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  1. If it's San Jose, they'll almost certainly adopt the current NHL Sharks logo - otherwise they'd have to repaint the logo at center ice on every changeover between the NHL and AHL Sharks. They'll probably go with a different uni style and a variation on the Sharks name for the AHL team, in order to differentiate it from its parent club/arena-mate. Tiburones (Spanish for "Sharks"), perhaps?
  2. It wasn't just CNN - tonight all three US network evening news shows led with it.
  3. Un- -believable. That's the only word I have for it.
  4. nash61's idea wasn't to move or demote Lake Erie, merely to switch its parent club from Colorado to Columbus. Also, re: 5-team West Coast "mini-league" within the AHL: Keep in mind that would likely go up to 6 teams or even 7 with Las Vegas and/or Seattle affilliates joining in.
  5. Peyton: Regular-season juggernaut who (except for one season) always chokes in the playoffs. Eli: Awful in the regular season, but if his team still manages to make the playoffs, then he becomes practically unbeatable.
  6. Packers got a huge break today. They might still have won even if the call had stood and the Cowboys then scored (there were still about 5 minutes left), but as it is, it's a strangely unsatisfying win.
  7. I was actually rooting for the Cowboys today (Suh and Raiola have actually made the Lions easier to hate, no small feat there)... or for most of the day anyway, until they were gifted that PI reversal. Having seen, in person, an NASL team getting screwed out of their playoffs in similar fashion just two months ago, to see it happen here was just too much. And to hear Mike Pereira try to make excuses for the officials (he chalked it all up to a lack of chemistry among the officials from different crews) was just pathetic and lame. After that I couldn't care less who won, as long as they get absolutely crushed the following week. As it turns out, it falls to my Packers to see to that.
  8. Even if the league drops the banhammer on Suh like they should?
  9. Some of those who went to Raymond James Stadium today expecting to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, instead ended up seeing (a little too much of) the Tampa Bay lightning.
  10. UW-Platteville was my alma mater, but while I was there they used a blue P in the same style as Purdue's. They switched to the faux-Florida-Gators look shown above a few years later, but have since undergone a major redesign (shown on this page). Elsewhere in Wisconsin, New Berlin West HS's baseball team uses a modified version of the Brewers' ball-in-glove logo (with an "n" above the "b" instead of an "m"). I used to see it as a rear window sticker all the time when I lived down that way; alas, my attempt to Google the logo came up empty.
  11. Grantland recently did a piece on this very sort of subject: What if the Tom Kurvers trade from the Devils to the Maple Leafs in 1989 (25 years to the day the piece was posted) never happened? The Tom Kurvers Trade: One Deal, One Million Repercussions
  12. As though the Peoria Rivermen having to slum it in the SPHL (as its only club located north of Tennessee, at that) since the last minor-league reshuffling wasn't bad enough...
  13. Multiple post - the site stopped responding just as I submitted it the first time, so...
  14. My worst day is still the day the North Stars finalized their move to Dallas in 1993, but that was an off-ice event. My worst memory from actual competition came in 2012, when the Minnesota Swarm (having just won their first-ever playoff game) hosted the Edmonton Rush in the National Lacrosse League's West Division Final. Had they won that game, they would have hosted the Champion's Cup Final the following week as well, against a Rochester team they beat at home earlier in the season. Alas, Edmonton picked (almost) the perfect time to get crazy-stupid-hot. The Swarm ended up getting shredded 15-3, still the worst loss in franchise history. (Edmonton wound up losing the Final in Rochester, hence the "almost".) So, two years later when Brazil got similarly shredded at home by Germany in the World Cup semis, I knew exactly how their fans felt.
  15. These aren't new, but I have moved my NHL and NLL rink templates to a new folder on Photobucket, so the old links are broken, thus necessitating the posting of new ones. NHL rink template (click thumbnail for full-size image) NLL box template (click thumbnail for full-size image) Center-turf mask for NLL template (to place the center faceoff dot on top of a center-turf logo)
  16. Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis has the same issues...which is one of the many reasons why Indy probably won't get an NHL team anytime soon (large pic): I don't have a picture, but Key Arena in Seattle also has the off-center hockey configuration. The only time it's recently been used (that I'm aware of) wasn't even for hockey, but for indoor lacrosse - in 2010, the then-Washington (now Vancouver) Stealth held one NLL playoff game there while their usual arena, up the road in Everett, was booked for a circus.
  17. Just my opinion but I think the Devils will stay put in North Jersey. I still feel like the team that will move to Quebec are the Panthers. How that team has survived as long as they have in South Florida is beyond me. Better yet, they could take the Devils franchise full-circle by moving them back to Kansas City. (This would have the added bonus of enabling the conferences to be re-balanced at 15 teams apiece.)
  18. Like I said - moving heaven, hell and every mountain on Earth...
  19. I cannot believe nobody caught this little nugget from the other day... In other words, the NHL could soon be veering into what in recent years has been the exclusive domain of the National Lacrosse League (which has seen several teams suspend operations with plans to return later, although most of them ended up simply going away altogether). If this actually happens, aside from making the new alignment even more unbalanced than it already is, it would reaffirm what most of us here have suspected all along: that Seattle, Quebec City et al never really had a chance, because the Phoenix market is to Gary Bettman what the One Ring is to Gollum, and he'll move heaven, hell and every mountain on Earth before he gives up his Precious.
  20. Now that Seattle is back in play, thereby giving Bettman another US market to fall back on, the odds of the Coyotes ending up in Quebec probably just dropped by an order of magnitude.
  21. Looks like Tuesday will be the next coming-to-a-head moment in this sorry saga.
  22. I just scored my most sought-after jersey last night, for $140 at a silent auction, the NLL Portland LumberJax' legendary plaid third jersey. (And I know Mockba has one of these too.)
  23. Seeing that the NCAA did take action against Penn State, but declined to administer their so-called "death penalty" says more about the state of the death penalty (read: it is itself deader than dead) than it does about Penn State's transgressions. Also, seeing that many media members and other observers have commented that the sanctions Penn State got are actually worse over the long haul than an outright 1-year ban, I wonder if this won't become the NCAA's template for a death-penalty substitute for severe/repeat violators (Miami, anyone?) in the future.
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