the Super Bowl? NFL said, "nope."
  20. They've still not given a date. You'd think it would be before draft night but first round picks won't really be holding up jerseys like they normally would. I'm imagining them in full-on panic mode about the uniforms when the logos were not well-received.
  21. Overall, this is a very nice evolution from the Chargers. Well done. Powder over white and white over white should be their full-time look. The royal alternate feels redundant, and I'd consider dropping the gold pants as well. I understand throwing it back to the gold pants, but I'm not completely feeling the color balance of the powder over yellow with a white lid. The away set with white over gold works for me though. This seems to be a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I am really liking that navy set -- it might actually be my favorite of the bunch. *ducks* Quick edits of them if the league ever allows for a second helmet.