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  1. Again, nice work, Matt-- after reading through the replies, I'd like to also share my two cents: Obviously, everyone immediately noticed the similarity to the LMU logo. While it's true that a lion is a lion is a lion, the striping in the mane seems to push the trademark-infringement line (not that I would know what that line is). Then again, Boise St. and Western Michigan's broncos are awfully reminiscent of Denver's. Many posters have critiqued the eye, which could use some slight tweaking, such as definitely making it smaller, or with less guyliner. While the empty eye redesign makes it less "cartoony", I kind of like the round pupil. Also--just a thought--my tiger housekitty has white rings around his eyes; maybe this could be incorporated into a touch-up. As to the uniform itself-- I am a HUGE fan of this design. Silver numbers are so much better, and I really like how they call upon the throw-backs. While I did kind of like the "traditional" sleeve stripes, with the way Reebok stitches through sleeve stripes w/o consideration--ie. the Steelers--I guess they wouldn't be missed much. Thumbs-up to the pants stripe, too. And I really do like all-blue socks-- it's too bad they need to be half white. The sharpie-marker/electrical tape black must be banished for eternity along with Millen. That crap was like the Packers or Bears incorporating teal into their uniforms. On to the helmet-- this is where there's a lot of room to work with. Personally, I find this design surprisingly refreshing. It's clean, and though I don't know how intentional this was, the mostly-silver logo has a lightness in weight that also harkens to the throwback helmet. While I personally like helmet stripes (a la bulky sleeve stripes), I had been wondering about possible ways the current striping could be changed. Is a plain silver helmet too Patriots? Is a single blue stripe too Raiders? Can you keep a helmet stripe with asymmetrical pantstripes? Of course-- just look at how the Redskins pull it off with a completely different stripe pattern. I like how the white middle stripe looks with the away jerseys; maybe if the blue stripes were significantly decreased in thickness as to only outline the white it would still keep the clean, streamlined feel of your stripeless design? Probably not... In regards to the poster who thought the logo design looked out of place in the context of the whole uniform... HELLO!!! Ever notice the current logo/uniform? I always thought it was kind of neat how "Bubbles" was this organic shape who stood out like a majestic individual. This logo design is completely in keeping with the clean, streamlined uniform concept. Maybe you think it'd be better if the logo was also splattered on both sleeves, then again on both hips. Maybe on the back above the nameplate, too. How about we get original and put a big logo on the butt? I frickin' hate that-- when I can see the logo on the helmet, why does it need to be displayed again six inches lower on the sleeve?!? Obviously, looking good on the merchandise rack has trumped looking good on the field. (Also, generally-speaking, I despise the "modern" clownsuit design. Denver's uniform redesign was fresh, but the imposters since have been tragically Patches the Clown horrendous.) Lastly, as a matter of personal preference and not necessarily a critique, I still think I would rather have a more organic, unruly Lion instead of something of "modern" stylization. In all truthfulness, I really like "Bubbles" and would welcome keeping him around through a redesign. Also, I like unpainted endzones. Kudos again, Matt-- maybe if I ever finish stitching the stuffed bunny for my baby daughter, I'll put something on here that all you guys can tear apart. : )