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  1. Great job as always. Really love the 89-92 red Angels jersey. Also thanks for adding the light blue 97-01 Angels jersey. Colt 45 orange jersey looks sharp too.
  2. Throughout history, some stadiums in football, baseball, and even soccer have featured both a grass field and an artificial turf field. This is NOT a debate about which is better: grass or turf (Grass is obviously better!). This is more about which stadium is more associated with a specific playing surface during a specific time period. Astrodome in Grass (and dirt infield) (1965) - This stadium is why artificial turf was created in the first place. Players were blinded by the glass roof and grass died from the lack of sunlight. Still strange to realize that the Astrodome had grass. The early Astroturf years also kept an all-dirt infield but soon switched to dirt sliding pads, a featured most associated with most baseball stadiums that had Astroturf, with Toronto's Roger Centre (formerly Skydome) being the last holdover before switching to an all-dirt infield. Nowadays, Several modern indoor/retractable roof stadiums, such as the University of Arizona Stadium where the NFL's Cardinals play, can now grow grass. Candlestick Park in Astroturf (1971-1978) – This stadium with Astroturf always looked weird as well as washed out. Imagine if this was kept by time Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were on the 49ers. Can't find a photo of 49ers during this era but found a YouTube clip of a Vikings @ 49ers from the 70s. Comiskey Park with an Astroturf infield (1969-1975) - Can anyone else think of a stadium that featured a grass outfield combined with an Astroturf infield or vise versa. Even more weird was that a stadium that was around prior to the 1960s would do something like this. Astroturf is more associated with the Cookie Cutter stadiums from the 1960s thru the 1990s. Angels @ White Sox from 1974 Veterans Stadium in Nexturf (2001-2003). Astroturf was becoming obsolete in the 2000s as newer and more grass-life artificial surfaces, such as Fieldturf, were now available. Nexturf was another option, but unlike Fieldturf it never caught on due to how difficult the playing surface was. A 2001 preseason game between the Eagles and Ravens was actually cancelled because the Ravens refused to play on the turf. I associated this stadium more with the original green carpet. Giants Stadium in grass (2000-2002) - Most of this stadium’s history was played on an artificial surface, from Astroturf from 1976-1999 to Fieldturf from 2003 to it’s last season. Still strange that this stadium once had grass despite fielding a Super Bowl appearing team (2000 Giants) and a memorable MNF game (Monday Night Miracle between Jets and Dolphins). 2000 NY Giants NFL Films Dolphins @ Jets from 2000 Foxboro Stadium in Astroturf (1971-1990). This stadium had more seasons in Astroturf than grass, but I’m more used to seeing this stadium with grass. Didn’t help that the Patriots were mostly awful during this period (hard to forget since the team’s dominance since 2001) 1985 Patriots NFL Films Soldier Field in Astroturf (1971-1987) – So weird to see the Bears play home games on Astroturf. Too young to actually remember the 85 Bears as I was in diapers. If it weren’t for the famed columns, it would almost pass as a different stadium. Walter Payton highlights Tropicana Field in Astroturf (1998-2000) – This stadium has had Fieldturf for so long that it’s easy to forget that this stadium had the original green carpet as a playing surface. Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field in grass (2000-2002) – The final years of this ballpark (as the Great American Ballpark was being built) were played on grass but the 70s Big Red Machine teams and the 1990 Reds team that won the WS had to play on Astroturf. Paul Brown Stadium in grass (2000-2003) – More used to this stadium with Fieldturf and that the Bengals played on Astroturf at Riverfront Stadium beforehand. Orange Bowl in Polyturf (1970-1975) – So weird that the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins played their home games on artificial turf. I always had assumed that the Dolphins always played their home games on grass. 1972 Dolphins NFL films M&T Bank Stadium in Artificial Turf (Sportexe Momentum Turf) (2003-2015) – More used to the Ravens playing their home games on grass. Toss-ups Arrowhead Stadium - Unlike the Bears, 49ers, Dolphins, & Patriots, I'm old enough to remember when the Chiefs still played on Astroturf but switch to grass in 1994 (possibility to protect an aging Joe Montana, who still something left in the tank). But the Chiefs have played on grass for so long now it easy to forget that they played home games on artificial turf. Royals/Kauffman Stadium - With the recent renovations and grass playing field since 1995, this stadium has aged quiet well despite the teams often playing poorly (except for the Pennant-winning teams of 2014 & 2015, with the latter winning it all). But for older Royal fans, this stadium may be more associated with the playoff teams of the 70s and 80s led by George Brett on an Astroturf surface. Busch Memorial Stadium - This stadium original had grass but switched to Astroturf in the 70s and switched back to grass in 1996. The Cardinals appeared in 3 World Series in the 1980s (winning it all in 1982). This stadium may had been the only Cookie Cutter stadium that aged better during its final years when the team was managed by Tony LaRussa and fielded winning teams.
