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  1. Although it was mostly the astroturf teams of that era that often put team logos on its outfield walls, there were some grass teams of the cookie cutter/multipurpose era that also did the same, here 's one of them: Shea Stadium 1980 ------- The outfield wall changed from green to blue during the 1980 season as part of a renovation. As opposed to most teams that put circular banners of MLB team logos on its outfield wall, Shea was unique put pennants of all the NL teams on its outfield wall. The NL east team pennants were on the Center-left field wall and the NL West team pennants were placed on the center-right feild wall. Each pennant had the team logo and the city's name next to it. In fact, you can see some of the vintage pennants on eBay Most of the team logos are accurate except the following: The Phillies logo looks like a maroon thin trapezoid-like shape with the white 1971-1991 logo inside it The Braves logo is red instead of blue Much of the 1980s screen captures were from this YouTube account featuring a ton of 1980s Mets highlights The team pennants were listed in a random order: NL East (left to right): NYM, PIT, MTL, PHI, CHC, STL NL West (left to right): CIN, HOU, ATL, SD, SF, LA 1981-1982 -------------- The same as 1980 For a bonus, here's the Jets during the a NFL game during the baseball season from the early 80s 1983 ------- The same as 1980-1982 as the stadium did not update the Giants logo to the 1983-1993 primary 1984 ------- some of the pennants had changed: The Giants pennant is finally updated to the 1983-1993 script The Dodgers pennant removes "Los Angeles" and features just the script The Phillies pennant removes "Philadelphia" and features just the script 1985 ------- The Padres pennant is updated 1985 Mets higlights 1986 -------- The pennants are the same as 1985 Astros @ Mets 1986 NLCS Game 3 Red Sox @ Mets 1986 World Series Game 6 1987 ------- The Braves and Pirates pennants were not updated despite each team updating their logos/uniforms that season. 1987 Mets highlights 1988 ------- The Braves pennant is updated The Pirates pennant is updated Dodgers @ Mets (1988 NLCS game 4) 1989 ------- The same as 1988 1990 ------- The Pennants were replaced with circular banners seen in most of the other stadiums of the time. The NL East team order is the same as 1980-1989, but the NL West team logos were reordered. The Mets logo is noticeably father away from the other NL east teams. For some strange reason, this is also true with the Reds logo with the other NL West teams. the new order: NL East (left to right): NYM, PIT, MTL, PHI, CHC, STL NL West (left to right): LA, HOU, SF, SD, ATL, CIN Phillies @ Mets from 1990 1991 ------ The Padres logo is updated 1992 ------ The Expos logo changes to 1969-2004 alternate logo rather than the 1992-2004 primary logo The Phillies logo changes to the 1992-present primary logo 1993 ------ The Rockies & Marlins logos are added The Reds logo is not updated to the 1993-1998 primary NL East (left to right): NYM, PIT, MTL, PHI, CHC, STL, FLA NL West (left to right): COL, LA, HOU, SF, SD, ATL, CIN Couldn't find to many shots from that period 1994 ------- The logos were realigned based on the 3-division format. Uncertain if the Astros or Giants then-newer logos were updated. I couldn't find too many images or YouTube clips though. The logos were removed entirely in 1995. My next post will Veterans Stadium in Philly. Stay tuned
  2. Toronto Blue Jays Part 2 (Skydome aka Rogers Centre) (1989-1998) Much like the Blue Jays' previous home, the Skydome also placed team logos on its outfield wall (during its early years) and were organized based on division standings. 1989-1990 --------------- The White Sox logo changed from 1976-1990 primary to 1976-1990 alternate logo The Blue Jays made the playoffs in 1989 and all AL team logos except the Blue Jays and Athletics (their ALCS opponent) were removed from the outfield wall; ALCS Left field - Blue Jays, AL Logo Right field - Athletics, AL Logo Athletics @ Blue Jays (1989 ALCS game 4) 1991 ------- The White Sox logo was updated to the 1991-present primary logo The Blue Jays made the playoffs in 1991 and all AL team logos except the Blue Jays and Twins (their ALCS opponent) were removed from the outfield wall; The Blue Jays also hosted the all-star game and all AL team logos were removed for that game but were restored when the season resumed. ALCS Left field - AL Logo, Blue Jays Right field - Twins, AL Logo Twins @ Blue Jays (1991 ALCS game 3) 1992 ------- The Orioles logo is updated to the 1992-1994 primary The Blue Jays made the playoffs in 1992 and all