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  1. naw mate, look at the back of the helmet. all reflections / shadows are pretty sharp. theres nothing above the helmet to be reflected on the top even if it were new, they wouldn't be putting this out there now
  2. this does seem to be of a 100th Season thing, given the last few years have featured red and blue. personally, id like to see Nike go nuts on Pro Bowl uniforms. i mean does anyone really care about this event anyway? it cant be about jersey sales, they don't move enough of them for that to be a real factor. seems like the perfect opportunity to run experiments, but i think even this is dictated heavily by NFL so i'd blame them
  3. the problem with making the keyline red or black is it will be used primarily on thise two colors. apparel, marketing materials, social, etc. id prefer not to lose it if placed on one of the 2 primary colors. i also much prefer the contrast between black and white, using red highlights. makes the logo appear a bit larger
  4. well, if we're sharing wishlist concepts... https://imgur.com/cZukbGU edit: i straight up forget how to post images so theres a link
  5. what makes you think that? its still the same wordmark just.... NFL Creative’d
  6. she's a VP / CMO so... i wouldnt quite say she's part of the Creative Team. the C-Suite and ownership is who you expect to be involved in most of these things. add in fan and player input, this seems pretty standard process to me. which is frightening! LOL, but again, im trying to stay positive . let's hope for the best. i was thinking about this too, what will the alternate jersey look like? if it were me, i would start talking about what that alternate jersey should be early. do we go back to a black primary? then does that mean we go with a red helmet? so does that make our alternate the 60's throwback? they can go a lot of ways here and don't put it past Nike to introduce the unexpected. a silver helmet or something, you know? i wouldn't even make an attempt at guessing what they'll do here, i just hope they don't go backwards for the primarys; evolve the great primary uniform they already have
  7. thats likely one of those adjustments the NFL has been making. i dont think this is actually better though. it loses a sense of speed and lightness and feels less custom, more like an out of the box sports font; the variation in line weight was a nice touch that reflects the tapered lines that vary in weight in the primary logo. the new creates oddities like the points in the letters being too close to the next letter. im not feelin this at all
  8. mostly, its teams reaching out to Nike or NFL about any major uni or logo changes. sometimes the NFL will make minor adjustments to a logo and say “heres your 2020 logo sheet”. or as case with Color Rush, it was a Nike initiative pitched to NFL that teams had to sign off on. with the Dolphins, the reason for reaching out to Nike was the creative team and Garfinkel worked on new designs internally. then pulled it back to the point where “heres what we think we can get Ross to sign off on” and had great reasons for each decision. pushing it closer to the throwbacks or “the real Dolphins” also carried some fan satisfaction with it. simultaneously, Nike did some more mock ups on their templates and explored the same brief while also helping us with some new color options. this included CR options but in the end, Nike was interested in just executing whatever the team wanted. we tried to get the white throwback 2 years ago and make it a surprise on gameday. “we just need 54 jerseys can we do that?”. for apparel sales reasons, Nike was wasn’t so into that and wanted to wait til they had the retail options ready with ATL it seems to be a tight relationship between ownership and Nike / NFL. ive talked to 2 other teams about possible uniform updates and how the creative teams might be involved (like with Miami) and that seemed like a completely crazy concept to them, lol
  9. a sad day, as they currently wear my favorite NFL uniform. i asked about new unis last year and it didnt seem then that was going to happen yet, that they went in to it then put it aside. meh, what are ya gonna do? ill stay optimistic, though. hopefully they dont change the logo and do something more fashion forward, not just throwing it back to something stale
  10. “old school feel with modern twist” respect the past, build the future ...or whatever that Nike nonsense is
  11. oh i dont know about that one. haven't heard anything. i know they've tried to make some subtle adjustments to the primary logo to make the KC monogram work a little better, but couldn't say if there were any larger plans than that. someone mentioned that a team was doing a complete re-brand. i havent heard or seen anything about that either but if thats true, my guess would be the Raiders
  12. i think these turned out better than anyone honestly expected. the unis are certainly a step up from the logos / identities. still, a lot of repeated ideas; seems the template was really restrictive. you dont see any custom cut and sew or elements breaking from the template, like say the Seahawks stripes. color palette overall very limited. but i like what they did with the number fonts which ate well ahead of Nike’s offerings. legible but customized enough i feel like for every pro theres a con. id say overall its perfectly average. nothing impressive or especially tasteful and only the Vipers feel particularly awful. @Old School Fool NFL teams all use their own balls but they all look the same. i wonder if thats the case here, where the offenses will always play with the team ball? i think its a cool idea but, the ball design is just as meh as the rest of it all
  13. if we're burning white pants, throw the Giants' in the fire as well
  14. its funny; i love their powder blue but i just dont think it makes for a good helmet color.