  3. Don't know where to put this topic as it has nothing to with sports logos/uniforms. I just stumbled into this clip of the Old Timers Game in 1982 that was held at RFK Stadium in Washington DC during the 30+ period of having no MLB team. Notice anything different about the playing surface? It lacks an all-dirt infield. I associate dirt sliding pads more with the stadiums that had Astroturf at the time (Astrodome, Three Rivers, Veterans, Busch, Riverfront, Olympic, Exhibition, Kingdome, Metrodome, & Royals Stadium). RFK Stadium always had grass. So weird to see an MLB stadium with grass but without an all-dirt infield. The Blue Jays were the last team to have dirt sliding pads as the Rogers Centre (formerly Skydome) has featured an all-dirt infield for several years now. link to the full game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgBtD2CryV4&t=494s
  4. Good job on the 80s Red Sox. Side note, The lack of red on the original road jerseys also annoyed me. Forgot to mention that. Thanks for adding the 78-85 Indians. Thought the Indians still wore the caveman-like font uniforms in 78. My mistake. Didn't think you would go all-gray on the the 80s Cubs. I thought that you would had given them a non-pinstriped white alternate jersey that matched with the white pants worn with the blue road jersey. Nice job! I think the red numbers would look better with a blue trim. The powder blue concept is great too. Incredible job on the White Sox St. Paddys uniforms. The 82-86 jersey is the best. I like the touch of orange as green/orange is a color scheme not seen in MLB. I thought of another concept you could do: a light blue alternate for the 1997-2001 Angels.
  5. I watched ESPN's "Last Dance" documentary on the 1998 Bulls. The Dynasty was broken up too soon! What if they had stayed together? Certainty more playoff runs and possibly one more championship left in them. They could had been what the Spurs are now (20+ consecutive playoff appearances) Would Elton Brand and Ron Artest be to MJ and Scottie to what Tim Duncan was to David Robinson in San Antonio? Would Phil Jackson still go on to coach Shaq and Kobe (R.I.P.) on the Lakers? Would we had been spared as MJ as a Washington Wizard? (still can't believed that happened!) If "Dollar" Bill Wirtz was still alive, the Blackhawks would had never won any of those Stanley Cups and Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane would be star players on OTHER teams and the Blackhawks would continue to be awful with half-empty arenas and none of the games on TV. Until 2016, I had painful memories of the Bartman game (2003 NLCS). Cubs/Yankees and especially Cubs/Red Sox in the World Series could had happened that year! Instead, we had yet another World Series appearance by the Yankees (great players/manager but I had grown tired of seeing them every year in the WS, much like the 90s Braves earlier) and a Marlins franchise that was only 10 years old and already with a World Series win (speaking of which, what if the 1997 Indians had ended their drought much sooner instead?) The What-ifs regarding the 2003 and 2004 Red Sox have already been mentioned earlier by other users. 2015 NLCS between Cubs and Mets could had been as painful as the 2003 NLCS had the Cubs not won it all in 2016. I'm still angry about the 1994 strike. We could had had Expos/White Sox in the World Series (or Expos/Yankees or Expos/Indians). Expos would most likely still be around, but would Washington DC still be without a team? Would the Braves had extended their playoff streak in 94 (they were one game ahead of the Astros in the Wild Card race when the season abruptly ended). Maybe the Braves would had upset the Expos in the NLCS and won the WS sooner and ultimately repeat