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  1. Have you ever thought of turning your archers design into a basketball set?


  2. Hey logomaniax, I am posting my version of Caps logos and jerseys I came up with for another of Puckdrawn competitions. My main inspiration for logos and colors of these designs was the DC flag. What do you reckon? DC Flag Thank you very much for viewing and all of your C&C
  3. Thank you for your comment mate, I appreciate it! ...but I didn't come up with this name...the "SAN ANTONIO SCORPIONS FC" is actual team, a new soccer club of the NASL.
  4. Hey guys, here is my latest logo concept...what do you think of a logo family I came up with for new San Antonio soccer club called Scorpions. I used European style shield with the famous Alamo silhouette on the top of the shield...the star as San Antonio and Texas symbol...iconic scorpion as a mascot of the club. I tried to compound American and European style together. So what do you think? Any helpful comments and constructive criticism is always welcome. ...thanks for viewing!
  5. ...thanx Matt, I think that's good idea.
  6. Hey guys. What do you think about my latest rebranding attempt? Here is the new Idaho Vandals identity I came up with. Thank you for your nice helmet template Fraser!!! ...thanx for viewing and leaving some C&C guys!!!
  7. ...I am sorry about my choice of colors, but the competitions has some rules and I wasn't allowed to change color tones.
  8. Hi guys, I am back with my latest design. It's for the "Iron Designer" challenge over on Puckdrawn. The team is called the Thunder Bay Ravens and here are the logos. So what do you think about it? Primary logo with incorporated lightning ...I am sorry, have no idea how to draw thunder to represent city of Thunder Bay I tried to incorporate symbols of Canada and Ontario Province into the secondary logo ...thank you for viewing and all your comments and critics guys!
  9. I'm actually not surprised at's FRASER guys! Nice work again mate.
  10. Niiiice!!! Creative, funny, very well executed! Good job, mate! What program did you use for this animation, if I may ask?
  11. Hi guys, here is my latest redesign... Memphis Redbirds-minor league baseball team ... What do you think? ...Logos ...Jerseys ...and Thank you for viewing!
  12. I used red,blue and white to pay homage to the JETS, former Winnipeg franchise, that's why I actually used the Falcon in metallic silver as a mascot as well. There is no W in the logo...I can't see it either!...and I'm trying hard.
  13. ...firstly I'd like to thank you guys for all the comments and critics regarding my Bronco logo. Nice wake up call, let me tell you!!! I appreciate your help. I am so glad I'm a part of this community. I tried another one... This time for Canadian WINNIPEG. ....What do you think? ...jersey with alternate logo ...thanx for viewing!!!
  14. Hi guys, what do you think about my newest design? I need to hear your opinions, comments and critics! It's a logo I came up with for a new "NHL EXPANSION" design competition over on PUCKDRAWN ... Thank you guys! here's the logo... Thank you for viewing!