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  1. My pet peeve with Minnesota's RR: Why yellow numbers outlined with green?
  2. There were also 7 years (including an Avco Cup championship) in the World Hockey Association. I would say that these 23 consecutive seasons puts them on par with the Browns & Sonics.
  3. That statement is on its own disrespectful. What makes you think that the Nordiques were not as important to the people of Quebec City? Are you saying that they are less important than the Browns or Sonics because QC has a smaller population than Cleveland or Seattle?
  4. Could you add the Flames to your list There is lots of debate within the fanbase regarding the inclusion of black. I'd like to see what you come up with.
  5. Came across this picture tonight. I get the feeling this change is more than just swapping out "Reebok" for "Adidas", although that will probably be the case for teams like Montreal and Chicago. (Hoping that this is not a previously posted picture. I haven't seen this in this thread yet,)
  6. I'd like to see this with the logos reversed. As a Flames fan, I feel only the "Flaming C" should ever be our primary logo. As well, no need for it to be two shades of colour.
  7. I have. I pre-ordered the Heritage Classic Flames jersey from the team store, and I was able to pick it up the day it arrived. It was in a plastic bag. I think that the jerseys are shipped this way from Reebok, but displayed on a hanger or folded on a shelf by store staff.
  8. I would say yes, but it is much more acceptable in my eyes as you are not choosing to buy a counterfeit in order to save money. I have purchased a WHA Calgary Cowboys off of ebay in a similar circumstance.
  9. 8. Avoid purchasing a Canucks jersey... Agreed! A conterfeit Bruins jersey > A legit Canucks jersey. I officially appoint the Boston Bruins as "Canada's Team".
  10. Do not make the mistake that "legal = ethical" and vice-versa. While I am not an American and probably have not studied your history as much as many of you have, the actual "Declaration of Independence" may have been illegal, but at its heart is not "unethical". The Nuremberg Laws and "Jim Crow" type laws & enforcement may have been "legal", but they are certainly not "ethical". Smoking or possessing marijiana is illegal (even though I don't do it) and you may be supporting organized crime if you purchase it, but does that automatically make it "unethical"?
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