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  1. In other words, Gobert isn't even necessarily the NBA's Patient Zero; he's just the first who happened to test positive. The real Patient Zero could have been literally anyone in the league who was present for one of these recent games.
  2. MNUFC's home opener on Sunday vs. Red Bulls is still on, fans and all, for the moment. Given today's flurry of announcements in other sports I'll not be surprised if this changes between now and Sunday. (This is also the start of a four-game homestand, and I'm not at all confident those games will go on as scheduled either.)
  3. The Ivy League has canceled all of its spring sports. The NCAA is looking into moving the Final Four to a smaller venue [paywall] in metro Atlanta, rather than play in an empty Mercedes-Benz Stadium. And Rudy Gobert, it seems, is the gift that keeps on giving, in all the wrong ways. I can't find the link anymore, but it seems he may have been COVID-positive during at least one game prior to tonight.
  4. Some college spring games are already being canceled. As for the NFL, their Draft event in Las Vegas might be the first thing to go - there are reports the league might just move the event back to New York without live spectators.
  5. I'd facepalm the hell out of this, only we're not supposed to be touching our faces.
  6. If the hiatus goes too long, arena availability could become a problem - it's a good bet most arenas are more heavily booked with concerts and other events during the NBA/NHL offseason months. If the NBA is considering resuming the season without spectators, they'd better make that call soon.
  7. Two big wins on the road within the conference to start the season for the Loons... ...and yet the main thing I'm left wondering is how long a leash Matias Almeyda has left with the Quakes, after missing the playoffs last year and now opening 2020 with seven goals conceded in two games, both at home. His man-marking scheme just isn't getting it done for them; tonight they couldn't even seem to defend corners, where man-marking is particularly essential.
  8. Singular team nicknames have become passé in recent years, but a couple of teams have recently tried to start a new trend in team names: Verbs that don't double as nouns. In both cases, the verb in question is Ignite. First there was the now-departed Lansing Ignite of USL League One. Now, Nashville's newly announced Interstate Box Lacrosse Association team has adopted the Ignite name (paired with, of all things, a rooster head for a logo). Are there any other current examples of this in North American pro, semipro or college sports? USL and the IBLA don't have any others, and my quick-and-dirty perusal of CCSLC's logo pages doesn't show any in the NLL, MiLB or indie ball, other lower-division or women's soccer leagues, or any of the current or recently defunct football leagues (outdoor or indoor) in North America. (Again, I'm only referring to nicknames that are strictly verbs; names like "Sting" or "Dash" that are also used as nouns don't count.)
  9. NHL markets: Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit: As the only three US NHL markets close to Great Lakes, that raises the idea (admittedly a logistical challenge) of staging outdoor games on said lakes. Columbus: As mentioned elsewhere, the new Crew stadium would be too small for the Winter Classic but I could see it hosting a Stadium Series game somewhere down the line. (Ditto any number of dedicated MLS stadiums in NHL markets.) Dallas: You just know the league would love to stage a Stars Stadium Series game at JerryWorld one of these years. (May or may not actually be outdoors, depending on whether they see fit to leave the roof open.) New York: Belmont Park. If iconic auto racetracks can be considered viable venues, so can iconic horse racing tracks, at least in the northern half of the US where horse racing is typically out of season during the Winter Classic/Stadium Series window. Horse tracks might even work better, provided the tracks themselves are wide enough to accommodate a rink, as the rink could then be built right up against the grandstand. (That would be a problem on many auto racing tracks, which are often banked and not wide enough to hold a rink.) San Jose: Stanford Stadium, Oracle Park, or even a new A's ballpark in Oakland (presuming it gets built). Non-NHL markets: Green Bay: Lambeau Field. It's hosted at least one outdoor college game before, but would have the same WC availability issues as other NFL stadiums, so again Stadium Series would be the likeliest route. (Interestingly, several years ago there was some speculation on the Wild "hosting" a WC at Lambeau against the Blues; that is now the most likely matchup for the actual WC at Target Field next season.) Elsewhere in Wisconsin, UW-Madison's Camp Randall Stadium and Milwaukee's Miller Park (though in both cases it'd probably have to involve the Blackhawks yet again). Given UW's storied hockey history and the numerous players they've sent to the NHL over the years, Camp Randall in particular would certainly have appeal for the league. Louisville: Churchill Downs. (See Belmont Park above. Would likely be Preds vs. one of Blackhawks, Blues, Blue Jackets or Red Wings.) Portland, OR: Providence Park, for the Stadium Series at least. (See Columbus above. Seattle's a shoo-in for a Portland game.) Salt Lake City: Rice-Eccles Stadium could host the WC, and/or the Rio Tinto in nearby Sandy could host the Stadium Series. (Either one would probably involve two of the Avs, Coyotes and Golden Knights.)
  10. I guess it's finally official that Goalkeeper of the Year Vito Mannone won't be back with the Loons (and that Dayne St. Clair isn't ready for the starting gig just yet) - they've just acquired Tyler Miller from LAFC.
  11. (Not my creation, BTW - here's the article where I found it.)
  12. The Loons did everything tonight except finish their scoring chances. The ONE THING that had me worried about their playoff prospects, and sure enough, that's what did them in.
  13. I'm going to the Gold Cup Group D doubleheader at Allianz Field on Tuesday. USMNT's the headliner obviously, but the warm-up act between Panama and T & T is likely to be the more competitive fixture. In light of the USWNT's 13-0 obliteration of Thailand in their WWC opener, I wonder how many goals the USMNT will need to beat Guyana by in order to hold off total panic mode (at least until the T & T rematch in Cleveland).
  14. The NLL's New York Riptide (an expansion team for next season) use that color in their logo. (They haven't revealed their unis yet but I'd not be surprised if they get sea-foam alts.)
  15. "Rover" (the seventh position in the early days of ice hockey) and "sweeper" (an all-but-extinct position in soccer; basically a second goalkeeper but not allowed to handle the ball).