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  1. im actually surprised at how much i like almost all of these. just a couple questions though. 1. why change the titans logo and remove the stripes when they already have a white helmet? 2. why change the chargers logo color when they already have a white helmet? 3. can we not, for the love of god, please, ever just give the cardinals a red facemask?
  2. i understand that one of your rules was no white but as an auburn fan, with a team like that i think you need some white to really make the uniform work.
  3. Love your "Real Photo Concepts" thread. I have some suggestions to show you with, if you have the time and chance.

  4. cant find any pictures, but im fairly certain that larry csonka finished off his career with the giants, i know steve young started with the bucs and i think archie manning played for the oilers for a little while... EDIT: found a steve young
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