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  1. im actually surprised at how much i like almost all of these. just a couple questions though. 1. why change the titans logo and remove the stripes when they already have a white helmet? 2. why change the chargers logo color when they already have a white helmet? 3. can we not, for the love of god, please, ever just give the cardinals a red facemask?
  2. i understand that one of your rules was no white but as an auburn fan, with a team like that i think you need some white to really make the uniform work.
  3. bringing this thread old old thread of mine back from the dead for one little update. i just kinda threw this together. the eagles are wearing all black tonight for the first time ever. they changed their pants stripe pattern and it doesnt make me very happy. so the first image is the base photo i used, then my representation of what theyre actually wearing tonight, then two versions of what i think they should have worn.
  4. Love your "Real Photo Concepts" thread. I have some suggestions to show you with, if you have the time and chance.

  5. could you please convert the falcons one to an iphone wallpaper? these look awesome. thanks in advance.
  6. i actually started messing with all the different tools. i start by cutting out the item i want to recolor, say the jersey. then make sure to cut out all other colors [ie stripes, number outlines, logos, etc]. then i use the hue and saturation sliders, brightness and contrast, tone adjustment and those are really the three main components. every now and then it gets a little more complicated but some pictures, like the lions blue pants, im able to do in about 15 minutes. the hardest part is really cutting everything out.
  7. Thanks man! To anybody still paying attention, I've been house sitting for my girlfriend's family all week so I haven't been doing much photostudio work. But in the next few days I should be back to doing these. Thank you all again for all the kind words
  8. Thank you. was that not supposed to be a question, or did you not see the lions further up the page? Hmm... that sounds fun...
  9. oh wow, you guys are back. thank you all, those are some good ideas. i'll see what i can do.
  10. I started working on a packers green pants uniform. Not as easy as I was hoping. But I will try to have it up sometime soon.
  11. I could see the light blue socks working here. I might try that if I get some time soon.
  12. man, this kinda fell off the wagon, huh? well I've got one more completed piece to post. I'm still gonna be working on some of these every now and then so if you have any other ideas for me to try, feel free to shout em out. thank you defrank for the lions idea. I'll actually do a colts one soon too. but for now, I cannot understand how with 9 different uniform possibilites, the Titans don't wear this. I swore I saw it once when the light blues were first introduced way back when. I don't think I'll ever understand the decision to make the circus freakshow of colors the permanent home uniforms. wear them once in a while if you want, but I think that the second picture is much cleaner looking and more respectable. and since it seems like the decision to switch to light blue has something to do with going back to their oiler heritage, and theres a little bit of red in the titans' logo, I thought this might be kinda cool. I guess it might be kind of tough to see all the detail but i plan on doing an actual mock-up of this set. I'm currently working on photoshopping the other 2 uniforms (white and dark blue).
  13. I agree. One thing I've always hated even more is grey facemasks. Especially teams that have deliberately switched back to them. like the browns. gross. but one thing I couldn't believe was when the cardinals released their "revolutionary" new uniforms and this didnt happen.
  14. that jersey style for denver isnt my favorite, but i am really feeling those pants. great work again bravebird! nice to such great work from a fellow falcons fan.