in 95? Maybe Don Mattingly leads the Yankees to the World Series instead and Mattingly gets that ring two seasons earlier before the era of Jeter/Riviera/Posada/Torre? Plenty of what-could-had-beens that season. I was in diapers when the 1985 Bears won the Super Bowl. I was hoping that 2006 Bears would upset the Colts so that Bears fans/media would stop memorizing about 1985 so much. Had that happened, would Peyton Manning led the Colts to another Super Bowl appearance or would he remained in the class of "Great QBs that Didn't Win the Super Bowl" alongside Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, Boomer Esiason, etc. On a side note, this topic reminds me of this classic Gatorade commercial
  6. There was an episode of the Sopranos where Tony's daughter, Meadow, dates a guy from San Diego. Briefly, the guy and Tony's mobster friends discuss the 1998 World Series, where the Yankees swept the Padres.
  7. On the Family Matters example, The Cowboys were one the elite NFL teams in the 90s, winning 3 super bowls. The Bears, on the other hand, were mediocre to downright awful, especially in the post-Ditka years.
  8. For the 79-89 Red Sox, I pictured that the "BOSTON" script would look similar to your 63-71 Red Sox road concept, though the number font would be changed. On a side note, I never liked those 80s Red Sox road set as they looked like a poor man's Yankees and the number font didn't match the classic home set. Just thought of another red jersey that wasn't: The 1979-1985 Indians. They already wore a navy jersey w/gray pants on the road (79-82 as alternate, 83-85 as primary as the all-gray uniform was scrapped). The ideal red jersey would be worn at home games. Another thought on the 80s Cubs. You could mix the the royal blue road jersey with the home white pinstripes as an alternate home uniform but that wouldn't make any sense. It would be like if a team wore its gray road jersey (or in some cases powder blue) and wore it at home with the white pants. It would look stupid. Then I thought of another idea. Since red is not an option (despite being a secondary color), how about a powder blue alternate for the 82-89 Cubs. A powder blue jersey/white pants combo for games at Wrigley sound like a good idea at first. However, it becomes problematic when you consider the Cubs in this combo against the Expos, Phillies (pre-89), Braves (pre-87), and Cardinals (pre-85). Powder Blue vs Powder Blue (even with the Cubs wearing white pants) is not exactly a great idea for contrast. Then again, MLB let the Astros wear cream/off-white on the road for over a decade. So the next best option is to wear the powder blue jersey /white pants combo as a road alternate. Not sure if the White Sox still do the "Halfway to St. Paddys" promotion where they change the color of their pinstripes/numbers/scripts from black to green. Several teams, such as the Reds, Phillies, and Red Sox, wear green versions of their uniforms during spring training but the White Sox promotion happens during the regular season. I was thinking, what if the White Sox had done Halfway to St. Paddys in say, 1963, 1971, 1976, 1982, or 1987. This is optional as this is more of a specialty jersey than a true alternate uniform. Just thought of yet another optional jersey, the infamous "Turn Ahead the Clock" jerseys of 1999. The following teams did not participate: Cubs, Blue Jays, Rangers, Expos, Astros, Reds, & Dodgers. What would a TATC jersey for those teams would had looked like. The Yankees, on the other hand, *did* "participate" as George Steinbrenner had a clever response when asked whether or not the team was wearing a TATC jersey, implying that what the Yankees normally wear *were* their future jerseys. Again, these are optional.
