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  1. i really like it. very creative how u made the circle a combination storm and soccer ball. good work.
  2. With david beckham's last game with Real Madrid this weekend (i believe), we're on the verge of the Beckham-era in the MLS. I was just wondering if anyone's seen/heard/thought about the New Galaxy logo.
  3. And with their 2nd pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select....Brady Quinn haha wouldnt surprise me....Cleveland has hope yet!! *sarcasm*
  4. yup. i give up. you win lol. this woops my concept by millions. good job. a suggestion tho. make the GA and XY stand out more in the actual logo itself. it seems to get lost in the design. otherwise....amazing job!
  5. well guys after a long hiatus from drawing due to a creative slup (and an overwelmingly busy life as of late) i have come back and would like to present the begining of my newest project. A new logo for the LA Galaxy. This is a work in progress mind you. I took the news of new colors, kept the distinctive galaxy sash as a momento to the past, and also used some elements from a previous concept on these boards (im sorry, i cant remember who, but i was inspired never-the-less) so without anymore delay.... comments/advice on how to improve would be helpful and appreciated. thanks! (ps. apoligies on the quality. idk why it became so blury)
  6. What about Cleveland Browns Stadium. Thats a really nice stadium and is/was built in mind to host some soccer games to length/width wise it is right. It is also one of the bigger stadiums and in the recent USA vs Venezula warm up game (which i was at) around 30000 ppl showed up, so selling tickets shouldnt be a problem. (Just a plug to get a world cup game close to my home town of Cleveland so i can go see it )
  7. if u wanna talk it somewhere else cuz its already been done before and frankly its getting really old. Yes ZZ is an idiot for what he did. he is one player out of the millions and millions who play around the world wheres the passion in football or baseball....sometimes fans passion gets the best of them and fences are needed to protect the players....but there is passion non the less lets see fans get as wild up and so loud that the stadium shakes and playes cant even hear themselves think. lets have football players and baseball players do that. football players need pads to play. soccer players have no pads. its just as physical of a game as football IMO because of that fact that soccer is played for 90 minutes, 45 minutes of constant movement and running. no time outs. no 40 seconds to set plays and take a breather and some fouls that would make the manliest of football players cringe. this is comming from someone who has played soocer since he was 5. soccer is in my blood. if u wanna keep talking, do us all a favor and dont. because it is old. very old. soccer IS the most popular sport in the WORLD. ok my ranting is done. sry for making u read that.
  8. anyone else who watched it on ESPN notice how biased the commentators were.....they complimented Germany on EVERYTHING and criticized the Italians or didnt show one compliment to them. Hm. so much for calling it down the middle. Oh well......thats why i watched the spanish channel GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
  9. sounds like someones jealous ITALIA!!
  10. HEY!.....its a fake! .....they spelled SABERS wrong! kidding kidding kidding kidding (Sabres...i know) just trying to add a funny spin on a bleak looking situation...
  11. eh, those are nice but the one they use now has grown on me. i still dont like it and think they could have done MUCH better. Also i have a question: Does anyone know why the Korea/Japan 2002 world cup logo is used on this logo? i've always wondered what it was doing on there. I've also seen the 2002 logo used in graphics in the game when they go to a replay.
  12. that was my feeling exactly. i didnt think beasley did crap. he just walked around. then occationaly ran to show that he was doing something when he really wasnt doing anything. should be interesting to see how arena and the team show up for the game against the italians.
  13. 3-0 Czechs win... haha... so much for all the hype. i'll admit even i was sucked in. i thought i'd be closer. the czechs ABSOLUTLY DOMINATED the US. Beasley, Onjevou, Donnovan, nothing...absolutly nothing..... GO ITALY
  14. hey Brian, could you possibly make me a USA sig w/ the "Don't Tread on Me" logo and a red background w/ the diagonal blue and white stripe seen on the "vintage jerseys" they wore in the game against latvia. thanks! hope its not too much to ask.
  15. Well seing the trend of MLS concepts these days I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. I named the team Cleveland SC in keeping with the "Europeanizing" of names but also made it SC instead of FC to make it American (though i dont have a problem with FC) It is still a work in progress. I used Fulhams shield and Newcastles ribbon though (thought i should acknowledge lol) anyways, C&C is welcome as always (PS-the tower in the shield is the Terminal Tower which at one time was one the tallest buildings in America, I also drew the tower in MS Paint)