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  1. Of course it looks the same. It's a cliche. I'm here all week, folks. Enjoy the prime rib.
  2. Can anyone tell me why the Cubs are still using a burgundy flag for the Phillies when they play at Wrigley? I went by this am and there it was. They haven't worn burgundy (or whatever shade of red that is) since 1991, I think. Wazzup? Any ideas?
  3. I literally just came from there. It's a little lacking in this day and age.
  4. Costanza was never a Fosse fan. He was more into Jerome Robbins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SpWqfdn4mY
  5. Baltimore Bullets, early-mid-70s. When I was becoming cognizant of sports logos and unis. the old NHL sticker books did a job, too, The logos. The colors.
  6. I didn't see this in the search, so: Does anybody know which is the biggest center-court logo in the NCAA? By the eye test, I might say Kansas. For a single-letter logo, the big Rutgers "R" at the RAC might do it. Thoughts?
  7. Well, Vegas is a pretty boring town, not known for its nightlife, not a lot of entertainment options, not a lot of talent to choose from out there. Honestly. I didn't watch, bt iyt sounds like the rollout couldn't have ben worse. Not a bad logo, though. Don't like "Golden." It sounds like a college program.
  8. I was kind of hoping we'd see OR ELSE on the backs.
  9. Everyone caught up in the push/pull of the Jets/Thrashers/Coyotes meshugaas is missing the important element of what the current team, which is named the Jets, means to the people of Winnipeg, who also had a(nother) hockey team named the Jets. Everyone here and everyone there is aware of the permutations of the club and the names. Give it a rest. Winnipeggers are still, despite five years of mediocrity, thrilled to have an NHL team, and they've shown it with their wallets, and that loyalty has been rewarded with a Classic game.
  10. OK, yes, this is the very definition of an unpopular opinion. I have a question about this logo, maybe someone can help me. What is that thing that forms the crossbar of the "A" supposed to be? At first I thought it was trying to be a halo, but that makes no sense... it's physically attached to the wing. So WTF is it? Well,I do like the logo and it is an angel attached to the head.That's supposed to be a pitched (or hit) baseball, yes? And I personally loathe that set. Took a great uniform set and Disneyfied the crap out of the team.
  11. LOL!!!!1!!1! Seriously, I think the Islanders almost wear their desiged-in-half-an-hour crest as a badge of, I don't know if I'd call it "honor," but "resilience," maybe. I wish they'd put the four Cup hash marks back on the shoulder and also keep them on the stick.
  12. Opinion: Any of the above (Darkwing Duck possibly included) Ducks unis is preferable to the NASCAR crap they run out there now.
  13. Opinion: I have always hated the Bengals' stripe motif, on both the helmets and the uniforms.
  14. Never heard of them. AC Slatering? Sounds like a Russian football league's metallurgist's or mining team.
  15. I loved the Sonics mid-90s rebranding:color scheme, logo, uni design, all of it. Tradition be damned, the "Hook 'em, Horns" hand sign should be done with the thumb and pinky as the horns. Do it. Now look at the logo. Now do the "traditional" sign. Which one looks more like the logo? Gradients on major sport uniforms look like a desperate plea for attention,like a last gasp move. The Maple Leafs should go back to the Ballard-era sleeves. WIth the exception of white-white, I hate monochromatic NFL combos. Helmets are not a consideration.
  16. The Astros haven't had a good uni set since the rainbows. The BiG logo kicks ass for monogram-related reasons previously discussed, plus they aren't really brewers of beer. It bothers me that more people don't acknowledge the Hopi influence of the Coyotes' "Picasso" jerseys. Is there actual press about Picasso? I hate the Blackhawks solid-black alternate AND the barberpole from years past. The Mets should always wear pinstripes at home, and no black ever. All ballplayers should wear knee-length uni pants and long stirrup hose. I hate Flying Elvis. All European football teams should play for a year without shirt sponsors. Swallow the financial loss and see if the sponsors suffer at all. I love the Steelers' round numbers.
  17. I have two versions.... one is just the uniforms and the other is the key with the numbers and all that jazz and extra is one they were supposed to wear in 1997 (I think)... That green alt is yicchy.
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