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  1. I noticed in an advertisement amongst the Sunday coupons in the newspaper that the Carvel ice cream restaurant has changed their logo. Old: New: I think this is a downgrade. The old logo says "ice cream", while the new logo says "old car".
  2. seems I'm pretty average, 7.5
  3. You can't do color vs. color for every Original Six matchup. You'd have clashes with Chicago/Montreal and New York/Toronto. I was thinking that the Leafs still had white throwbacks (I see that is no longer the case) and the Blackhawks have a number of mostly black or black/red striped sweaters to choose from to avoid a color vs color conflict with Montreal. If the Leafs brought back the white alternates and used them for a "color vs. color" matchup, the only matchup left to fix would be Montreal/Detroit. That is unless Detroit uses their WC jerseys, or Montreal uses those green throwbacks they had for their 100th anniversary.
  4. By far the best Rangers uniforms IMO. The King looks really young here.
  5. Sure, it's old, but this is still what I think is the worst in Rangers' history. It's similar to today's Dallas Stars design with the basketball-esque curved wordmark. Someone posted the circa 1977 jerseys, but I actually prefer those to their current set. I much prefer a logo on a hockey uniform to a wordmark. Since ditching the Lady Liberty jerseys with the lockout, I think the Winter Classic uniforms were the best ones they've worn.
  6. Have you even looked at the concepts here? How about the title?
  7. The Calgary Flaming Cowboys Brokeback Mountain anyone?
  8. I just discovered this thread today (so glad I did! Great work!). The "Hurriwhales" concept looks really cool but busy. Also, as charger77 suggested, most Whalers fans from Connecticut call them the "Whalercanes" Anyway, not to steal your thunder by any means, I had done a similar idea using the Whalers' old alternate "Pucky" logo...
  9. I believe Vegas can get cold at night during certain times of the year, but they mentioned the temperature at the start of the game was about 80-85ยบ on a day that had possibly reached triple-digit temperatures. They used triple the amount of coolant as an indoor rink. That's all they need is a crapload of coolant. Also, a few weeks out of the year, Florida can get cold, too. Remember the problem with the frozen oranges a couple years ago?
  10. Yeah, they did mention a lot of grasshoppers ended up on the ice, but I was referring to the condition of the ice itself, sans grasshoppers. As far as the jersey concepts, the Lightning one seems typical of something they would try to do. For the Panthers, maybe just replace the main logo with their simplistic panther head logo from their alternate jerseys.
  11. Guess after 20 years, Vanbiesbrouck is still losing outdoor games for the Rangers, though neither of them counted
  12. What the does the temperature in a city have to do with hosting the Winter Classic? The Rangers and Kings played a pre-season game in Las Vegas back in 1991. It was September. It was hot, around upper 90s/low 100s. The ice had no problem. Don't believe me? http://articles.latimes.com/1991-09-27/sports/sp-2929_1_parking-lot http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NHL_Winter_Classic#Other_NHL_outdoor_games Tampa CAN host a Winter Classic!
  13. The top of the NHL Network website has the logo with "NETWORK" presented to the right in white, the same way the HD and Live logos that were posted earlier look.
  14. It replaced a look associated with back to back Stanley Cup Championships. Life moves in one direction: Forward. Forget the current logo and the robo-pen, and just rebuild completely.
  15. 23. Dodge itself will have to change its name, Ford will have to stop producing the Ranger, Chevy the Avalanche