  15. the Bears ‘36 uniform is my all time favorite. ive waited so many years to see it on field and the matchup against the Viks i think was a solid choice. if i have a dying uniform wish, its to see it worn with the Lions throwbacks, but they still totally delivered for me. it was a great day to be a football uniform nerd
  16. i dont believe the Bucs design was driven purely by aesthetic fads as though the thought was "this is in now, guess ill use it", but pulled appropriately from new techniques added for Nike Designers to play with. once you realize you can do an oversized logo or a finish on a facemask that looks more metallic, the key is to use those things in proper places. the Bucs helmet is the proper place. start with the colors and finish of the helmet and mask. it does have this appearance of something you'd find on a ship. a piece of silver/metal stuck into a cannon ball, or something. and what do you do with a logo that is a blood red pirate flag pierced by a sword, charging into battle? of course you blow it up and make it as loud as possible! it's like the logo is screaming, and that perfectly suits it.
  17. Cap lays out the overall synopsis of the art direction of the 2 logos nicely above. to dig deeper, there’s not a single detail that is improved upon with the current logo. every decision they made actually made it, by all means, a lesser and poorly constructed logo, save for the brighter red. look at the skull/swords on the new flag. its not integrated into it; its simply placed and rotated and looks like 2 different logos stacked on top of each other. the addition of colors and shadows makes it harder to reproduce in other applications and the pen tool work (the actual vector construction of the art) is absolutely abysmal. the flag doesnt appear to fold, its flat. look at the bottom left piece and how awkward that hump is. then behold the stray points in the black and silver keylines. its easy to look at the uniforms and numbers and say “thats horrible” but the logos are all of the same quality; or lack thereof. this was not a clean up job at all, they made it incredibly more complex i love the oversized logo, a pirate flag on a sword should be loud and brash! the helmet finish looks great, like an old cannonball, the new red is aggressive and bright. i give them props on the pieces they did well but if i had to vote for weakest NFL identity, from the entire logo suite to uniforms, i think this is the clear choice.
  18. thats disappointing. you’d think something like this coming from the NFL would be cross checked with the Hall of Fame or they’d have that historian actually look at everything before it goes out. i guess thats the NFL in a nutshell when it comes to reverence for their logos and team branding. “close enough; put it out”.
  19. i think its one idea too many. keep it simple, crown and letter
  20. thats definitely a better letterform than before. id vote number 1 as best. im not seeing a reason for the sash to be incorporated and the last one could be confused for an e
  21. man, would i love to get my hands on that project. any change will certainly be driven by ownership, so this is at least promising to hear. my hunch is if they're open to it, they're in that process of talking to Nike now.
  22. absolutely. id probably vote their current logo as worst in the league (name and imagery aside, its a terrible logo) but because of its intricacy, the rest of the uniform needs to scale back its decoration. taking away all those other things that call attention and just letting the colors and logo do that is a much better, even classic, approach. one change i would make though is either do the numbers in one color, or flip the colors so you have a base white with gold outline
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