AL team logos except the Blue Jays and Athletics (their ALCS opponent) were removed from the outfield wall; The Blue Jays also made the World Series in 1992 and the Athletics & AL logos were replaced with the Braves & NL logos the right field outfield wall; ALCS Left field - Blue Jays, AL Logo Right field - Athletics, AL Logo World Series Left field - AL Logo, World Series logo, Blue Jays, Right field - Braves, World Series logo, NL Logo 1992 World Series 1992 Blue Jays Story 1993 -------- The Athletics logo was updated to the 1993-present primary logo The Mariners logo was updated to the 1993-present primary logo The Angels logo was updated to the 1993-1994 primary logo The Blue Jays made the playoffs in 1993 and all AL team logos except the Blue Jays and White Sox (their ALCS opponent) were removed from the outfield wall; The Blue Jays also made the World Series in 1993 and the White Sox & AL logos were replaced with the Phillies & NL logos the right field outfield wall; ALCS Left field - Blue Jays, AL Logo Right field - Blue Jays championship banner, White Sox, AL Logo World Series Left field - World Series logo, AL logo, Blue Jays Right field - Blue Jays champsionship banner, Phillies, NL Logo, World Series logo 1993 Blue Jays Story 1993 World Series 1994-1998 --------------- The AL team logos except the Blue Jays and their series opponent were removed entirely; For example, if they were playing the Yankees, there was the Yankees logo on right field. During interleague series in 1997-1998, the AL logo on right field is replaced with the NL logo. The logos were removed altogether in 1999. 1996 Blue Jays vs Mariners (w/20th Anniversary logo) 1997 Blue Jays vs Angels (Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary logos on each side) https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerryreuss/5150083122/in/album-72157624343604066/ 1998 Blue Jays vs Yankees 1998 Blue Jays vs Tigers Other Skydome logo shots 1989-1993 Overall, compared to the latter years of Olympic Stadium, both of the Blue Jays stadiums were far more accurate when it came to updating team logos. My next post will be Shea Stadium in NYC. Stay tuned.
  3. Thank you for the compliments so far. I am surprised myself that no one from this board had did something like this. To be honest, I did this research about two years ago, but decided to share this information with all of you. I had even e-mailed Chris Creamer himself about this MLB Logo/Outfield wall research. Imgbox was closing down and I had to save my images and I decided to share them. Anyway here's the the Toronto Blue Jays part 1: Exhibition Stadium (1978-1989) 1978 ------ There were no logos during the Blue Jays' debut season of 1997. AL team logos were first placed on the outfield wall during the middle of the 1978 season. The logos were ordered based on division standings for example, during the end of the 1978 season: AL East (left to right; last place to 1st place): TOR, CLE, DET, BAL, MIL, BOS, NYY AL West (left to right; 1st place to last place): KC, TEX, CAL, MIN, CHW, OAK, SEA The Orioles logo is the 1968-1988 Alternate (black roundel) rather than the 1966-1991 Primary (orange roundel) 1979-1981 -------------- Don't have too much info about these seasons; The Indians logo likely changed their 70s logo to the Chief Wahoo primary The Mariners logo likely changed to the 1981-1986 primary 1982-1983 -------------- The A's logo changed to the 1982-1992 primary The Rangers logo changed to the 1983 primary 1984 ------- The Rangers logo changed to the 1984-1993 primary logo 1985 ------- The same logos as 1984. [/url Yankees @ Blue Jays from 1985 In addition, the Blue Jays made the playoffs and all the AL team logos except the Blue Jays and Royals (their ALCS opponent) were removed. There were also 2 AL logos (one on each side of the outfield wall). This would continue when the Blue Jays made the playoffs again in 1989, 1991, 1992 and 1993 after moving to the Skydome (Rogers Centre). Left field - Blue Jays, AL Logo Right field - Royals, AL Logo Royals @ Blue Jays (1985 ALCS game 1) 1986 ------- The Blue Jays logo changed to a 10th anniversary logo The Orioles logo changes from the 1968-1988 alt to the 1968-1991 primary The Angels logo changes to the 1986-1992 primary 1987 The Twins logo changes to the 1987-2009 primary logo The Mariners logo changes to the 1987-1992 primary logo The Blue Jays logo changes to the 1977-1996 Alternate logo 1988-May 1989 --------------------- The Royals logo also changed from 1969-1986 primary to 1969-1992 alternate logo around this time Bonus: Gettyimages photos Jerry Reuss Flickr account https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerryreuss/4691484013/in/album-72157624343604066/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerryreuss/4691490661/in/album-72157624343604066/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerryreuss/4691493883/in/album-72157624343604066/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerryreuss/4691492241/in/album-72157624343604066/