  9. Some of my TV/Movie memories are already mention, such as Seinfeld's love for the Mets and Tim Allen's love for the Detroit teams in Home Improvement. TV Shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Carl loves the NY Giants Entourage - Turtle, one of the main four characters, often wore fashion NY Yankees caps Simpsons - the baseball players in "Homer at the Bat" (season 3); Mark McGwire (as a St. Louis Cardinal) appeared as himself in an episode. Too many other guest stars (Magic Johnson, Joe Namath, etc) to list; Also, Homer dreamed of owning the Dallas Cowboys but ended up stuck with the Denver Broncos (You Only Move Twice) South Park - The small Colorado town love the Broncos Drew Carey Show - Drew loves the Browns and Indians (pretty sure he was upset when Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore in 96) Perfect Strangers - Balki wears a Cubs jersey when he & Larry go to Wrigley Field as seen in the 3rd season intro to its last. Friends - either Joey or Chandler is seen in a NY Rangers jersey in one of the season's intros King of Queens - Kevin James loves the Mets and Jets Odd Couple - Jack Klugman's character wears a Mets cap Facts of Life - Nancy McKeon's character wore a Yankees cap in one of the episodes Saturday Night Live - Wayne's World's - Wayne sometimes wore hockey jerseys (i.e. Blackhawks). Also, Wayne Gretzky (when he was with the LA Kings) appeared in a Wayne's World skit. Also the Da Bears superfans skits. According to Jim - Jim Belushi (both in the show and in real life) is a superfan of the Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks. Full House - Giants and 49ers pennants and clothes can sometimes be seen. Also, Joey wore a Red Wings shirt. Movies Ferris Bueller's Day Off - One of Ferris's friends wears a Red Wings jersey. Naked Gun - Frank Drebin (Leslie Neilsen) as an Umpire in a game between the Mariners and Angels in the 1st Naked Gun movie. virtually every baseball-themed movie of the 80s-90s (Major League I & II, Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield, etc) Space Jam - MJ and many other NBA players with the Looney Tunes Sudden Death - Jean Claude Van Damme battles terrorists during the Stanley Cup finals between the Penguins and Blackhawks Music Videos Many rap artists beginning in the late 80s often wore NBA/NFL/MLB gear in their videos. The most common teams include the Raiders, White Sox, and Yankees. Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit always wore a red Yankees cap backwards. I can go on and on.
  10. Has this topic been discussed before? Teams that had new uniforms but were still wearing the previous season's uniforms during exhibition, spring training, or preseason. Gridiron Uniform Database have several NFL examples, such as the 1978 New York Jets changing their uniforms but wearing the Joe Namath-era uniforms (but with the new helmets) during the preseason. Doesn't count but the 1993 New England Patriots had new uniforms and change their logo from Pat Patriot to the Flying Elvis. It was also the same year Bill Parcells made his debut as the team's coach. I saw a picture posted on this forum of Parcells at practice with one of the players wearing gear based on the previous look. Can't find the exact photo, so here's Parcells posing with the Pat Patriot helmet. Again, this example doesn't count as the Patriots wore their new uniforms that preseason. Maybe this photo is from 1994, where the Patriots and the other NFL teams wore throwbacks during the NFL's 75th anniversary season. 1992/93 Phoenix Suns. Was Charles Barkley's first year with the team, in addition to the new uniforms that debuted that season but Sir Charles is seen wearing the previous uniforms during that season's exhibition. In 1987, The Minnesota Twins had new uniforms and logo, but during spring training the team wore the previous season's uniforms (w/the powder blue pants) but wore the new caps. Go to 2:53 on this video on the 1987 Twins team that won the World Series. https://youtu.be/dpDNbdKLFKg?t=179 1992 Philadelphia Phillies had new uniforms/logo/red & royal blue color scheme but were still wearing the maroon-themed uniforms during preseason. Go to 4:18 on this video about the 1992 MLB season. https://youtu.be/-S9zHKh9BCk?t=258 1993 Cincinnati Reds had new uniforms and brought back the vest/sleeveless look. However, during that season's spring training, the team was still wearing the 1972-1992 pullover uniforms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wwiwc9Wt0c Any other examples?
