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  1. I've started the second team -- the Cleveland Browns. Will put together an away, and an orange alternate as well. Here's a preview!
  2. Put this together to show how pretty cream could be.
  3. The Browns are one team that could actually pull off using an off-white / cream color as opposed to a pure white. It gives those throwback vibes and could pair nicely with their warm palette if executed properly. This may be a bit too creamy but just to give an idea -- If you can recall, Baker rocked the cream in college with those alternates. I think it mostly worked for OU given their crimson & cream color scheme. They could've improved their look had they removed the huge collar, the truncated pant stripes, and the overall modern edginess (sharp number font and word mark, and the infamous Jaws of Husky stadium) that was present on the initial version. The wood grain was subtle enough not to bother me, but it can go too. Point is the cream could look sharp on a more classic uniform like the Browns are capable of wearing. I'm sure there are more examples out there but this is just one that came to mind.
  4. I know you didn't quote me but just wanted to clarify that I am completely indifferent on the guy. I only come here for uniform/logo news and have never really read enough of his articles over the years to formulate any kind of opinion. I used what may be an unflattering photo that I felt could put off some 'dark alley' vibes if used in the right context, and sprinkled some crack on his lips to remain true to the original skit. I'm not one to make fun of anyone's appearance and didn't mean for it to go there. My apologies if the meme came across any differently since it was only intended to make a few people exhale air rapidly out their noses.
  5. If we are to continue jag-jacking (jagging?) this thread, it's amazing how much gold does for the uniforms. This would be my favorite uniform in the league. Similarly, Tampa NEEDS orange as a tertiary/trim color on the uniforms. The orange trim on the numbers was my favorite part of those uniforms. Nike may be moving away from the double-outlined numbers, but then you remember the last set essentially had 3 outlines when you count the reflective silver. Oddly enough, the orange outlines actually gave a 'glow' effect in the sunlight as well.
  6. The bot doesn't know how to handle these emerging details.
  7. I'd previously made a concept of a metallic blue lid as a way to try to blend a navy helmet with the royal uniforms. Here's that with what @oldschoolvikings has presented on a possible horn design. Assuming the real helmet would be more navy than this but who knows with the potential array of colors.
  8. I'd guess option B makes the most sense here, as it would have highlights/shadows where they should be. Anyone else feeling like they could be trying to tie in all 3 eras here? White horns, athletic gold horns, and metallic gold horns...
  9. Some variations with the white/white and black lid.
  10. Somehow this could be applicable in our world today. Who would've thought pirates/buccaneers were so forward thinking? Now this is starting to make sense...
  11. Best guess is to embrace LV as their new home without completely alienating their California fans.
  12. Thanks! Was a good listen. Makes me feel better about the direction. This has probably been posted, but for those like me who missed it -- starts at 23:15 or so. https://929thegame.radio.com/media/audio-channel/1-16-20-john-and-hugh-9-am-hourmp3
  13. Thanks, I have only been paying attention off and on, so I'd missed what she said. I'm listening to the interview now.
  14. Rams logo is blue/white (not royal/gold). The Chargers almost look like they may have dropped the double blue and gone with a single blue that is closer to their alternate they've worn in recent years. Looks like rather minor (if any) changes for the rest of the teams making changes, but it's hard to glean much with the quality of the images. And I suppose some of these could be placeholders.
  15. Regarding the helmets, I came across this posted on a fan forum. We know to take message boards (ours included) with a few grains of salt, but thought it was worth sharing since we are still in the conjecture stage. This may put a damper on those hoping for red helmets. If it's truly a matte black helmet, it would be a huge step in the wrong direction. Following trends that are in the "Laggard" phase of the adoption cycle is not a good look for an established NFL franchise. Surely the matte finish is being confused with satin here. Also, oversized silver logos? Chrome facemasks? If there is any truth to this, it sounds like it would be a rather polarizing set for us to discuss later this spring. EDIT: Added spoiler tag to hide large and potentially misleading screenshots.
  16. Color-matching chinstraps would look so much better, but they can blend in with the colors of the helmet and facemask. The white chinstraps allow the ref to quickly identify if a player is fully strapped up or not. Ultimately, I believe it is a safety/legal issue and therefore I would not expect it to be changed. Along the same line of thinking as the league's one-helmet rule, the league is able to say they are following all safety precautions to do everything they can to prevent trauma to the head/neck area of their players in the event that the inevitable happens.
  17. Thank you! Great feedback. Placing the numbers correctly gave me some trouble and they never quite looked right to me either. I will try to clean that up with the next set. I could definitely see how a more angular font may have paired better here. I tried going with a more traditional block look in an effort to tone down the "edginess," if you will. I prefer a more traditional look from Atlanta, so it was my attempt at blending the two styles. Also, I don't know that I've actually mentioned this, but the striping pattern on the shoulder was pulled directly from the wings of the logo. If you flip the logo around, you can kind of see it.
  18. Good point. And I just wanted to say I noticed you made the 960,000th post on this board. Congrats bro!
  19. I'm actually working on a concept for the Bucs right now with the same idea -- I wanted to darken the pewter to remove the black. My line of thinking was to completely remove black/silver from the equation. Let the Raiders own that color scheme, especially with the Bucs having a similar identity. I like to tinker with logos before making a concept to establish the color palette I intend to use, and this is what I had come up with. I think it looks great!