  4. Hello, I have been a sports logo junkie since I was a kid. I used to do my own concepts/tweeks years ago but they weren't very good and I gave up. Anyway, anyone old enough to remember when several MLB ballparks from the late 1970 thru the mid-1990s had put team logos on its outfield wall? I do (I'm a 90s kid) and that's part of the reason I became a sports logo junkie. Most of the ballparks that did this were the often-despised multipurpose/cookie cutter/domed stadiums of that period (Veterans, Busch Memorial, Three Rivers, Metrodome, etc). The classic-era ballparks (Wrigley, Fenway, Yankee, Tiger) did not put team logos on its outfield logos nor did the retro-themed newer ballparks (Camden Yards, Arlington, Jacobs/Progressive Field, etc) Why some teams decided to team logos on their outfield wall during that perior, I don't know. The reason I decided to make this post is to see which stadiums had updated a logo when a new logo made its debut prior to the new season. I also wanted to see how accurate the stadiums were when it came to updating logos when a team updated its logo/uniforms. Here are a timeline of which MLB ballparks had put team logos on its outfield wall: Veterans Stadium (Phillies) (1976-1996) Three Rivers Stadium (Pirates) (1976-1982, 1994-1997) Astrodome (Astros) (1976-1985) Arlington Stadium (Rangers) (circa 1977-1978) Kingdome (Mariners) (1977-1990) Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium (Padres) (1978-1993) Exhibition Stadium (Blue Jays) (1978-early 1989) Skydome (Blue Jays) (1989-1998) Busch Memorial Stadium (Cardinals) (1979-1995) Shea Stadium (Mets) (1980-1994) Fulton County Stadium (Braves) (circa 1982-1991) Cleveland Municipal Stadium (Indians) (circa 1985-1989) Metrodome (Twins) (1985-circa 1995) Olympic Stadium (Expos) (1987-2004) Anaheim Stadium (Angels) (1989-1996) Mile High Stadium (Rockies) (1993-1994) Pro Player Stadium (Marlins) (1996-1999) Bonus: Dodger Stadium (Dodgers) (1980 All-Star Game only) Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum (1994 movie "Angels in the Outfield") County Stadium in Milwaukee (1989 movie "Major League") Let's start with the long-defunct Montreal Expos. The images were originally from old VHS tapes/Youtube video clips so don't expect HD-like quality. Olympic Stadium in Montreal (1987-2004) ================================ MLB team logos were first placed on the outfield wall of Olympic Stadium in the 1987 season. 1987-1988 -------------- The logos seemed to be arranged in a random order The NL East team logos were on the Center-Left Field Wall the logos The NL West team logos were on the Center-Right Field Wall the logos Braves logo looks very different as it's not primary logo with the tomahawk that team adopted that year (which they still use today) Phllies logo is the 1971-1991 Alternate rather than the 1984-1991 primary 1987 team order (from a Phillies @ Expos (1987) game) NL East (from left to right) MTL, PIT, PHI, STL, NYM, CHC NL West (from left to right) HOU, CIN, ATL, SF, LA, SD 1989 ------ The padding of the wall changed from a dull shade of blue to a more vibrant shade of royal blue. The Phillies logo changed from the 1971-1991 alternate Logo to the 1984-1991 primary logo In addition, the logos appeared to be rearranged based on division standings 1989 team order NL East (from left to right; 1st place to last place) CHC, STL, NYM, MTL, PIT, PHI NL West (from left to right; 1st place to last place) SF, SD, HOU, LA, CIN, ATL 1989 Cubs @ Expos (Cubs clinch NL East game) 1990-1991 -------------- The Braves logo changed to the 1987-present primary during the 1990 season The Padres Logo changed to the 1991-2003 primary during the 1991 season Phillies @ Expos from 1991 1992 ------- The Expos logo was updated to the 1992-2004 primary; the Phillies logo was also updated to the 1992-present primary Mets @ Expos from 1992 Cubs @ Expos from 1992 (Gary Carter's last hit) 1993 ------ The Rockies & Marlins logos are added as the 2 expansion teams made their debut that season the Marlins logo is an alternate rather than the primary from 1993-2004 The Reds changed their logo (and uniforms) to the 1993-1998 primary, but the 1968-1992 logo is still present Phillies @ Expos from 1993 1994 ------- Due to the three-division realignment; team logos are rearranged