  11. Thanks for responding to my comment, coco1997. Also thanks for adding the 93-98 Reds jersey and the 94-99 Astros jersey. The gold on that Astros jersey looks sharp. The Astros during that period were too navy-centric. They should had added more gold or even kept orange from their previous looks. Dodgers - The blue jerseys look cool. What I would expected them to wear had they adopted an alternate jersey Also, the outside-the-box jerseys (black, powder blue) are executed wonderfully. The Royals mid-2000s black jersey come to mind regarding the Dodgers black jersey, though I feel hypocritical because I hated the Royals BFBS set.
  12. Excellent series! I always wonder how alternate uniforms would had looked like if nearly all teams had them in from the 60s-early 90s. I wonder if you plan to do the 93 expansion teams (Marlins and Rockies). When those teams joined the league, just two other teams wore alternates (Orioles and White Sox each sporting a black alternate jersey) Every other team wore white at home and gray on the road (except the Astros, who wore cream) By the time the 98 expansion teams (Rays and Diamondbacks) joined the league, alternate jerseys were now in common, with at least half of the league sporting at least one alternate set. I'm assuming that you won't the Rays or Diamondbacks since they each sported several alternate uniforms. Braves - Love the red version of the 72-75 Hank Aaron-era jerseys. Even the gold 2000s alternate looks interesting. Very outside-the-box while remaining true the classic Braves look. Orioles - The black 70s/80s alt jersey looks great. All of the alternates are what I expected this team to look like. White Sox - The early 60s alternate jerseys with the black/red color scheme are solid. Also, like your take on the 1982-1986 "Winning Ugly" uniforms. Red Sox - Just what I would expect the Red Sox to wear had they sported an alternate. The 63-71 navy road alt and the pullover 72-78 alternate uniforms stand out the most. What would an road alternate from 1979-1989 would had looked like? Cubs - All the Cubs alternate jerseys you made are incredible! I wonder what would what an alternate jersey for the Cubs from 82-89 would had looked like since they didn't wear gray or powder blue on the road those years? Maybe a red alternate jersey? (the Rangers from 84-85 actually did that) Then again, I could see why you chose not to do a red jersey considering who the Cubs' oldest rivals are. Reds - Love the red version of the 72-92 pullover-era jerseys. Even the black 99-06 jersey looks good. How about a red version of the 1993-1998 set? Or a road alternate with "CINCINNATI" script? Indians - The 89-93 alternate uniforms are great, especially the red one. The red 90s/00s alternate also looks sharp. Tigers - All of the orange jerseys from each era looks sharp even though the Tigers don't have any orange on their home uniforms. Then again, orange jerseys/gray pants don't mesh very well. Navy uniforms also look good. Astros - Love the orange version of the 81-88 and 89-93 uniforms. Navy jerseys also look sharp. (didn't they wear cream on the road and not gray? They wore an extremely light gray road uniform but changed the shade to cream in 83) How about a gold version of the 1994-1999 set as they only wore a navy alternate. Royals - The blue jerseys look like what I excepted. Very nice looking. The gold 90s/00s jersey and the 2008-era black/powder blue combo are very creative. Angels - Love the touch of gold on the red and navy 73-88 alternates. Helps them stand out more from the other navy/red clubs. What would a red 89-92 jersey look like or even from the 93-96 era uniforms. The 97-01 red alt and the 2002-current navy jersey look sharp. Can't wait to see how you handle the remaining teams. The Athletics, for example, seemed to have alternate uniforms every season throughout the 70s and mid-80s. They settled down from the late 80s/early 90s. Maybe Canada Day versions of 1977-1988 Blue Jays uniforms? Endless possibilities.
