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    basketball - toronto raptors<br>baseball - chicago cubs<br>soccer - birmingham city<br><br>i also love music, television, nice clothes and obvcourse my computer and photoshop

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  1. ye. i tried that but it also skews the text
  2. i now have serif draw plus 4.0, how do i use it, how can i make a basic logo ?
  3. do one with steve nash on thanks whes that BG from
  4. so like, make what for sports teams, uniforms ??. and my logo isnt also as good as others because i made it on photoshop lol
  5. well like i said, it was my FIRST ever made logo, not even any practise, i wanted to make the words go round the circle but i didnt no how too, and that was the best breaking through affect i could make i think it is alright for my first logo, i usually make sigs
  6. i made this for my fantasy hockey team, the birmingham blackcats
  7. i am making a logo, and the main shape is a circle, on the outside i need to put text, how do i bend the wrting to fit around a circle, skewing it dosent work ?
  8. what is the best program to make logos on though
  9. could someone tell me how to make a basic logo please ?
  10. how do some members do them this well , is the program you use photoshop, because if so ill get learning can anyone do a tutorial on how to make a basic logo thanks
  11. what do you think of this i just made
  12. what do you do to work there ?
  13. WOWO !!!!!!! what was you doing there. how did you get to work there
  14. definant 10. i love it, i also love the raptors. what do you mean stint at raptors.com ?