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  1. Do the Cardinals next if you're planning on doing more.
  2. JackFr

    Quebec Nordiques

    Am I a colleague of yours now?
  3. I have no problem with the new Blues jerseys. I'd hold them about equal with their predecessors. The pants are really great. Colorado, Calgary, Edmonton, and Florida lost the most from Rbk Edge. Oh, and Dallas.
  4. While your not the only person to say that, I'm still reluctant to reduce it's opacity. Well don't be.
  5. Nice, but this is one time I definitely would have used the lace-up collar. It would look good with such a deliberately classic sweater. Man these are gorgeous.
  6. Close: No, that jersey's at least somewhat original, what with it being the first like it in NHL history. The road was completely unoriginal.
  7. Also, the Avs' logo really doesn't look like a C. What I meant was like in NHL 11, or on NHL.com Colorado and Columbus are right next to eachother when the teams are listed in alphabetical order. Also, it doesn't visibly, but it's subtle.
  8. Yeah the Columbus logo is a direct rip-off of the Avs logo. It doesn't help that the swooshes both make Cs and the city names are right next to eachother alphabetically.
  9. Matt Murley game-worn 2003-04... I had to study so I told my brother to keep up the bidding war until it went over like 120. The winning bid was 120.01, and my brother could have but I "told him not to go over 120"... :censored:ing smartass. That would fulfill 3 whales: 2003-04 gameworn, penguins game-worn, pre-edge penguins authentic. I can't even play as him in NHL 2005 that bums me out so much.
  10. I can't say I'm a fan of this concept as it stands right now. I like the colour scheme, but the full-body mallard needs to be greatly revised. His gullet is really off, and he's way too boxy. I would also go green for the home jersey colour, and make the outline on the numbers thicker. As for the wordmark, pull apart the D and the U.
  11. I agree, the lines need to be much thicker on the Panther's body.
  12. I'd say strike a balance between the two devil heads. I'm not a fan of the trees on the third; I don't think that there's enough on that jersey.
  13. JackFr

    Rebranding the NHL

    I see what you mean. I insist that I didn't try to rip-off SK at all initially, and that the main shape of the logo, as well as the colour scheme are my own work (in fact the colour scheme was inspired by a painting my grandfather has). However, I can see that the A is stretching the similarities too much. I do admit that the addition of the A was inspired by SK's design, as I saw the suggestion earlier on in the thread when I was updating (a suggestion that I turned away initially). Looking back on the thread, with nothing else to do with that space, I fell back on the A. I would really like to move the Ducks concept in a different direction, away from any past designs, SK's or otherwise. I have a lot of respect for the designers here, and I apologize to Sigma Kappa for this entire affair. However, I maintain that my Islanders logo was influenced or based in no way off of GFB's logo, which I hadn't seen since 2007. I think the concept is simple enough and the execution is completely different enough that it isn't incomprehensible that it's a coincidence.
  14. JackFr

    Rebranding the NHL

    Apparently not... come on guys. Original logos, original jersey designs, I put a lot of time into these concepts. Maybe if I want comments I should just recolour some templates instead... Anyway, these are two New Jersey ideas. The first is a visualization of an idea by I think SenatorJake, but I don't think it really works. The second is a Tertiary idea that I had. It incorporates a part of the logo to make the D. C&C would be appreciated... I don't want to sextuple post next time I have a new jersey or logo.