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  1. Obligatory elephant-in-the-room question: If all these Big XII schools bolt for the Big Ten and Pac-10, what becomes of the schools that are left behind (Iowa State, Kansas, K-State etc.)? There's not enough of them to form a conference of their own, even if Notre Dame were to join them. Are they just SOL?
  2. Giving this thread a bump, as ESPN Page 2 recently solicited nominees for, and pictures of, the worst arena banners in sports. (Gallery of fan-submitted nominees here.) "Attendance Champions"? "100 Consecutive Sellouts"? Even a retired number on an NBA D-League team? Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Update: It turns out some blog beat ESPN to the punch by about two years.
  3. sucks at remembering to update his status. :)

  4. And don't forget Ryan's finest moment of all, which also came in a Rangers uniform.
  5. They actually arrest speeders where you live? I thought that was just a ticketing offense. Now, if Bolt ran a 9.72 100m while drunk, that would be another matter.
  6. Xcel Energy Center just has these two banners so far, both at the east end of the building. AFAIK the Wild have not said when/if they will put up a banner for their Northwest Division title in 2007-08. Considering how far that got them in the playoffs, I wouldn't be surprised, or terribly disappointed, if they decided to pass on it.
  7. I thought I had already posted these here a few months ago, but I can't find them in any of the recent pages. These are links to arena templates I've made for NHL hockey and NLL lacrosse. The panels are for you to add (very small) ads or other art along the boards.
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