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  1. Could you add the Flames to your list There is lots of debate within the fanbase regarding the inclusion of black. I'd like to see what you come up with.
  2. Came across this picture tonight. I get the feeling this change is more than just swapping out "Reebok" for "Adidas", although that will probably be the case for teams like Montreal and Chicago. (Hoping that this is not a previously posted picture. I haven't seen this in this thread yet,)
  3. I am very aware and often impressed by the work posted in the Concept Forum. My question is what can one expect to receive in return for what range of $? A jpeg image? A vector file? I wouldn't be sure of what to ask for...
  4. When you say a couple of bucks, what range of $ would I be looking at? What could I expect to receive?
  5. So I got the job! Now, could someone tell me how to ask permission from a professional minor league team to use their logo, colours & identity with slight alterations?
  6. Great suggestion with the feeder school name, although the identity I'm looking at will be distinct to both the high schools the students would feed into. I've actually have applied to 2 different middle schools that open in September, so if I get one of them, it is something that should work at either location.
  7. Greetings all. I haven't posted in a while, but I visit this site often. I wanted to ask for some feedback. I am hoping to win an internal job competition for the Athletic Director and Phys Ed. Head at a brand new middle school. Part of the start up will be to create an identity, specifically picking colours, logo and team name. While I don't want to just copy a pro sports team like other schools, there is a specific identity out there that I am considering using as a starting point if I land the position. I was wondering what the protocol should be if I pursue this? I plan on asking the organization for their blessing, but is there any other steps I should take? Another question would be if the organization has folded and is no longer operating. What should I do if I use a logo that is no longer being used as inspiration? Thanks in advance for your responses!
  8. I kinda agree. But for me the main reason is that the stripes are blue on red on the shorts. Firstly, while the full name of the team is "Der Hamburger Sportverein", I believe it is proper to refer to the team in English as "Hamburg" instead of "Hamburger". I much prefer the use of blue instead of red on the back of the home jersey. I agree with the comment about the blue adidas stripes on the red shorts. I don't hate it, but it just doesn't look right.
  9. I'd like to see this with the logos reversed. As a Flames fan, I feel only the "Flaming C" should ever be our primary logo. As well, no need for it to be two shades of colour.
  10. This concept is great, but makes me think the team name should be "NEVADA BIG HORNS" instead of Las Vegas.
  11. Home: I like the lines on the chest. I'm not sure about the two different coloured sleeves. However, any Hamburg home kit must include red shorts and blue socks with the black/white squares at the top.Away: Really like this, especially the sublimated diamond pattern. Third: Looks great, but I'm not sure you intended to make people think of crucifixes, which was my first thought. Maybe drop the horizontal blue strip?
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for Hamburg!
  13. As a Flames fan, I like this very much, and would only make 2 small changes. 1. Remove black shoulders on home jersey/red shoulders on away jersey. Not a fan of the cowboy shirt effect. 2. Change shape of the secondary logo from a roundel to a shield.
  14. No. But it rarely, rarely happens. The Penguins changed their look to the "Robo-Penguin" while they were the two-time defending Stanley Cup champions. Yes, it rarely happens, but not rarely, rarely.
  15. What an idiot why do people wear other teams jerseys to games they're not even playing. Every idiot Saskatchewan Roughriders fan says hello.