  13. For the record, I am biased towards old school/traditional-based uniforms. Here's how I rank them. 1. Bears - Homer alert since they are my team! One of the most iconic NFL uniforms ever period! Grade - A+ 2. Packers - Another iconic uniform set and classic colors. NFC North for the most part always had solid uniforms and color schemes. Grade - A+ 3. Chiefs - Awesome uniforms from a team that has rarely changed its look. Even the all-red monochrome looks great and I usually frown upon monochrome uniforms. Grade - A+ 4. Raiders - Whether they are in Oakland, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, the Raiders always know how to look good even during seasons where they play poorly.. Grade - A+ 5. Steelers - Excellent uniforms, even with the italicized numbers. Grade - A 6. Colts - Recent tweaks while retaining their classic look. Blue pants would be welcoming once in a while as their all-blue color rush is one of the better of the color rush looks. Grade -A 7. Bills - Solid uniforms all-around. The white jersey/blue pants combo is one of their best looks. Red Color Rush jersey would look better with white pants. Grade - A 8. Cowboys - Another classic NFL look even with the different shades of blue and silver. Would be fine if they stick to one shade of blue and one shade of silver. Grade - A 9. Buccaneers - Last year, this team would ranked dead last or next to last among all teams. But with the recent rebrand, the Bucs have gone from an F to an A! They never should had changed their look after 2013. A return to the 1997-2013 look (with some modern touches) is a huge blessing! Grade - A 10. Chargers - Excellent upgrade. Beforehand, they would have been in the bottom half of the list. The Chargers did a great job (mostly) on their new uniforms. Love the vibrant color scheme of powder blue and athletic gold (yellow). Even the italicized number font isn't too bad. Both the color rush uniforms are pointless, though. Too many colors. Even though the royal blue one is better looking, I would keep the navy one instead as Chargers have history with that color. Besides, royal blue/athletic gold belong to the Rams. BTW, the Chargers should still be in San Diego! Grade - A 11. Browns - What a difference a year makes! Last year, the Browns would be among the worst-looking teams. With their recent rebrand returning to how they should look. The color rush is pointless and orange jersey and pants would be welcomed. Brown pants would look better with orange/white/orange piping. Nonetheless, a massive improvement for the Browns. Grade A- 12. Redskins - Another solid look and unique color scheme. I know their team name is problematic to some and are ranked low because of it. The throwbacks are good. Grade - A- 13. 49ers - Overall, solid. But the sleeves on the home and road sets should have three stripes. The throwbacks have three stripes on the sleeves. At least the BFBS color rush trash are gone permanently. Grade - B+ 14. Texans - Overall nice look. Navy pants would look better with red socks (like they used to do). Red alternate is solid (should be primary). All-navy color rush w/red numbers is unnecessary. Grade - B+ 15. Vikings - One of the better Nike redesigns of the past decade. Nice combinations of modern and traditional designs. Helmet face-masks should be purple and not black. Also, the purple pants should be worn with white socks. Grade - B 16. Giants - Home blue jerseys are great but the lack of blue on the road whites really bugs me. I know its a quick that works with a lot of people but still, the Giants are BIG BLUE, not BIG RED. The white color rush/throwbacks are great, however. Grade - B 17. Eagles - Helmets are great and the uniforms are solid for the most part. Even though I prefer the Eagles in Kelly green, I don't actually mind the midnight green. The all-black look I can do without though. Grade B- 18. Lions - Actually a decent modernized uniform set. No more black is a plus. The blue pants are good (would look better with silver socks though). The throwbacks are good but the color rush is trash (doesn't even match the helmet). Grade B- 19. Broncos - One of the better "modern" uniforms (they're the ones that started it). I like orange as the primary color jersey. Could be improved if they found a way to add more orange to the road whites. Their orange color rush is among the better of the "Color Rush" uniforms. Grade - B- 20. Saints - This team