based on new divisions: NL East team logos are at the Center-Left field Wall NL West team logos are at the Center field Wall NL Central team logos & Expos championship/retired number banners at Center-Right field wall Astros updated their logo (and uniforms) but the 1975-1993 primary logo is still seen Giants updated their logo to the 1994-1999 primary but the 1983-1993 logo is still seen NL West (left to right; 1st place to last place) LA, COL, SF, SD NL East (left to right; 1st place to last place) ATL, MTL, PHI, FLA, NYM NL Central (left to right; 1st place to last place) CIN, HOU, PIT, STL, CHC Braves @ Expos (6/27/94) 1995-1997 -------------- The Astros logo was finally updated to the then-primary 1995-1999 logo The Reds and Giants then-newer logos were not updated 1998-2004 --------------- By 1998, the team logos were rearranged again due to expansion/realignment . The NL Central and NL West team logos switched places with the NL Central team logos now at the Left field outfield wall and the NL West team logos at the right field wall. The Diamondbacks (expansion team) and Brewers (who switched from AL to NL) logos were added; By this period, Olympic Stadium was very obsolete and outdated as newer retro-themed ballparks were replacing the multipurpose/cookie cutter stadiums. By 2000, Olympic Stadium was the only stadium that still put mlb team logos on its outfield wall. In addition, the stadium also appeared to be lazy and inconsistent when it came to updating team logos well into 2004: The Cardinals logo was updated to the 1998-present primary logo The Pirates logo was updated to the 1998-2013 primary logo The Marlins logo was still the alternate logo from 1993-2004 The Giants logo was still the 1983-1993 logo and continued to be even as the Giants updated their look (and logo) again in 2000 (which is still used today) The Brewers changed their look & logo in 2000 but the 1994-1999 logo was still seen The Padres changed their logo & look in 2004 (the 2004-2010 logo) but the 1991-2003 logo was still seen The Reds logo was finally updated in 1998 but when the team had a new logo (& uniforms) from 1999-2006, the 1993-1998 logo was still seen The Astros updated their uniforms & logo in 2000 but the 1995-1999 logo was still seen For example, the logo setup from the Expos last home game in 2004: NL Central (left to right; 1st to last) STL, CHC, HOU, CIN, PIT, MIL NL East (Left to Right; 1st to last) ATL, PHI, FLA, NYM, MTL NL West (Left to Right; 1st to last) LA, SF, SD, COL, ARZ Padres @ Expos from 1999 (Tony Gywnn 3000th hit) Expos final home game in 2004 Bonus -------- Random images found from Gettyimages between 1998 and 2004 My next post will be Exhibition Stadium & Skydome (now Rogers Centre), the two homes of the mothership's favorite team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Stay tuned.
  5. Excellent playoffs so far! So much on my mind as I sit through this thrilling NHL postseason. Thank you Rocky Wirtz for turning the Blackhawks from a dead franchise to the talk of Chicago. This team is so exciting to watch! In past years, I cared little about the NHL partly since the Hawks were a horrible franchise. I also was still mad over the Lockout a few years ago. Though I tend to root for one of the Canadian teams to win the Cup (but not this year obviously.) In fact, I've been watching the other teams in action. I'm aware that Crosby (PIT) & Ovechkin (WSH) get all the attention in hockey , but that series lived up to the hype that even ESPN, which often ignores hockey, is talking about it. Though that last game between the Penguins & Capitals was a total dud! I was expecting a more competitive game! Call me crazy, but I was happy that the Red Wings won. Not only does the Hawks & Wings renew their Original 6 rivalry, but also no more late games that start at 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CTS. I fell asleep during game 5 of Hawks/Canucks. As for the Bruins/Hurricanes game, that was a fun game to watch, though I was rooting for the Bruins & they lost. I wanted an all "original 12" final 4 (3 of the original 6 teams & one of the original 1967 expansion teams) As for the Conference Finals, I expect both series to go down to the wire. I bet that NBC is happy with the Hawks/Wings matchup & the Pens in the East, though they probably wanted the Bruins instead of the Canes. Anyway, my heart says Hawks/Pens , but my Brain says Wings/Pens. I hope the Hawks pull the upset or else it will be a rematch of last year's finals. (I have the Pens beating the Canes, btw.) If it's Wings/Pens, go Pens. If it's HAWKS vs Pens or Canes, go HAWKS! If it's Wings/Canes, Go Canes, I guess.
