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  1. NSFW but accurate. https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/925844917812838400
  2. I had several friends in attendance at Bristol and one specifically said that if the jumbotron goes out, he won't know what is happening. They also ran out of beer in his section.
  3. http://www.etsubucs.com/football/news/2014-15/11699/etsu-football-uniforms-unveiled-at-culp-center-event/
  4. It looks like the back of Texas' jerseys have either the state of Texas sublimated under their numbers or it's a Nike vent system. Does anyone know what it is or are they new for the World Series?
  5. Vanderbilt is playing LSU on ESPN2 and they're wearing navy jerseys with red/white logo and #s. I assume it's for military appreciation but I didn't come up with anything when I Googled it. Anyone know the specific reason for them?
  6. I've got a question that pertains to this. Does anyone know how they convert the markings on fields with field turf so quickly? Over the weekend, Dallas' stadium hosted the Cotton Bowl on Saturday and the Cowboys vs. Eagles on Sunday. Surely, they don't replace the entire field do they? I was thinking they clean the paint off chemically but I'm not sure how feasible that would be either. I know Jerry Jones isn't hurting for money but this happens a lot more than just in Dallas.
  7. I gave this thread a quick once over and I may have missed it, but does anyone know who the final team is?
  8. I never thought I would say this but TCU looks alot better in their Pro Combat uniforms than their regular ones. It looks like their pants have a purple tint to them. If they could do the same thing with the helmets they would be even better.
  9. It looks like its going to be Green/Green/Black for the USC game...
  10. I really don't like the helmets either, looking like Grambling was the first thing I thought. I heard a guy comment that you would think Georgia would've mocked one up, saw how bad it looked, and not wasted the money to outfit the rest of the team. A white facemask and more red on the super G would've made them look MUCH better.
  11. What is the significance of 4-14-34-2?
  12. Am I seeing things or do some of the Vikes players not have NOB? The receivers are the ones I've seen so far. Sydney Rice, Harvin and Barrian are all NNOB.
  13. I realize this is about gray facemasks, but I wasn't sure if it needed its own thread. Today in UniWatch, there is a picture of Tennessee safety Eric Berry and he has a black facemask. I was wondering if it was just for this one picture of if Kiffin is already screwing with the unis. http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-sn...2_3984354_n.jpg