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  1. you have to account for the manufacturer logo at the NFL level and TV numbers; unless you’re going to say moving them to the shoulders is part of the evolution of the stripes, which im not crazy about. so i think they way Harry laid it out is a better solution there. maybe your suggestion works better for CFB? yes, the goal is to achieve a certain look and the question is not “how do we stay true to the original?” because that just doesnt matter, thats not the look. the question is “how do we loop 3 stripes over the shoulder of a player in a bold, pleasing manner?”
  2. i vote the angled cut approach as well. currently, id say the Colts as doing the UCLA stripe the best right now; the stripe on UCLA themselves looks too narrow to me and like the Panthers, probably has to be that narrow to complete the loops. but just completing the loops shouldn't be the goal. id much rather see the proportion / thickness of the stripe be right in relation to other elements and the amount of real estate on the jersey. (LSU has gotten pretty close to getting it nicely executed too; better than Panthers and UCLA i think) i also think its important to remember there is no standard for this stripe anymore, no way it “should be”. its a antiquated element designed for a jersey template that no longer exists and like most sleeve stripes today, are just bastardized, shoehorned versions of their former selves. if the UCLA stripe is to remain an option for football jerseys, i (if part of Nike or adidas teams responsible for such things) would start with redefining what a successful stripe looks like. it just can no longer be about “complete the loop because thats how it was done in the 60s”. this dated element has to be evolved as a solution to the modern jersey, and that brings me back to being on Harry’s side about the cut-off technique.
  3. i think the most interesting color is the bright gold you’re using. i wouldnt put it on 100% black though, thats too stark. try a 90% black or add a bit of color to it. blue, purple, red... id remove the cross; your religion isnt relevant to you as a designer. no ones going to care about that or hire you based on it and it just makes the logo more complex than it needs to be. focus on the crown and C explore some different fonts as well. create your own C. if im a CD or AD looking to hire a designer for a project, seeing that you chose something so stock and basic as your own logo turns me off. just explore that some more
  4. as for the logo itself, this is massive improvement, though considering where they started, any movement from the Web 2.0 styling would have been. it boggles the mind that they were still using that kind of logo treatment in 2019. the final form is refreshing to that end— 2 colors, solid lines, a circle and 3 triangles. its a logo so intrenched in Bauhaus teachings, there just isn't a more German approach to graphic design than this. the Design by committee (there were nearly 40 teams of people that worked on this over the span of 9 months) starts to show in the other identity elements where everything is just what it needs to be. nothing about the other applications or touch points are noteworthy. nothing seems glaringly awful. but mediocrity is all you can hope for when you have that number of engineers and marketers involved
  5. id like to keep options open for alternate uniforms and logos; this idea would apply to primaries
  6. uniforms, colors, and logos can be put up for a vote of protection. this would be held annually and voted on by all owners with a certain majority (say 80%) needed to pass. once a teams identity elements has been granted protection it cannot be voted against or changed thereafter, unless it involves a trademark infringement, disparaging imagery, or the like. so, for example, if the Raiders uniforms were to be granted protection and the team, Nike, or NFL suggested those uniforms be altered, they could not carry that out. its locked in, thats your identity, you’re welcome
  7. perfect. you get to move those decorations (stripes) back to the place they were originally designed for, and even on a modern design like Seattle, it still works and even recalls some pre-war design like Philly and NY Giants i think? works wonderfully
  8. you'd think the NFL could afford to hire a decent logo designer by now.
  9. imagine having a uniform so butt ugly, THAT is your best option
  10. looks like the cuffs have been like that for a while but the white might vary from cut to cut
  11. i'd go the other way with it and drop the outlines from all the logos and numbers. the outline isnt necessary, it makes the marks more complex. especially when adding them to elements that were designed to work without them, so those collisions of silver and closing of space around the letters cheapens it. just go the other way, drop all outlines.
  12. its an interesting logo that looks like it was drawn with markers with those long, solid strokes of color. its rough around the edges, but the by-hand nature and rainbow of meaningful color makes it at least likable. Designers are Artists, at least the really good one are, and like any Artist, those really good Designers need to create things they want to see in the world. in a profession where so much of your work is dictated and directed by others, every decent Designer has something they do for themselves so they can truly be themselves. and even better if you can make a profit from that. that's the real satisfying part of walking into your studio and sitting at your desk, when you're doing something the way you want to do it and having it become something other people are willing to be part of and purchase. i'd love to see the apparel be more than logo drops or maybe he can get a hook up with someone like Homage (or whatever the ND equivalent of Homage might be) and do a partnership piece. then do some pins, prints, stickers, etc that build on the narrative of the logo. he has the beginnings of something that could be a nice side business to his business.
  13. i might be wrong, but the way i interpreted it is the standard sock will now be a solid color, or all teams will have that option? true that players do some odd things to those socks or just wear ankle socks over leggings. i guess those things wont be policed still, but hopefully the full color sock is a step forward
  14. some more details about the new White Sox script : https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_alternate_logo_for_chicago_white_sox_by_contino.php
  15. love the new sock rule. long over due. my biggest uniform pet peeve is white cleats paired with the standard sock— makes players look like they're wearing go-go-boots. white ones especially need some decoration, but its a really nice, simplified look that compliments the players leg much better. i never would have thought the NFL would care enough about socks to do this so it seems someone is looking out for the details over there. good stuff
  16. Nike should do it for the big game. Michigan and OSU throwbacks with long sleeves
  17. Rutgers / adidas just won the season. i would love to see every team, NFL too, adopt a long sleeve jersey as a cold weather option
  18. yea, i dont like the specific design of this uniform but how the elements are finished off are important. each element looks like it belongs next to the other and on the same uniform. as with many of Nike’s stuff, all the details on the Jets feel random. and well, they are because theres so many different people involved in it.
  19. i think so, UAB doesnt have the whiskers but i definitely see Chinese dragon compare to the horns and more reptilian face of Seattle
  20. it is odd the numbers are the only element that is trimmed in black. it looks nice though, solid and not too thin. it just needs more black in other areas of the uniform. i think the stripes need some black piping thats equal width of the number outline. that would tie it all together nicely.
  21. link? i'd be surprised if they change any time soon as well. my impression is that ownership is happy where they are and the powers that might influence a change (Nike / NFL) wont because they're the ones that made it. they also recently went through a big shift in branding/marketing/design where uniforms and logos were not considered for change.
  22. thats more similar than i remembered, but to be fair they’re both pretty standard dragon logo compositions. i feel like if most were going to do a “sports logo dragon” thats the first thing you go to. actually, all of these logos kind of feel like the first idea. to get real nerdy about though, UAB is a Chinese dragon, the XFL team a European dragon
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