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  1. what about four division championships (2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004), four NFC Championship Games (2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004), one NFC Championship (2004), and one Super Bowl appearance (XXXIX)?
  2. While I'm no sleuth, I do believe that is a photoshop job.
  3. Hopeful trade: A-Rod for Juan Uribe of the White Sox. Seriously, Alex Gordon, Zach Grienke and David Dejesus for JJ Hardy and Corey Hart? Even tossing in LaPorte, that trade would be laughed at by the Royals. Get serious.
  4. San Jose's version is by far the best logo on there. Perhaps not for a hockey team, but a baseball team would be well served to have that on their cap.
  5. To be honest, I really like everything that they did with the revamp, except the pepsi logo itself. I bet they thought that expanding the white for each product to reflect the product itself was cool but after seeing one logo for my entire life on a product, it will be difficult to like the new one. Perhaps that's just psychology, but those are my 2 cents.
  6. Missouri is having a blackout against Kansas State.
  7. The Chicago Bears' white, when matched with the blue pants is the most underrated look in football, imo
  8. This just in, the City Thunder have the worst logo in all of sports. I prefer WNBA to this. Perhaps it's just a decoy and it's really BA. But I doubt it.
  9. As a resident of the city of Chicago, I am very excited about this. Chicago 2016.
  10. As a red supporter myself, my favorite players are Xabi Alonso and Ryan Babel. If you are looking for a unique jersey I would advise you to get a Daniel Agger 5.
  11. To anyone who thinks that Griffey won't work out in Center, I implore you to believe me when I say that Nick Swisher is the worst defensive centerfielder in the American league. Even if Griffey is worse, it can't be a downgrade from horrendous to horrible. White Sox Lineup w. Griffey (In my estimation when all guys are clicking) 1. Cabrera SS 2. Pierzynski C 3. Quentin LF 4. Dye RF 5. Thome DH 6. Konerko 1B or DH 7. Griffey CF or DH 8. Crede 3B or Fields 9. Ramirez 2B Swisher 1B or CF Brian Anderson Defensive Replacement in CF Juan Uribe UTIL Toby Hall Backup Catcher This will also give the White Sox a chance to call up Aaron Poreda who is apparently lights out in relief.
  12. Great news. For all those who think that Griffey can't play centerfield, I say- sure. But neither can Nick Swisher. He'll be energized and will take this team on his back for short periods of time. He wants that ring, he's going for that Ring. And the only thing I have heard from Cubs fans is that the White Sox don't deserve Griffey. But he thought that the White Sox were deserving. Jealous. Probably. I can understand. BTW Cubs fans, you don't deserve not to win anything important for the last 100 years, but you have all 100 of those years nonetheless.
  13. OMG. They made them WORSE. They didn't just keep the treetrim, they completely SCREWED IT UP. It gives the unfortunate impression that Love has some sort of weird garb underneath his jersey. Hideous, and absolutely destroys any form to the shirt. Notice how all the goofiness up in the sleeves and collar makes the body look wider and fatter (the miniscule number and team name helps none). This is just disastrous. I can't remember the last time an NBA uniform redo made me physically wretch like this. Agreed 100%. Whoever gave this the greenlight should be fired. Idk how they managed to make the uniforms worse than they were. But they surely did it. What an accomplishment! I was never the biggest fan of the previous set, but man, that looks beautiful compared the new one. Seriously, is it so hard to hire competent design folk? Has to be a joke. I never had a problem with the previous one. I could see room for improvement, but at the same time I now see these and wish they would have done anything other than that. The numbers and name seem too small, they kept the trees, kind of. If you are going to do a redo, don't half ass it like this. When you try to appease two groups, you get the possibilty that no one likes it. That is what has happened in Minnesota. This looks like a WNBA jersey.
  14. Liverpool revealed their Euro kit for the season- green.