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  1. I'm going to the Gold Cup Group D doubleheader at Allianz Field on Tuesday. USMNT's the headliner obviously, but the warm-up act between Panama and T & T is likely to be the more competitive fixture. In light of the USWNT's 13-0 obliteration of Thailand in their WWC opener, I wonder how many goals the USMNT will need to beat Guyana by in order to hold off total panic mode (at least until the T & T rematch in Cleveland).
  2. The NLL's New York Riptide (an expansion team for next season) use that color in their logo. (They haven't revealed their unis yet but I'd not be surprised if they get sea-foam alts.)
  3. "Rover" (the seventh position in the early days of ice hockey) and "sweeper" (an all-but-extinct position in soccer; basically a second goalkeeper but not allowed to handle the ball).
  4. Through a very small opening, too. That this was the only goal the Loons conceded on their homestand is also a very good sign. (That they've shipped Francisco Calvo to Chicago Fire and benched Michael Boxall is another; they had been responsible for gifting a lot of goals to the opposition this season.)
  5. These look like reworked soccer jerseys, only with a large crest where the sponsor logo would have gone. (Not terribly surprising, mind you, considering that it's Adidas.)
  6. Meanwhile Minnesota has just done the impossible (by their standards, anyway): Post two straight clean sheets - against teams led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney, no less.
  7. You'd probably have to ask Mockba about that to be sure, but my guess is that it was either damaged before the event or not fully stitched together in time. Also, about a second after I took that photo, the loon tifo tore away at the top and fell onto the Wonderwall.
  8. Here's the epic six-part tifo unfurled before kickoff of the Allianz Field opener, featuring all previous incarnations of pro soccer in Minnesota. The slogan: "A storied past/Flies home at last". The stadium design definitely worked as advertised when it came to amplifying the crowd noise. My seats are about the same distance from the supporters' section as they were last season at TCF Bank Stadium, but they sounded twice as loud. Also, earlier today I watched a replay on the ESPN app and the supporters' chants and songs came through much more loud and clear than in telecasts at most other MLS stadiums of comparable size. It sounded more like a game in Atlanta or Seattle than, say, Kansas City. The game itself was insane: Four goals in an eight-minute span, followed by an own-goal by each side (NYCFC's was an epic howler by the keeper, something the Loons have their own history with), Loon defender Michael Boxall's bloody nose forcing him to change into a "blank" jersey, players from both sides laid out by a clash of heads, and a scuffle in stoppage time. The result (a 3-3 draw) wasn't what I'd hoped for, but it certainly got the Allianz Field era off to a rousing start.
  9. So... MLS scheduled MNUFC to open with five games on the road, mainly because of Minnesota's knack for getting blasted by snowstorms in March, including during the Loons' MLS debut game two seasons ago. If forecasts are accurate, their reward will be having to clear up to three feet of snow from the Allianz Field pitch in the 24-48 hours prior to its grand opening, while St. Paul is digging out from the same, thanks to the mid-April mega-storm heading for the nation's midsection later this week. They can't catch a break when it comes to their big opening events.
  10. Today I made the first of many pilgrimages to Allianz Field - in this case, for a special season ticket holders' event. The first picture is from just inside the southwest gate. The other two were taken from the highest accessible point in the stadium - the top of the east-side upper deck's center section.
  11. As a MNUFC season ticket holder I got to visit Allianz Field for the first time today, including a tour of the locker room. There, I observed that all the player stalls were decked out with the team's new white kits instead of their gray primaries. Here is an example: The team isn't playing this week so they obviously aren't using their gray kits, so I suspect this is the team's way of hinting at what they'll be wearing for their home opener on April 13.
  12. San Jose 0:3 Minnesota. I think we can now safely say the Loons' days as road doormats are now over. That is very bad news for the other 23 teams.
  13. Also yesterday, for the first time in their MLS history, Minnesota defeated a conference opponent (Vancouver) on the road. For the most part, their offseason defensive upgrades worked as advertised. Both the Whitecaps' goals were on set pieces and against the run of play, especially the one in the first half which the Loons otherwise dominated. Next week at Quakes is also a winnable game, especially if they can work out their set-piece defending problems.