should get an easy A as they have one of the best helmets in the NFL and would had made my top 10 but they wear the all-black leotard look way too much! They also have been wearing white socks with the white jerseys too! Not good. I do like the color rush jerseys (would look better with gold or black socks). Too bad as black jersey/gold pants and white jersey/gold pants is a solid look. The black pants need piping badly! Grade - C+ 21. Dolphins - The tweaks to the current uniforms (such as adding more orange) were a plus. The aqua pants would look better with white socks and the face-mask would look better in aqua. The throwbacks are solid, however, and should be the primary and I'd grade them higher. Grade - C+ 22. Panthers - Logo is good, the uniforms are okay but the black pants should be worn with either light blue or silver socks. Grade - C+ 23. Seahawks - Helmet logo is solid. Normally, I would rank a monochrome-heavy uniform look so low, but the Seahawks have made it their thing. I do appreciate the Seahawks' efforts for standing out as the jerseys are actually decent for a modern-based uniform. I would swamp the lime green for Kelly green though. Also add green to the piping on the green pants. Grade - C 24. Ravens - Jerseys are fine but I would grade them higher if not for the leotard look they sometimes wear. Add piping to the black pants and change the socks to either purple or white. Grade - C 25. Jaguars - Improvement over the previous set but still short one what it could be. Numbers lack trim and the pants lack piping. For example, the white jerseys lack teal and the black pants are always with black socks, creating the leotard look. There is potential here but the look is too simplistic. Grade - C- 26. Patriots - Two steps forward, three steps back. The jersey by itself is an improvement BUT where are the silver (or white) pants?! Going fully monochrome is a big no-no! At least the navy pants have piping, saving it from a complete leotard look. But the socks should be either white or silver. The silver helmet seems to clash too much with the rest of the uniforms, which featured very little silver. Again, add the silver pants and the uniform would improve. Grade - D+ 27. Jets - While I do like an updated attempted on the often underrated 80s/90s look, the Jets swung and missed. Only redeeming quality is that I do like the shade of green the Jets use. The BFBS color rush is awful though and the "New York" word-mark on the jerseys is unnecessary. Grade - D 28. Cardinals - Logo is great. Rest of the uniforms...not so much. Home red jersey is mostly tolerable. But the road has an unnecessary red yoke. Weird piping and BFBS color rush. Also, gray face-masks don't mesh well with modernized uniforms especially when gray or silver isn't used on the jerseys/pants. Grade - D 29. Bengals - The only good thing about these are uniforms are the helmets. From the drop shadows to the unnecessary white panels. Team needs to rebrand badly. Also bring back the Bengal head logo! Grade - D- 30. Falcons - Ugh. The previous set was a piping mess (minus the throwback), but these new threads are even worse! From the monochrome look to the red/black gradient jersey. Also "ATL" on the jerseys in large letters? If only the Falcons had used their throwbacks as a base for the new look. At least the Browns learned their lesson. Grade - F 31. Titans - Easily the worst looking team in the NFL right now, since the Bucs and Browns have upgraded from their respective monstrosities. From the navy helmets to the weird piping on the pants. The old Titans look, while not perfect, was acceptable. The Titans could had own light blue but chose to be another navy blue team. Also, the one-helmet rule prevents them from wearing Titans throwbacks and the Oilers (I still miss them). Grade - F 0. Rams - Too early to judge as they haven't relieved their new look yet. A lot of people seem to hate their new logo. Hopefully, that is not a signal of things to come. The return to the classic colors (royal blue/athletic gold) is a plus and an improvement over the St. Louis-era colors. Grade - Incomplete
  14. This film was about Robert De Niro playing a San Francisco Giants fan who becomes psychotically obsessed with the team's slugger (played by Welsey Snipes). I don't remember that particular scene as it has years since I last saw this movie. I needed to find a scene from that movie that fits this topic.
