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  1. I've never liked any iteration of the tiger stripes. I would prefer a non-literal interpretation like they had in the Ken Anderson days. I know that's never going to happen as the name and the color scheme are too suggestive, so I guess I would go with the late 90s look.
  2. According to si.com, he did indeed. I wonder if that's Bjork's voice we're hearing .
  3. Is branding mandated by the conference? Or perhaps the schools want to make clear their conference affiliations for recruits.
  4. The Ty-D-Bol Bowl? Kind of like Ben Wyatt's Lo-Cal Calzone Zone? If they can somehow get Ty Detmer as a spox or Grand Marshal, I'm down.
  5. The gold detailing looks like tiny Buffaslugs being smashed by the one true buffalo.
  6. I got this link today as I have seen games at Loyola the last two seasons. This is the new court design for basketball and volleyball at the Gentile Arena. It's OK, but could have been more striking IMHO. They, like a lot of institutions in Chicago, are leaning hard into the '4 stars on the flag' motif. Personally, I wish Loyola would go back to the "LU" design they had when I grew up there and my Dad was a professor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA_4w7pNV-M&feature=youtu.beInsert other media
  7. On the personal, a friend's father's business made the flags at Wrigley. She couldn't tell me why the Phillies flag is still maroon.
  8. Now that Loyola is in the spotlight one must admit that Ramblers is a pretty unusual nickname.
  9. C'moooooon. You gotta let them dine out on that game for a while. At least til the season starts.
  10. I'e never been a fan of the Bengal's stripe scheme. Always hated the helmets and the latest redesigns are awful. If they wanted to go back to the boring basic Ken Anderson-era look, it wouldn't bother me. (Although an orange jersey might be interesting.) Speaking of, I like the Browns' set. I understand the objections people have, and I dislike the piping look on the jersey seams, and maybe the NCAA is the proper place for the name-on-the-pants look, but their look has always been so block-basic that it's not a sacreligeous gear-strip or anything.
  11. I think I like it. It looks very one-of-a-kind.
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