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  1. I've never liked any iteration of the tiger stripes. I would prefer a non-literal interpretation like they had in the Ken Anderson days. I know that's never going to happen as the name and the color scheme are too suggestive, so I guess I would go with the late 90s look.

  2. 12 hours ago, pepis21 said:


    I'm curious if Halldórsson (Iceland NT Goalie) directed this video, because he's working as a filmmaker and done few clips for KSI in past. Btw crest is amazing, home kit also even if this is a template.

    According to si.com, he did indeed. 
    I wonder if that's Bjork's voice we're hearing .

  3. 5 hours ago, cajunaggie08 said:

    I'm curious just how big the Chinese fan base actually is. While Houston is a very large and diverse city, we actually don't have a very large Chinese population. Vietnamese is much more predominant in the area. It's almost a slap in the face to the local population that celebrates lunar new year by having it tied directly to only Chinese wordmarks and designs.

    The team specifically pointed to its large fanbase in China.

  4. I got this link today as I have seen games at Loyola the last two seasons. This is the new court design for basketball and volleyball at the Gentile Arena. It's OK, but could have been more striking IMHO.  They, like a lot of institutions in Chicago, are leaning hard into the '4 stars on the flag' motif. Personally, I wish Loyola would go back to the "LU" design they had when I grew up there and my Dad was a professor.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA_4w7pNV-M&feature=youtu.beInsert other media

  5. I'e never been a fan of the Bengal's stripe scheme. Always hated the helmets and the latest redesigns are awful. If they wanted to go back to the boring basic Ken Anderson-era look, it wouldn't bother me. (Although an orange jersey might be interesting.)

    Speaking of, I like the Browns' set. I understand the objections people have, and I dislike the piping look on the jersey seams, and maybe the NCAA is the proper place for the name-on-the-pants look, but their look has always been so block-basic that it's not a sacreligeous gear-strip or anything.

  6. Personally I find the 80s set boring and the wordmark logo dumb. i like the new old look they've had for a while now.
    IIRC, in (I think) 1994 they played and exhibition game against the Bears in which they wore a color-inverted version of the NYJ helmet which fascinated me. Am I completely crazy or was that a thing?

  7. On 4/16/2018 at 6:00 PM, verno said:

    My bad, me just being lazy, something I'm great at? I just call it the Picasso Coyote because that's what I usually hear it referred as.

    No need o apologize, but it bothers me that people still either don't realize or don't care about the inspiration for the original logo and that it has nothing to do with Picasso and everything to do with Hopi folk art.

  8. 1 minute ago, Sodboy13 said:


    If you think that's pedantry, maybe you want to navigate away from this particular message board and spend your hours in the Barstool comments instead.

    I shall never forget these kindnesses. Your words carry infinite value. This was my first time here so I never understood the levels of pedantry at play on these message boards. As I begin my final form at Dunnsborough-Chawton I shall apply your many encouraging thoughts toward my general studies and hope to better myself in every way that I may one day approach the correct levels of pedantry as you have so very generously explained them to me.

  9. On 12/22/2017 at 10:06 AM, Ice_Cap said:

    Yes, they are :D 

    Look, yes. They were named after the Black Hawk Division. I’m telling you with 100% certainty that the division was, in fact, named after Chief Black Hawk.

    So while the team wasn’t named after the Sauk Chief directly? They were named after something that was, and they use the Sauk Chief’s likeness as their logo.


    So yes. They were named after Chief Black Hawk. Going “well actually...” is pedantic, even for this place. 

    Why, thank you for the lesson on pedantry, Mr. "100% Certainty/Something That Was!" If I had meant to sportsplain, I would have. 

  10. On 12/13/2017 at 1:22 PM, Ice_Cap said:

    They’re named after Chief Black Hawk, so their identity fits so long as they’re using him as their logo. 

    No they're not. They're named for the Blackhawk division, the outfit the Freddie McLaughlin served with in the war. (Which I think was named for the Sauk Chief, but the team is not directly.)

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