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  1. At least two have been spotted in the wild this holiday season. The Vancouver Giants rocked these beauties in two games over the weekend: Not surprisingly, the other one is from the National Lacrosse League. The Saskatchewan Rush wore these in a preseason clash - and line brawl - against their former in-province rivals from Calgary.
  2. Here are the nine team-colorized variants of the logo. Top row: Rochester Knighthawks, Vancouver Stealth, Calgary Roughnecks Middle row: Georgia Swarm, Buffalo Bandits, Toronto Rock Bottom row: Saskatchewan Rush, Colorado Mammoth, New England Black Wolves
  3. Here's the announcement on the league Web site, which has a surprisingly detailed breakdown of the new logo design. Not what I expected, and it doesn't exactly scream "box lacrosse", but then again MLS's logo doesn't exactly scream "soccer" either and yet it's grown on me. Given the second-year commissioner's MLS background I'm not surprised they went the same route (complete with the custom-color option).
  4. More on the Wake Forest/Tommy Elrod story here. Their initials are WF, but after this story perhaps they should add a T in there as well.
  5. Last year when the NLL's Edmonton Rush won the championship and then promptly moved to Saskatoon, I thought it couldn't get any more embarrassing for a pro sports league. It took the NASL and the Cosmos all of 18 months to prove me wrong.
  6. The "49ers" name refers to San Francisco's role in the California Gold Rush. Santa Clara had nothing to do with the Gold Rush - it didn't even exist as a town until 1852, by which time the Gold Rush had mostly played itself out. It wouldn't be incorporated as a city for another decade after that. So if the team were to rename itself for Santa Clara, the 49ers nickname would no longer make sense.
  7. I've long thought the NLL was overdue for a logo revamp, and now at long last it seems they agree with me. The new logo will be revealed two weeks from tomorrow, at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut (where the New England Black Wolves play).
  8. You just knew the curse wouldn't die without a few final bouts of bonkers going down.
  9. It would have to be the one we just saw. Tonight's game was just bananas right from the start.
  10. Arizona and Orlando going bye-bye on back-to-back days? That's the equivalent of the NFL losing the Cowboys and Raiders. Farewell Arena Football - at least you lasted longer than most non-NFL pro football leagues do.
  11. I barely cared about the WCH while it was on. Not only because it was a fake tournament with fake "national" teams, but because it was in September. (As a fan I don't go into "hockey mode" until maybe a week before the actual NHL season starts.) In other words, the very reason why the league and team owners are pushing this over the Olympics.
  12. One of the league's (formerly) stalwart franchises, the Orlando Predators, has suspended operations for next season. Meanwhile their in-state rivals the Jacksonville Sharks are on the verge of bolting the AFL entirely. Two teams abandoning ship in one day... this doesn't bode well.
  13. Also, keep in mind the second tier's (not just NASL) role as an incubator of several franchises that have since made the jump to MLS, with at least one more (Minnesota) on the way. Granted, not very many remaining NASL markets look like MLS material, but they may be expanding in part just to offset that attrition.
  14. Ironically, all the banners in that photo are for division/conference championships not only won in Los Angeles, but long before the team adopted the logo on those banners. (At least the Rams wordmark on the banners, like the Rush wordmark on their championship banner, is locationless.)
  15. As promised in the previous post, here are screenshots of the Saskatchewan Rush championship banner-raising ceremony. They did indeed go with the location-less Rush logo used on the rings.
  16. Maybe those unis were an early draft of their eventual 1991 rebrand. Come to think of it, 1989 was about the time of the first rumblings of a possible North Stars relocation (to San Jose), so these unis might even have been meant as the first stage of a staggered rebrand in anticipation of such a move. (Some fans have theorized that the '91 rebrand itself was a similar ploy ahead of the team's eventual move to Dallas, given how little that look had to be tweaked for the Stars' new home.)
  17. Green Bay Packers: Due to family ties (lots of Packer-fan relatives) and living among Cheeseheads for several years. Plus, I'm a shareholder now. Arsenal: My London-born brother-in-law (who supports Fulham) comes from a family of Gooners. More critically, Arsenal was just moving from Highbury into Emirates Stadium right at about the time I was looking for an English side to adopt, so I figured it would be an ideal time to get on board. Colorado Mammoth (not on my sig, yet): The NLL team I have adopted in place of the Minnesota Georgia Swarm.
  18. I don't recall if I brought this up earlier in the thread (and it's such a huge thread now that I'm too lazy to look) but in 2010 the newly-relocated Washington (state) Stealth of the NLL raised a banner for having won the league's West Division the previous year. There was one small problem, though: That division title was won as the San Jose Stealth, but the banner had the Washington name and logo on it. I bring this up again now because we may be about to see an even more absurd example of this in the same league with the Saskatchewan Rush. Last year the Edmonton Rush won their first - and as it turns out, their last - league championship. A few weeks later, they pulled up stakes and moved one province over, to Saskatoon. Their home opener is on the 15th, when they will raise their 2015 championship banner to the SaskTel Centre rafters. Though they have not said which market name and logo the banner will feature, in all likelihood they'll pull the same sort of revisionist championship history as the Stealth did in 2010, which would be a final slap in the face to Rush fans left behind in Edmonton. The game will be streamed online, so I will post a screen-grab of the banner if they show it. Update: The design of the Rush championship rings (pictured below) suggests a possible solution to the banner conundrum: A "generic" version of the team wordmark that just says "Rush", with no reference to either Edmonton or Saskatchewan.
  19. Mine is much more recent than most: May 24 of last year, when the NLL's Swarm, with whom I'd had season tickets for eight years, announced they were leaving Minnesota. (They didn't announce Atlanta as their destination until the following week.) On social media I now refer to them as the Zombie Swarm, in part for the Atlanta/Walking Dead reference, but mainly because seeing them in their virtually unchanged unis and logos (apart from sticking "Georgia" where "Minnesota" used to be) is like seeing old friend who've died, roaming the earth again as zombies.
  20. At this point, wouldn't that be like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?
  21. Interestingly, that's happened to the National Lacrosse League twice in the past few years - the Rochester Knighthawks in 2007, and the Washington Stealth in 2013, had to move the Champion's Cup Final because their arena was already booked for that weekend - in both cases, also with a circus. In the Stealth's case, the arena they chose (Langley Events Center outside Vancouver) ended up becoming the team's permanent new home. It would be morbidly funny if Arena Football ended up being outlasted by the freaking NLL.
  22. I have a sinking feeling that Vegas, and only Vegas, will be getting an expansion team this time around, for a 31-team NHL. Team #32 will be tabled until either (1) the Seattle group(s) get their together (assuming one of them doesn't end up with the Coyotes instead) or (2) another western U.S. market emerges, such as Houston or KC, and one of them will get the other expansion team. Quebec City feels a lot like it'll end up like Winnipeg, all dressed up with nowhere to go for years before another of Bettman's Sun Belt babies finally gives up the ghost (or maybe even a non-Sun Belt baby like Columbus).
  23. Logo-wise, a flaming-S logo might be hard to pull off in the Calgary style - seems to me it'd end up looking like a psychedelic seahorse.
  24. Remember the problem that came up at Super Bowl XLV, where a whole section of ticketed seats turned out to be unusable? Well, another ticketing fiasco seems to be unfolding at Super Bowl XLIX:
  25. You just knew this was coming: Now, courtesy of a Seattle radio station, a DeflateGate parody of AC/DC's "Big Balls".
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