  6. I'm sick of this Brett Farve soap opera. ESPN - All Brett Favre, All the Time 24/7. After last year, I don't believe a word this guy has to say. While I always couldn't stand seeing this guy own the Bears for many years, I always had respect for him as a great QB. Brett needs to realize that it's over & should have stayed true to his word after his 1st retirement. After his stint with the Jets & claiming that he's really retiring this time, I would be suprised if he DOES stay retired. The only reason Brett wants to join the Vikings is to get back at the Packers. He will be booed by the Lambeau faithful who once admired him as they see him wearing Vikings purple. Brett or no Brett, the Vikings should compete in the NFC North. Doesn't matter anyway as Da Bears are gonna win the divison anyway & whip BOTH the Packers & Vikings, but that's for another topic!
  7. If Balsillie wants to move the Coyotes to Southern Ontario, that idiot commissioner Bettman should step aside & let it happen. I'm not Canadian, but why do I feel that he has an anti-Canadian bias. If Balsillie wanted to move the team to Kansas City or another US city, Bettman wouldn't try to stop it. I also don't buy Bettman's statement "We fix the problems we don't run out on cities" REALLY?! Ask Quebec, Hartford, & Winnipeg. While I think that the NHL would benifit with more teams in Canada, there are US markets that would make great hockey markets: Kansas City, Houston, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland OR., etc. I would have included Cleveland, but Ohio already has a team (Columbus Blue Jackets) Should the Coyotes happen to move to Southern Ontario, that would mean that one of the existing Eastern Conference teams will have to move to the Western Conference (most likely Pittsburgh would be that team) Possible NHL realignment Eastern Conference Northeast - Hamilton (PHX), MTL, OTT, TOR, BUF Atlantic - BOS, PHI, NYR, NYI, NJ Southeast - WSH, TB, FLA, CAR, ATL Western Conference Central - PIT, CHI, DET, CLB, STL Northwest - COL, MIN, EDM, CGY, VAN Pacific - DAL, NSH, LA, ANA, SJ That's my 2 cents
  8. The Bulls-Celtics series has been one of the best NBA playoff series (of any round) that I've ever seen! I was on the edge of my seat, hoping that the Bulls didn't blow it like they did in game 5. (I'm still mad about that last play in that game. ) From Noah's dunk to Rose blocking Rondo's shot. The game was simply fantastic! In fact each game (expect for that game 3 stinker) has been a thrill to watch. I predict that Game 7 will be another close game, though I think that the Celtic will barely survive the Bulls & move on to face the Magic. If the Celtic do eliminate my Bulls, then I'll root for the Magic to beat the Celtics in the 2nd round. Let's Go Bulls!
  9. The Lions for the most part did a solid job on their new uniforms/logo. The updated lions logo is very impressive. The numbers & font is very good. I also like that the Lions didn't go with the "Arena League/goofy-looking stripes" look like the Cardinals, Vikings, Falcons, etc. & stayed with a traditional piping on the pants. Color scheme is good as always & the black isn't forced or overused, (though navy would have been a better choice than black as a trim color, IMO.) Plus, no black alternate! (I hope I don't see the Lions in black alternate uniforms again.) One of few things I don't like are the thin piping on the helmets. Also, one of the pictures I saw reveal that the Lions appear to wear black undershirts under the jerseys. They couldn't wear blue undershirts like they did in the past?! Overall, good job by the Lions. Grade = B+
  10. Alright! I'll slow down! I won't post any more for while. Has my "MLB Recolorization" post been deleted yet?
  11. Here's a Blue Jays concept I made. It's clearly influenced by the 1989-1996 look. The color scheme is navy, light blue, & red. No black. there is a home, road, blue alternate, & Canda Day alternate. http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/2...ys-concept.html Please review. UPDATE: I deleted the following link due to the mostly negative reviews. I don't like being humiliated. Please delete this post, moderators of this forum, as I want to start over with this concept.