  15. This is a response to the "Worst Current Brands" thread. Apologies if this type of thread has already been made. I want to be more positive here. What are some of the best brands in sports of the past 20 years. I say, 20 years as it would be too easy to list all the classic-era team logos in the MLB (Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants since 2000, White Sox since 1991, Braves since 1987, A's since 1987, Phillies, Mariners since 1993, Tigers, etc), NFL (Bears, Packers, Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, Cowboys, Colts,etc), NBA (Bulls, Lakers, Knicks, Spurs, Celtics, etc), and NHL (Blackhawks, Bruins, Red Wings, Rangers, Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Flyers, etc). Oops, I just did! MLB Toronto Blue Jays (2012) - The original Blue Jays logo is beloved by many. The 1989-1996 set is among my all-time favorite sports uniforms and was glad when the Blue Jays bought them back (with some modern touches) when they rebranded in 2012. The 1997-2003 period was alright but the 2004-2011 "Black Jays" period was awful uniform-wise. The Blue Jays' 2012 uniform rebrand was universally praised by many (including those in this board). Among the top 10 best uniforms in baseball! Baltimore Orioles (2012) - fully returning to the cartoon bird logo. Awesome! New York Mets (2012) - Simply for finally dropping black from their color scheme. About time too! Kansas City Royals (2006) - Another team that realized that black didn't belong on their color scheme and learned from their mistakes. A nice upgrade from their previous look. Bringing back powder blue (before other teams started jumping on the bandwagon) is a plus. San Diego Padres (2020) - No more boring navy blue uniforms. Return to brown and gold! Milwaukee Brewers (2020) - They finally settled on an identify and fully returned to the MB Glove logo. The previous brand was bland and they needed a change. NFL Buffalo Bills (2011) - Gone are the navy/royal/red/nickel monstrosities. A nice modernization of their 1970s/early 1980s look. Houston Texans (2002) - During the 90s and 00s, expansion teams tended to go with trendy colors, such as purple, teal, and black. The Texans went with a more conservative approach with navy/red and have made it work. The logo and uniforms are fine. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2020) - The return of the classic 1997-2013 uniforms and no more alarm-clock number trash! Cleveland Browns (2020) - The return of a classic look. They should had never change to that 2015 look! Chargers (2019/2020) - Nice that they are making powder blue the dominate color. If only this team was still in San Diego. Seattle Seahawks - Controversial here, but the 2002 logo (and the 2012 recolor) is a nice modernization of the original 1976 logo. Even though I hate monochrome uniforms, I do appreciate the Seahawks for trying to stand out with their uniform designs. NBA Charlotte Hornets - Probably the best NBA rebrand of the past 20 years as there aren't too many of them. Good Riddance to the Bobcats brand! Never mind the Cleveland Browns-like history though. The logos and colors the Hornets used are amazing (except for the BFSB uniforms). Minnestoa Timberwolves - Mainly for their logos (either the 2008 logo and the 2017 logo) Utah Jazz (2010/2016) - Nice modernization of their classic look. Would look even better if the brighten the green and replace navy with purple though. NHL Pittsburgh Penguins (2002/2016) - Skating Penguin logo returns as primary in 2002 (was alternate two seasons earlier) and athletic gold replaced Vegas gold in 2016. Buffalo Sabres (2010) - A return to the classic look and no more Buffaslug. Nashville Predators (2011) - Beforehand, the Predators were just another navy/blue team. Normally, (yellow) gold is not an ideal color for a dark color jersey but somehow the Predators have made it their color. The new logo was also an improvement over the old logo as the old logo was too detailed. Dallas Stars (2013) - Love the return to green as the dominate color (miss the gold though). The previous set was so drab and dark with too much black and not enough green. Plus those basketball-like script on the jerseys. Glad, the Stars got rid of those. Minnesota Wild (2000) - Not to crazy over the name, but the logo, colors, and uniforms of this franchise is sharp. Los Angeles Kings (2011) - Even though purple is lacking in NHL, this is a nice modernization of the Wayne Gretzky-era colors. St. Louis Blues (2014) - Nice upgrade from the Reebok/Edge-era uniforms Vancouver Canucks (2007) - Nice color scheme (since they originally had these colors and the Hartford Whalers are no longer around). Both the Orca and Johnny Canuck are great logos. Those are my opinions. Although MLB/NFL/NHL/NBA are the main focus, CFL, College teams, MLS, Premiere League, etc are also acceptable. Again, try to limit this to the past 20 years. Thoughts?