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  1. Having been at the unveiling, I can say that they look much better in person/live than they do in pictures I'm excited to see if that translates to TV. Like many, I'm not a fan of the wordmarks on the sleeves, but overall I think they hit a home run with this update. The numbers on the Home Jersey are actually silver trimmed in the "dark steel grey" and not white as they sometimes appear in pictures. Seeing them live, they can still look white at times depending on the angle, but they are definitely a light silver color with a slight sheen to them. There is a picture posted by aawagner011 that shows this much better than previous pictures have. (Stafford Jersey)
  2. Based on the picture, there is no white in the the helmet stripes and the "Lions" only seems to appear in the right shoulder sleeve. (As it's not visible on Marvin Jones left shoulder.) Also doesn't appear that the "Lions" is outlined in white or grey. Lion on the helmet is outlined in Blue. Not sure how shiny the facemask is based off the picture. May be grey, may be silver. Guess we'll find out shortly. If the pants are standard and don't go all "Browns" on us, then I'm not hating it. Could do without the "Lions" on the sleeve and I would have preferred a blue facemask, but overall it seems to be a decent update.
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