  12. the color scheme is now royal blue, red, & silver. The "Cowboy hat T" has been scrapped. http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/2...ept-take-2.html
  13. I did an update of the Astros concept after reading the reviews. I only did it for the home uniforms. http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/2...ept-take-2.html
  14. My NBA playoff predictions NBA Playoffs predictions Eastern Conference (1st round) CLE def. DET in 4 MIA def ATL in 7 BOS def CHI in 7 ORL def PHI in 6 Western Confrence (1st round) LAL def UTA in 5 HOU def POR in 7 DEN def NO in 7 SA def DAL in 7 2nd Round Eastern Conference CLE def MIA in 6 ORL def BOS in 7 Western Conference LAL def HOU in 7 DEN def SA in 7 Conference Finals CLE def ORL in 6 LAL def DEN in 6 NBA Finals LAL def CLE in 6
  15. So I should replace the T logo then. Also, replace the colors with royal blue & red perhaps? Anyway, thank you all for your reviews.
  16. Here's a Rangers concept. Again, I didn't use any of the Rangers existing scripts, though I did use a Westren font. I used navy, dark red, khaki, & cream as a color scheme. No wacky colors. The logo is an updated version of the 1970s Rangers logo. Also the cap is a "T" with a cowboy hat. http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/2...rs-concept.html What's good? What's bad? Please tell me.
  17. So I should make the star streak shorter then. Thank you for your critique.
  18. I'm still sorry about my last post. I hope the moderators deleted it so I could have a fresh start. Anyway, I did an Astros concept using the 1980s colors & a futuristic font similar to the 1994-1999 uniforms. It's not another recoloring job as I did it on a BLANK template. Click below to see it. Please critique. I promise I'll be good. http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/2...os-concept.html
  19. You guys are right. I stink at making original sports logos & uniforms. Just about everyone else here has creative ideals & I realize that I can't compete. I didn't know that recoloring was unpopular in this forum. The links are now dead now. Please delete this topic, moderators of this forum. I'll leave you guys alone now. I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time. Back to the drawing board for me
  20. I deleted them because I now realized how uncreative they truly were.
  21. I was bored, okay?! Besides, I did credit the Chris Creamer site before I started to post these. http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/2...recoloring.html
  22. All I did was just play around with the color schemes. Hence the name "Recoloring."
  23. Hello, everyone. I made some concepts for each of the 30 teams in MLB. I just posted all of the AL teams. I wanted experiment with different colors schemes. However, the amount of concepts vary with each team as some teams don't need a change in uniforms. Note for some of the concepts, I use colors that are rarely seen in baseball uniforms such as green, brown, teal, tan, & even purple. Be glad that I didn't use pink in any of the concepts. AL East Teams http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/s...label/al%20east AL Central Teams http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/s...el/al%20central AL West Teams http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/s...label/al%20west Next time, I'll post links to the NL teams as soon as I post them. Constuctive criticism is welcomed. Update: Here are the NL teams. Some are just minor tweaks NL East http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/s...label/nl%20east NL Central http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/s...el/nl%20central NL West http://disman00911portfolio.blogspot.com/s...label/nl%20west
  24. I like the Jackie Robinson "42" tribute, but it is overdone with every player on every team wearing the number. I think that the Dodgers should be the only team to go all-42 since they were his team. All the other teams should have a maxiuim of 5 players wearing 42. For an example, one of the Mariners players who would wear 42 would be Ken Griffey Jr., who thought of the idea of wearing Jackie's number to begin with when he was on the Reds.
  25. Harry Kalas was one of the greatest sports announcers of all-time, though I remember him best as the voice of NFL Films than as the Phillies announcer since I don't live in Philly. He wiil be greatly missed. RIP to the following: Nick Adenhart, Harry Kalas, Mark "The Bird" Fydrich, & now Merle Harmon